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Very rare anti-semitic Indian-Jewish Robinsonade with imaginary voyages from India to Portugal, Spain and the West and East Indies

ACHRACH, Jezer ben (pseud.) [= Christoph Gottlieb RICHTER]. Der jüdische Robinson beschrieben durch Jezer ben Achrach Pfleger der Schulen zu Constantinople, in India, Arabia, Persien, und Egypten, und Deutinger der Juden Gesez-Buch und Dolmetscher aller Sprachen in Orient.
"Trankebar" [= Tharangambadi, India, but printed and published in Nürnberg], [Gabriel Nikolaus Raspe?], "5808" [= 1759]. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page and woodcut head and tail pieces (plus a headpiece built up from rococo typographic ornaments). Modern marbled boards with red morocco spine label lettered in gold, new endpapers. [16], 204 pp. Full description
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A Batak shamans manual for making magical protective devices
written in the secret Hata Poda language in a bark-leaf, accordion-fold book with its original wooden boards

[MANUSCRIPT - BATAK]. [Pustaha, incipit:] Poda ni pagar si jongga [= jonggi] [Advice for magical protection].
[Northern Sumatra (around Lake Toba), ca. 1870/1900?]. 19 x 27 x 7 cm. A manuscript in the old esoteric Hata Poda language used by the Batak "datu" (shamans), with the text written in the Batak script and the decorations and illustrations drawn, both in black ink on both sides of stiff leaves (0.8 mm thick) made from the inner bark of the alim tree, with 17 to 23 lines of text per page and about 28 illustrations, figures and diagrams in the text (22 on a single page). Made from a single long strip of bark, scored horizontally across the (vertical) grain and accordion-folded at the score lines. A waste(?) slip with Batak characters has been affixed to the first blank page at the end and 2 more have been used to strengthen hinges. In its original wooden boards (about 1 cm thick, tapering toward the head and foot, with horizontal grain, the upper board with a horizontal ridge across the middle and carved with geometrical decorations), with the blank outside surface of the first leaf and last 2 blank leaves affixed to the upper and lower boards. With a later carrying cord (made from 3 double-twisted cords) tied through 4 holes in the upper board, and with a later braided rattan band to hold the book closed. [53] ll. written on both sides except that the 1st and the last 4 pp. are blank. Full description
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Works by Beza and Gwalther translated into Dutch for the first time

BEZA, Theodorus (Théodore de Bèze); Willem Vinck DIRKSZ (transl.). De wet Godts moralisch, oft der seden, ceremonialisch oft der ceremonien, ende politisch oft der politien.
Rotterdam, widow of Jan van Ghelen (III), 1611. With the title-page in red and black with Van Ghelens woodcut armorial device (with its own cartouche but also placed in a separate woodcut rectangular scrollwork frame with allegorical figures) and the words "Wet Godts" in the title printed from a woodcut in red gothic lettering with decorated capitals. Further with woodcut headpieces, woodcut initials and a larger version of Van Ghelens woodcut device, dated 1583, on the last (otherwise blank) page, both devices with his mark flanked by his initials IG on a shield supported by greyhounds.
(2) GWALTHER, Rudolph; Willem Vinck DIRKSZ (transl.). Tien sermoonen, over Jonam den propheet des Heeren.
Rotterdam, widow of Jan van Ghelen (III), 1611. With the same 2 woodcut devices on the title-page and at the end, that on the title-page without the additional frame. Further with a woodcut headpiece (again with Van Ghelens mark and initials) and 2 woodcut decorated initials (one gothic and the other roman, the latter with Van Ghelens mark and initials on a shield supported by greyhounds). 2 works in 1 volume. Folio in 8s. Modern half vellum. [14], [2 blank], [12], 45, 45-46, 45-50, 62, 52-131, [1 blank]; [6], [2 blank], 50, [2] pp. Full description
€ 4,950
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New Testament in one of the main Native American languages

[BIBLE - NATIVE AMERICAN OJIBWE]; [Rev. Henry BLATCHFORD (transl.)]. Iu Otoshki-Kikindiuin au tebeniminung gaie bemajiinung Jesus Christ: ima Ojibue inueuining giizhitong. - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: translated into the language of the Ojibwa Indians.
New York, American Bible Society, 1856. 8vo. Contemporary blind-tooled calf with black title-label on spine, sprinkled edges. [4], 717, [1] pp. Full description
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First known edition of a successful apothecarys manual for students,
mirroring the general knowledge of pharmacology in the mid-17th century

