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A critical account of Formosa and its loss by the VOC in 1662

[COYETT, Frederic].
't Verwaerloosde Formosa, of waerachtig verhael, hoedanigh door verwaerloosinge der Nederlanders in Oost-Indien, het eylant Formosa, van den Chinesen mandorijn, ende zeerover Coxinja, overrompelt, vermeestert, ende ontweldight is geworden.
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz. ten Hoorn, Michiel Pieters, 1675. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With an etched frontispiece including a map of Formosa and view of the Dutch fortress there, and 8 etched views on 7 plates. Modern vellum. [8], 45, [1 blank]; [2], 72; 38, [2 blank] pp.
€ 22,500
First and only edition in the original Dutch of an essential primary source on the history of Formosa (Taiwan) during its occupation by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in the years 1624-1662, and especially on its fall into Chinese hands in the latter year. Generally ascribed to the governor who "lost" Formosa, it defends his actions and harshly criticises the role of the VOC. The plates, well etched by Johannes van den Aveele and J. van Baden, show a temple interior, the Dutch fleet entering the bay, battle scenes on sea and land, the taking of fort Zeelandia, and two views on one plate showing Chinese atrocities against the Dutch. The last part, comprising 38 pages, provides the texts of 16 primary documents, 1646-1674.
Frederic Coyett (1615-post 1675) set off for Formosa in 1645 and was appointed governor of the island in 1656. Although a large VOC fleet had come to Formosa in 1660, it departed in 1661 leaving only a small garrison behind. In 1661 the Chinese pirate Coxinga took advantage of the weakened position to attack the settlement there, which capitulated on 1 February 1662 after a three-month siege. Coyett negotiated good terms for himself and the other survivors, but the Dutch accused him of high treason and banned him for life. The Stadtholder pardoned him in 1674 and he returned to the Netherlands, where he wrote the present book.
Several leaves slightly browned, some occasional spots, but otherwise in very good condition. Cordier, Sinica, col. 285; JFB V94; Landwehr & V.d. Krogt, VOC 232; STCN 850652669; cf. Walravens, China Illustrata 108.
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