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First Aldine edition of Pedanius's commentaries on Cicero's orations

ASCONIUS PEDANIUS, Quintus. Expositio in IIII orationes M.T. Cic. contra C. Verrem [&c.]
(colophon:) Venice, heirs of Aldo I Manuzio & Andrea Torresano, December 1522. 8vo. With Aldos woodcut anchor and dolphin device on the title-page, repeated on the verso of the last otherwise blank leaf (each with letterpress "AL ... DVS" flanking the device), with spaces (with guide letters) left for manuscript initials, not filled in. Set in Aldos famous italic (with upright capitals), the worlds first italic printing type, first used in 1501 (showing the alphabet a-z and A-N in the register of quires above the colophon). Dark purple sheepskin (ca. 1880?). [12], 283, [1] ll. Full description
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2nd known copy of the only Antwerp edition (1652) of Colom’s 1635 atlas of the Low Countries

[ATLAS - LOW COUNTRIES]. [COLOM, Jacob Aertsz.]. La description de XVII. Provinces, avec les Terres Circonvoicins, a Scavoir Champagnie, Picardie, Liege, Retelle, &c.
Antwerp, Jan Huyssens, 1652. 4to (18 x 14.5 cm). With a double-page letterpress title-page, with a frame built up from typographic ornaments, and 39 unnumbered double-page engraved maps of the northern and southern Low Countries by Jacob Aertsz. Colom, each map coloured in outline. Interleaved with 38 blank leaves and with a manuscript table of contents ([3], [3 blank] pp.) at the end. Later 17th-century mottled calf. Double-page title-page and 39 double-page maps. Full description
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First and only French edition of an important 18th-century book on gardening

BRADLEY, Richard. Nouvelles observations physiques et pratiques sur le jardinage et l'art de planter, avec le calendrier des jardiniers. Ouvrage traduit de l'Anglois de Bradley, enrichi de figures en taille-douce.
Paris, Pierre-Aug. Paulus du Mesnil, Jean-Luc Nyon, & Siméon-Prosper Hardy (colophons: printing offices of Moreau (vol. II) and Aug. Mart. Lottin (vol. III)), 1756. 3 volumes. 12mo. Engraved frontispiece depicting the gardens of a country estate, and 12 numbered folding engraved plates by Pierre-François Legrand, showing all kinds of flowers, garden lay-outs, insects etc., including 3 very interesting plates of a greenhouse (plan, interior and exterior views) in vol. 3 Contemporary mottled tanned sheepskin. frontispiece plus XXXVI, 358, [2]: [4 blank?], [5], X-XVI, 510, [2 blank]; [2], 12, "442"[=440] pp. Full description
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Large-paper copy of an important chiliastic work

BREEN, Daniel van. Van 't geestelijck triumpherende ryck onses heeren Jesu Christi. Door den autheur verbeetert, en met aanteekeningen op de kant verrijkt, als meede met twee registers ... nu ten tweeden-maal in het Nederduyts gedrukt.
Amsterdam, Frans Kuyper, 1666. 4to (22.5 x 18.5 cm). Early 18th-century parchment. [8], 166, [26] pp. Full description
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One of the most influential works of mythological commentary of the 16th and 17th centuries

CARTARI, Vincenzo [& Antoine du VERDIER]. Imagines deorum, qui ab antiquis colebantur: in quibus simulacra, ritus, caerimoniae, magnaque, ex parte veterum religio explicatur: olim a Vincentio Chartario Rhegiensi ex variis auctoribus in unum collectae, atque in Italica lingua expositae: nunc vero ad communem omnium utilitatem Latino sermone ab Ant. Verderio domino Vallisprivatae, &c. expressae, atque in meliorem ordinem digestae. Quibus acc. duo indices: prior, imaginum: posterior, rerum atque verborum, quae toto libro continentur.
Lyons, Etienne Michel (colophon: printed by Guichard Julliéron), 1581 (colophon: August). 4to. With Michel's woodcut publishers device on the title-page (an Ottoman man and a fruit tree with motto "virtutes sibi invicem adhaerent"), a full-page woodcut portrait of Antoine du Verdier, a small woodcut illustration and 89 beautiful large woodcuts (13 x 9.5 cm) of classical mythological gods and heroes in the text. Modern sheepskin parchmen. [8], 359, [57] pp. Full description
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"Mad scholars for sale"

CUNAEUS, Petrus. Sardi venales. Satyra Menippa. In huius seculi homines plerosque ineptè eruditos. In fine seorsim addita est ex eiusdem interpretatione D. Juliani Imperatoris Satyra in principes Romanos.
Leiden, Officina Plantiniana Raphelengii (= Franciscus II & Justus Raphelengius), 1612. With a general title-page in red and black and a separate title-page for the Satyra in Romanos Imperatores, each with Plantins small woodcut compasses device (circular, with motto "labore et constantia"); a woodcut medallion portrait of Julius Caesar, 2 woodcut decorated initials (1 series), 2 woodcut factotums.
Including: CUNAEUS, Petrus. D. Juliani Imperatoris Caesares, sive Satyra in Romanos Imperatores: ...
With: (2) [ROLEVINCK, Werner]. Opusculum de regimine rusticorum. Iam olim quidem rudi stylo, ab incerto auctore conscriptum, sed lectu dignissimum.
Mainz, Johann Albin, 1601. With a woodcut Jesuit IHS device on the title-page (motto: "laudabile nomen domini"), a woodcut headpiece, tailpieces (2 plus 1 repeat) and decorated initial, decorations built up from arabesque typographic ornaments, and each page in a frame of rules.
2 works in 1 volume. 12mo. Reversed parchment (made from a ca. 1600 calligraphic German proclamation(?) that shows through in mirror image, beginning with a 7 cm decorated initial: "Wir Diß...[?]"), sewn on 3 vellum tapes laced through the joints, with a hollow back, each board with a frame of blind double fillets, spine-title written in ink, remains of ties, blue edges. [24], 144, 154, [1], [1 blank]; [24], 238, [4 blank (except for the frame of rules)] pp. Full description
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Rare and little-known critical essay on Descartes, from Benevento in the Kingdom of Naples

[DESCARTES]. Marcus Antonius SANCTI. Crisis opinionum Renati De Cartes.
Benevento, Typographia Archiepiscopali, 1712. 4to. Title in a double-line frame built up from short rules, woodcut tailpiece and factotum (plus one repeat with a different letter), and a factotum and other decorations built up of typographical ornaments. Contemporary limp vellum with manuscript title on spine. [12], 63, [5] pp. Full description
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First edition of a leading medical-pharmaceutical work, with stunning woodcut headpieces and initials

DUPUIS (PUTEANUS), Guillaume. De medicamentorum quomodocunque purgantium facultatibus, nusquam anteà neque dictis, neque per ordinem digestis libri duo ...
Lyon, Macé Bonhomme, 1552. 4to. With a woodcut device on the title-page no doubt made for this edition (showing Hypocrates and Galenus, with motto, "In omnem terram exivit doctrina eorum"), finely executed arabesque woodcut headpieces and numerous woodcut initials with pictorial decoration (4 series, the two largest especially fine). Contemporary limp vellum with remnants of ties. [8], 179, [1] pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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