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Book Image 6 extremely rare hand-coloured lithographs of mounted horses,
with their riders in traditional costumes

ADAM, Jean Victor Vincent.

Le tournoi études de chevaux & de costumes … Cahier …
Paris, Berlin, London & New York, Goupil & Co., [1852-1854]. Instalment of 6 large beautifully hand-coloured lithographed plates on wove paper (48 x 62.5 cm), by J.B. Zwecker after drawings by Jean Victor Vincen Adam and printed by Lemercier, numbered 8, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 17. Loose in original publisher's printed paper wrappers, with a lithographed illustration showing the start of a tournament.
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Book Image An early account of Timbuktu by an American sailor

[ADAMS, Robert (= Benjamin ROSE)].

Jongste en echte berigten betrekkelijk Tombuctoo en eenige andere nog onbezochte deelen der binnenlanden van Afrika.
Amsterdam, J.C. Sepp en Zoon, 1818. 8vo. With a folding engraved map (30.5 x 37.5 cm) of North Africa with the routes of Mugo Park and Robert Adams highlighted in colour. Contemporary boards.
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Orders and Information  € 1500

Book Image First edition of a classic of French architectural perspective


Leçons de perspective positive.
Paris, Mamert Patisson, 1576. Folio. With illustrations on perspective on 60 full-page etched plates, one for each lesson, most showing perspective architectural drawings, numerous decorative woodcut headpieces, initials and a tailpiece. Recased in its original contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
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Orders and Information  € 10000

Book Image With perhaps 30,000 manuscript and engraved coats of arms


[Low Countries, ca. 1725-ca. 1745]. 1mo & Imperial folio (54.5 x 34.5 cm). With many thousands of manuscript coats of arms and many flags, all depicted in colour, plus 16 rare separately published engraved armorials (1603-ca. 1730) inserted in the relevant parts of the manuscript, and further manuscript and engraved slips with arms pasted on the leaves or loosely inserted. Later calf, gold-tooled spine.
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Book Image A Franciscan discovering the Holy Land. From the library of king Louis-Philippe


Relation fidele du voyage de la Terre Sainte dans laquelle se voit tout ce qu' il y a de remarquable, tant par mer que par terre, depuis le départ de Marseille jusqu' au retour de ce saint voyage. Par un religieux de S. François Observantain, qui a fait le voyage trois fois.
Paris, Gabriel Valleyre, 1760. 8vo. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine and binding edges.
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Orders and Information  € 5000

Book Image Clues to the sources of the New Testament, and a pioneering stereotype production


Novum domini nostri Jesu Christi Testamentum Syriacum, ...
With: (2) SCHAAF, Carolus. Lexicon Syriacum concordantiale, Novi Testamenti Syriaci voces, ...
Leiden, widow and child [= Pieter] of Cornelis Boutesteyn, Samuel Luchtmans, printed by Johannes Müller Johz., 1717. 4to. Set in Syriac and roman types with incidental italic, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. Contemporary vellum.
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Book Image Splendidly decorated wall map of Delft, coloured by a contemporary hand


[Afbeeldinge der stadt Delft].
Amsterdam, Pieter Smith, [1678?]. 4 sheets (83 x 126 cm. as assembled). Contemporary hand-coloured, engraved map of Delft, with Delft coats of arms at top centre; cartouche at top left with the Dutch lion in a fishing boat, and coats of arms of Delft, Schiedam, Enkhuizen, Brielle and Rotterdam; cartouche at top right with an inset map of Delfland and the coats of arms of Delfland and the water authorities, and views of the palaces of Honselerdijk and Rijswijk; a 14-line poem in praise of the map by Constantijn Huygens and a key at bottom right; compass and scale of Delftland or Rijnland rods at bottom left; and the names of the publisher and engraver at bottom left and left of centre, numerous figures, fruits and vegetables, real and mythical animals, etc. Mounted on linen and framed.
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Orders and Information  € 9500

Book Image 5 engraved print series, mostly by the famous French artist Abraham Bosse

BOSSE, Abraham.