[BISSCHOP, Jan]. Pharmacia Galenica & chymica, dat is: apotheker ende alchymiste ofte distilleer-konste. Begrijpende de beginselen ende fondamenten der selver. [Additional title and imprint on the frontispiece:] Nieu licht der apothekers en distilleerkonst. ... tAmsteldam by Joannes van Ravesteyn op t Water.
Amsterdam, Johannes van Ravesteyn, 1657. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece showing the interior of an apothecarys shop, Van Ravesteyns woodcut device on title-page (Elijah and the ravens); 3 half-page woodcut illustrations of distilling equipment (pp. 339, 343 and 387); woodcut decorated initials and tailpieces. Contemporary overlapping vellum over boards. [8], 460, [12] pp. Full description
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Large paper copy of a collection of travelogues on Russia, Poland, Scandinavia and the British Isles

COXE, William (Paul Henri MALLET, transl.), Thomas PENNANT, Joseph BANKS, and others. Nouveau recueil de voyages au nord de l'Europe et de l'Asie, contenant les extraits des relations de voyages les plus estimées, et qui n'ont jamais été publiées en français.Including: William COXE (Paul Henri MALLET, transl.). Voyage en Pologne, Russie, Suède, Dannemarc, &c.
Paris, Paul Barde, Moutard, Mérigot (vol. 1), Barde, Manget & Buisson (vol. 2 & 3), 1785-1786. 3 volumes. 4to. Vol. 1 with 1 hand-coloured folding map, 1 folding engraved plate and 8 full-page engravings. Vol. 2 with 2 hand-coloured folding maps, 2 folding city plans, 3 full-page engraved portraits. Extra added: a loosely inserted engraved portrait of Empress and 2 further engravings. Vol. 3 with 2 hand-coloured folding maps, 1 hand-coloured full-page engraved map, 3 engraved folding plans of canals, 2 folding city plans, 1 full-page engraved portrait and 1 full-page engraving. Contemporary half red morocco. [6]; 355, [4], [1 blank]; [2], VI, [2], 422, [6]; [4], 382 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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Very rare description of the author’s own botanical garden in Amsterdam

CUNO, Johann Christian, David Sigmund BÜTTNER and Friedrich WAGNER (transl.) Ode über seinen Garten: Nachmahls Besser. Amsterdam, Jacob Cornelis Schoots van Cappelle, 1750. 8vo. With a folding engraved allegorical title-plate, an engraved printers device on the title-page, an elaborate engraved coat-of-arms on the dedication page and 11 engraved plates (1 folding). Further numerous woodcut allegorical capitals. Contemporary calf. [34], 260 pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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The first botany of Wales

DAVIES, Hugh. Welsh botanology. A systematic catalogue of the native plants of the Isle of Anglesey, in Latin, English, and Welsh; with the habitats of the rarer species, and a few observations. Including: An alphabetical catalogue of the Welsh names of vegetables rendered into Latin and English; with some account of the qualities, economical or medicinal, of the most remarkable. London, for the author by W. Marchant, 1813. 2 works (the 1st in 2 parts) in 1 volume. 8vo. With 1 engraved plate, often lacking. 19th-century black half sheepskin with marbled sides, new endpapers. [2], XIV, [2], 152; XVI, 256; 8, [2], 270, [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Encyclopaedic description of Jakarta and Java with folding plates

EBERT, Johann Jakob (transl.). Beschreibung und Geschichte der Hauptstadt in dem Holländischen Ostindien Batavia nebst geographische, politische und physikalische Nachrichten von der Insel Java.
Leipzig, Weidmanns Erben und Reich, 1785-1786. 4 parts in 3 volumes. 8vo. With 6 folding engraved plates: a map of Java, 3 plans of Batavia (Jakarta) and surroundings, and 2 depicting reptiles and birds. Contemporary half calf with raised bands , gold-tooled spine, title-labels and unidentified coat of arms. Marbled sides. [16], 296; [4], 252; [4], 336; [4], 352 pp. Full description
€ 3,750
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