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The establishment of archaeology and philology as fields of study, including a work on the famous Rosetta Stone

[ARCHAEOLOGY - PHILOLOGY] BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques and others. [Collection of texts on early archaeology and philology].
[Various places], [various publishers], 1760-1827. 9 works in 1 volume. 4to.
(1) [CHRISTIE'S - LONDON]. A list of the very rare and valuable Aethiopic and other oriental manuscripts, collected by the celebrated traveller, James Bruce, esq. of Kinnaird, taken from the catalogue of them made by the late Alexander Murray, editor of the travels by Mr. Bruce in Abyssinia.
[London, 1827].
(2) WEBER, Georg Friedrich. Observationes sacrae circa funera populorum orientis. ...
Strasbourg, Joh. Henrici Heitzii, 1767.
With a woodcut headpiece, tailpiece and decorated initial in the prologue.
(3) SEYFFARTH, Gustav [and Friedrich August Wilhelm SPOHN]. Brevis defensio hieroglyphices.
Leipzig, Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1827.
(4) SCHLICHTEGROLL, Friedrich von. Ueber die bey Rosette in Aegypten gefundene dreyfache Inschrift. Erste Abhandlung. Zur Feyer der neun und funfzigsten Wiederkehr des Stiftungstages der k. baier. Akad. der Wisschenschaften in einer öffentlichen Versammlung derselben am 28. März 1818 vorgelesen von Friedrich von Schlichtegroll.
München, Ignaz Joseph Lentner (printer), [1818?].
(5) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Explication de la mosaïque de Palestrine. Paris, H.L. Guerin & L.F. Delatour, 1760.
With 1 large folding plate of the mosaic, 1 plate showing the names of animals written in the mosaic, and 1 plate showing Samaritan medals (probably mis-bound, printed in 1790).
(6) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Lettre de m. l'abbé Barthelemy, a messieurs les auteurs du Journal des Sçavans, sur quelques médailles Phéniciennes. [Paris?, 1760].
With 2 plates of the Phoenician medals and Phoenician inscriptions found on Malta, with an elaborate woodcut headpiece and a woodcut tailpiece.
(7) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Seconde lettre de m. l'abbé Barthelemy, a messieurs les auteurs du Journal des Sçavans, sur quelques médailles Phéniciennes. [Paris?, 1763].
With one plate of the Phoenician medals and an elaborate woodcut headpiece.
Including: [PARQUOY (second clerk to the custodian of manuscripts in the library of the king)]. Lettre à messieurs les auteurs du Journal des Savans, sur un projet d'edition du Syncelle. [No place, no publisher, no date].
(8) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Lettre a monsieur le Marquis Olivieri, au sujet de quelques monuments Phéniciens; pour servir de réponse à deux lettres insérées dans le 54e volume des Transactions Philosophiques. Paris, L.F. Delatour (printer), 1766.
With 4 plates (including 2 folding), the first 3 signed by P.L Charpentier, of Phoenician inscriptions, alphabet and medals. With a printer's device on the title-page and a woodcut headpiece.
(9) [D'ANSSE DE VILLOISON, Jean-Baptiste-Gaspard (draughtsman) and DROÜET (engraver)]. Alphabetum codicis bibliothecae coislininae, nunc sangermanensis, ineunte decimo saeculo manu exarati, ex quo Apollonii lexicon descriptum est. Paris, 1771.
Half red goatskin and marbled paper sides. 16; 43, [1 blank]; 24; 28, XIV; [2], 44; 12; 8, 12; [1], [1 blank], 45, [1 blank]; 9, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Extremely rare prospectus with an excellent, very rare lithograph
as proof of the quality of the illustrations for the famous Traité de fauconnerie

ARNZ & Comp., Institut lithographique. [authors of the Traité: H. SCHLEGEL and A.H. VERTER VAN WULVERHORST]. [PROSPECTUS]. Traité de fauconnerie.
Leiden, A. Arnz & Comp., (colophon:) printed by Léopold Loebenberg in the Hague, April 1844. Folio. With a lithographed image at the head of the title page, signed by Johann Peter Berghaus, of a falcon resting on a gloved hand, headed by the motto "Mon espoir est en pennes".
With: (2) BERGHAUS, Johann Peter (lithographer) [and Johann Baptist SONDERLAND (painter)]. Le vol du héron. Dessiné au Loo en Juillet 1843.
[Leiden, A. Arnz & Comp., 1844]. Ca. 52 x 69.5 cm. 4 pp. Full description
€ 6,000
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Only known copy of a secular themed Battala woodcut print, illustrating the Raja's court

[BATTALA WOODCUT PRINT]. KARMAKAR, Jadubandu (printer). Raja Sabha. [= The Raja's court].
[Bengal (Battala region of Kolkata?)], Jadubandu Karmakar, [between 1820 and 1860 (ca. 1840?)]. Ca. 36.5 x 28 cm. Woodcut on paper. An evocative woodcut court scene in an ornamental woodcut frame, with the title and imprint in Bengali in a cartouche in the centre of the foot of the scene, just above the frame. Full description
€ 8,500
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A magnificent set: Queen Anne's exquisite tortoise shell and gold book box,
containing a prayer book in an ornate jewelled binding