Differentes manieres de dessiner et peindre.
[Paris, Abraham Bosse, engraved 1667?]. 8vo (17.5 x 12 cm). With engraved allegorical title-print and 45 full-page and 1 double-page (ca. 16.5 x 15 cm) engraved plates.
(2) FARINATI, Paulo. Diverses figures a l'eau forte de petits amours, anges vollants, et enfans, propre a mettre sur frontons portes et autres lieux ensemble plusieurs sortes de masques.
Paris, Abraham Bosse, engraved 1644. Suite of 30 numbered double-page engraved prints, including the engraved title-print signed by Abraham Bosse.
(3) [BOSSE Abraham]. [Illustrations of drawing and painting].
[Paris, Abraham Bosse, engraved 1667?]. Suite of 4 full-page engravings of a draftsman (2) and a painter (2) at work, sometimes regarded as part of the Differentes manieres de dessiner et peindre.
(4) BOSSE, Abraham. Le feu ... La terre ... L[']eau ... L[']air.
[Paris, Abraham Bosse, engraved 1630?]. Suite of 4 double-page engravings of the four elements.
(5) [BULLET, Pierre]. [Plates from Traité du nivellement].
[Paris, N. Langlois, engraved 1688]. Complete suite of 11 double-page engraved plates, numbered [1a], [1b], 2-4, 6-11. Sprinkled calf (ca. 1700), richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled board edges.
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Book Image The first German edition of Boswell's Account of Corsica with a folding map


Beschreibung von Corsica nebst vielen wichtigen Nachrichten und Anecdoten vom Pascal Paoli dem General der Corsen.
Leipzig, Caspar Fritsch, 1768. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With an engraved folding map of Corsica (29 x 44 cm). Contemporary paper-covered boards.
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Orders and Information  € 1875

Book Image Elzevier edition of fashionable conversations, by a famous French Jesuit

[BOUHOURS, Dominique].

Les entretiens d'Ariste et d'Eugene. Dernière edition. ... Sur la copie imprimée à Paris.
Amsterdam, "Jaques le Jeune" [= Daniel Elzevier], 1671. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece, woodcut publisher's device (armillary sphere) on title-page and 2 woodcut decorated initials. Polished gold-tooled red goatskin morocco (ca. 1840?), each board in a panel design. A pencil note on an endleaf attributes the binding to "Muller" on grounds unknown to us, but he was active from 1834, which accords well with the date of the present binding.
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Book Image Standard work on Roman law by a famous French jurist and philologist

BRISSON, Barnabé.

De formulis et sollemnibus populi Romani verbis, Libri VIII...
Frankfurt, Joannes Wechel and Petrus Fischer and consorts, 1592. 4to. With title-page printed in red and black, woodcut printer's device, woodcut head- & tail pieces and initials. Contemporary gold-tooled calf.

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Book Image Catalogue of the most comprehensive tobacco collection in the world

BROOKS, Jerome E.

Tobacco its history illustrated by the books, manuscripts and engravings in the library of George Arents, Jr.
New York, The Rosenbach Company and the New York Public Library, 1937-1969. 15 volumes (including 10 supplements). Folio (34 x 25.5 cm). Illustrated throughout. The first 5 volumes in original red cloth and the 10 supplements in original paper wrappers.
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Book Image Third series (minerals and magnetism) of Buffon's seminal work

BUFFON, Georges Louis Leclerc.

Histoire naturelle des minéraux [= Histoire naturelle tomes XXV-XXIX].
Dordrecht, A. Blussé and son, 1798-1799. 5 volumes. 4to. Lacking the 8 engraved maps, which were often bound in a separate volume accompanying the text volumes. 19th-century uniform half calf, gold-tooled spines.
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Book Image First edition of a famous and extraordinary book on perspective, with 80 engraved illustrations,
in a very rare issue, not in the ESTC

CAUS (CAULS), Salomon de.

La perspective avec la raison, des ombres et miroirs.
London, John Norton [printed partly by Jan Mommaert the elder in Brussels and partly by Richard Field in London], 1612. Royal folio (52 x 28.5 cm). With engraved title-page and 80 etched and engraved illustrations: 64 on otherwise blank pages, mostly on integral leaves (2 across double-pages, further mostly full-page), and 16 on the text pages (from small to half-page). Contemporary dark brown calf. Rebacked, restored and with new endpapers.
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Book Image Spanish handbook of chronography, with numerous woodcut illustrations

CHAVES, Jérôme de.

Chronographia o reportorio de tiempos, el mas copioso y precisso, que hasta ahora ha salido a luz.
Sevilla, Fernando Diaz, Faustino de Magarino (colophon: printed by Fernando Diaz), 1584. 4to. With title printed in red and black with woodcut portrait of the author, Diaz's woodcut printer's device below the colophon on the last page, 2 full- or nearly full-page woodcuts, 19 half-page woodcuts, 7 half-page round woodcuts, and 43 small round woodcuts of phases of the moon. Many letterpress tables of the positions of the sun and moon, calendars, movable feasts, etc. Sheepskin parchment by Domingo V. Folch of the national bindery in Valencia (2nd half of 19th century), gold-tooled spine.
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