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Extremely rare bilingual copperplate broadside of a Dutch ship and its intricate rigging

AVEELE, Johannes Jacobsz van den.
Beschryvinge [v]an 't getakelde schip met sijn loopende touwerck. A description of the tackeling belonging to a shipp.
Amsterdam, Jacobus Robijn, [c. 1690]. 470 x 380 mm. Large copperplate engraving of ship.
€ 8,500
A rare broadside in both Dutch and English portrays a three-masted square-rigged ship from the late seventeenth century. This magnificent work was printed by Jacobus Robijn and the engraving by Jan van den Aveelen vividly captures a bustling maritime scene, prominently featuring a main navu vessel, used to illustrate the intricate rigging contemporaries could expect to find on a Dutch warship. Accompanying the image is a secondary sheet of text that serves as a comprehensive guide to the ship's structure and rigging. Each element of the ship is meticulously numbered and labeled, providing a precise understanding of its composition. The descriptive text is divided into four columns for each language, corresponding to different parts of the ship, enhancing the viewer's understanding of its complexity. This thoroughness showcases the technical knowledge and naval expertise of the Dutch during that period, emphasizing the meticulous attention to detail required in shipbuilding and navigation during the age of sail.
The print is attributed to Jan van den Aveelen (1650-1727), a Dutch artist whose signature appears on another version of the same broadsheet. Van den Aveelen was renowned for his meticulous engravings and collaborated with Willem Swidde on engravings for the Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, which depicted public buildings and cityscapes in Stockholm and other Swedish cities. This collection of engravings, compiled by Erik Dahlbergh, provided a grand vision of Sweden during its era as a major power. Dahlbergh drew inspiration from topographical publications issued by the Swiss publisher Matthäus Merian.
Jacobus Robijn, a prominent figure in Amsterdam, was known for supplying accurate maps and charts to navigators and explorers. His contributions facilitated maritime ventures that expanded trade routes and promoted international exchange.
Two sheets joined as one. Some small repairs to tears, few small holes, marginally affecting the illustration. Otherwise in good condition.
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