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A 1718 voyage from Goa to Macao, published in Lisbon

GUERREIRO, João Tavares de Velez.
Jornada, que Antonio de Albuquerque Coelho, governador, e capitaõ[!] general da cidade do Nome de Deos de Macao na China, fez de Goa atè chegar á dita cidade no anno de 1718.Lisbon, Officina da Musica (Jaime or Jayme de la Te y Sagau), 1732. 8vo. Contemporary tanned sheepskin.
€ 7,500
Second edition of a journal of the voyage of António de Albuquerque Coelho (Brazil ca. 1682-Goa ca. 1745) from Goa in India to Macao on the coast of southern China. The journal was written by João Tavares de Velez Guerreiro, a captain in the Portuguese navy, serving in India, who accompanied the governor on the voyage as his chief of staff. Coelho had been appointed governor of the city of Macao in 1717 and they arrived there in May 1718. They travelled via Madras, through the Malay peninsula and along the coasts of Indochina and China. Part 1 gives an account of the voyage itself and part 2 an account of their stay in Johor at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, where they played a role in a coup d'état by a Sumatran adventurer.Boards rubbed, spine worn and with some wormholes, front board partly detached from bookblock, but with the text in very good condition, with only some occasional wormholes. A valuable eye-witness account of India, Southeast Asia and China in 1718.
Cordier, Sinica 3219; Howgego A47; Löwendahl 377; PorBase (4 copies).
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