[BINDING - BOOK-SHAPED BOX - QUEEN ANNE]. [Gold and tortoise shell book-shaped box made for Queen Anne of Great Britain].
[Portugal?], [ca. 1702?]. Ca. 15.5 x 12 x 5.5 cm.
With: (2) [JEWELLED BINDING - FRENCH PRAYER BOOK]. La journée du chrétien, sanctifiée par la prière et la méditation.
Lyon and Paris, Librairie Catholique de Perisse frères, 1844.16mo. Binding: ca. 11 x 7 x 2.5 cm. With a small printer's device on the title page. 17th-century elaborately jewelled and decorated gilt silver binding with a gilt silver imperial double-headed eagle and two hands holding a heart centre piece, below Jesus on the cross (with an added skull and bones at the foot of the cross) and ornamental gilt silver corner pieces connected to the gilt silver board edge fittings on both boards. The whole is set with numerous jewels (amethysts, garnets, turquoise, and (simulated) sapphires). With two jewelled clasps closing on pegs in the fore edge of the front board, gilt edges, red velvet paste-downs and blue silk flyleaves backed with paper.
Early 18th-century, possibly Portuguese, tortoise shell box, with elaborate gold filigree rococo decorations: birds and foliage within a floral frame on the front and back "boards" with gold filigree decorated fastenings around the "fore edge", complete with: 2 catch plates, 2 anchor plates and 2 clasps. The "spine" is divided into 4 compartments, separated by gold filigree decorative horizontal strips, with a gold engraved plaque in the 2nd compartment reading in a banner "BY ME KINGS REIGNE" and below "ANNE [a crown] REGINA" and a filigree basket of flowers in the 1st, 3rd and 4th compartments. The edges are embossed and covered in fine gold foil. The inside of the box is covered in red velvet and the front "board" is, once the box is open, connected to the outer corners of the "fore edge" by fine gold chains. Ad 2: VIII, 524, [5], [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 97,500
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First series of botanical chromolithographs showing Indian flowers, made by the sister of the governor-general (1845-1852)

[EDEN, Emily]. Flowers from an Indian garden.
Düsseldorf, Arnz & Co., [(stamp on lithographed title-page:) 1846]. Folio (37.5 x 27.5 cm). With a lithographed tinted title-page, a chromolithographed leaf with a prefatory poem in gold in a floral border of two flowers and 11 chromolithographed plates showing flowers (captioned with their Latin and English names), each with a facing text leaf printed in gold in an ornamental border. Original publisher's paper wrappers. [13], [1 blank] ll. of lithographed text (including the prefatory poem and lithographed title-page), plus 11 lithographed plates. Full description
€ 2,850
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By one of the most important pioneers of medical biography

ELOY, N.F.J. Dictionnaire historique de la médecine ancienne et moderne. Ou mémoires disposés en ordre alphabétique pour server à lhistoire de cette science, et à celle des medecins, anatomistes, botanistes, chirurgiens, et chymistes de toutes nations.
Mons, H. Hoyois, 1778. 4 volumes. Large 4to. With engraved allegorical frontispiece; woodcut printers devices, engraved and typographical head- and tailpieces. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, red morocco spine label with title in gold, red edges, marbled endpapers [6], VIII, XII, 745, [2]; [4], 650; [4], 648; [4]; 626, [2] pp. Full description
€ 750
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Extremely rare botanical print series of flowers and fruits

HUET Jean-Baptiste (the younger); Benoît-Louis or Jean-Louis PRÉVOST. Fleurs & fruits des quatre parties du monde desseine par Prévost & gravé par J.B. Huet.
Paris, Dauty, [ca. 1837/1838]. Folio (ca. 35 x 26.5 cm). With an engraved title-page and 11 (of 23) engraved botanical prints: 4 showing 5 kinds of fruits each, 3 showing 9 types of flowers each and 4 showing flower bouquets. All prints are stipple engravings and coloured by a contemporary hand, some parts glazed with egg white. Contemporary half sheepskin. [12] ll. Full description
€ 3,250
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Beautifully illuminated and finely lettered manuscript altar canon on three wall panels

[ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT - ALTAR CANON]. Accipiendo in manibus hostiam dicat[!].... Initium Sancti Evangelii secundum Joannem. ... Cibavit illum dominus pane vitæ et intellectus.
[Belgium?], [ca. 1790?]. Three illuminated manuscript wall panels in matching style, forming a three-part altar canon lettered in blue and red ink on parchment (one 47.5 x 57 cm & two 31 x 22 cm; image sizes 46 x 54.5 cm & 29.5 x 21 cm), the larger stretched over a wooden frame and each of the smaller two over a wooden panel. All three panels meticulously and finely lettered in the style of roman printing types with 1 line in italic capitals, all 12 initials and some of their decoration in gold. All three panels richly illuminated around and between the text blocks with a gold background and extensive gold highlights, the illumination including decorated cartouches. The principal scenes at the head (miniatures in a wide variety of colours) show the Last Supper, Saint John the Evangelist and Christ washing his apostles feet; the central scenes at the foot (ink and ink wash drawings, probably emblematic, that on the large panel in grey and those on the small panels in red) show a lamb and cross on an altar, 4 standing figures with long staffs around a table with a platter (of bread?: some of the figures are eating something) and herald angels before a kneeling figure (it doesnt look like a shepherd or the Virgin Mary). Full description
€ 16,000
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First edition of an important encyclopedic dictionary of nautical terms and conceptions,
shipbuilding and ship types

JAL, Augustin. Glossaire nautique. Répertoire polyglotte de termes de marine anciens et modernes.
Paris, Firmin Didot frères, 1848. Large 4to (28.5 x 22.5 x 10 cm). Printed in two columns, with many steel engraved illustrations in the text showing ancient, medieval and later ships (some showing small parts in detail) by Alexandre-Nicolas Belhatte (b. 1811) after A. Mayer, and 2 full-page engraved plates: "Une Galère du 17e siècle" and "Elevation et coupe du Montebello, Vaisseau de 120 canons", with an extra added plate of the "Montebello" under sail (1812/21) loosely inserted. Contemporary half calf. 1591 pp. Full description
€ 950
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