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Printed memento of a noble wedding,
bound in red velvet with emblematic gold and silver embroidery

[BINDING]. [GHELARDI SCOLOPI, Orazio Antonio]. La pace tra la virtu', la gloria, ed amore. Componimento drammatico da cantarsi in occasione delle faustissime nozze del nobil uomo signor Silvestro Michele Arnolfini con la nobil donzella signora Beatrice Luisa Bernardini dedicato alla medesima.
Lucca, Giuseppe Rocchi, 1767. Small 4to (17 x 14 cm). Contemporary red velvet, embroidered with silver and gold thread and white and yellow silk (each board with an emblematic image: a crowned mirror[?] showing a hand planting a flag, perhaps intended as the groom's hand on the front and the bride's hand on the back), sewn without supports through 3 holes, brocade paper endpapers (grape vines and large flowers, white on a copper background), green silk ribbon marker. Full description
€ 15,000
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Essays on coral, volcanoes, botany, fossils and more,
with 16 engraved plates


Natuurkundige naspeuringen op proef- en waerneemingen gegrond. ... Groey der planten, ... wonderbare versteeningen van verscheide lighamen; de wording van het corael, de star-steenen, de mynstoffige bezoar en het verschil van deeze met de dierlijke, de versteenden vis-tanden, ammon-hoorn, schelpen, enz.
The Hague, Johannes de Cros, 1745. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece, an engraved ornament on the title-page and 16 engraved plates (including 2 folding). Contemporary red half roan.

Full description
€ 400
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8 Italian sonnets praising Napoléon Bonaparte
printed on vellum by Pierre Didot and finely bound in long-grained, gold-tooled morocco
for presentation to Napoléon

BUTTURA, Antonio. Sonetti a Bonaparte.
Paris, Pierre Didot l’aîné, An VIII [after Floréal, so 1800]. 8vo. Finely printed on vellum. Contemporary long-grained and gold-tooled red goatskin morocco, each board with a frame made from a decorated roll with palm leaves between 2 fine-line fillets, the smooth spine with the title in the 2nd of 6 fields, an acorn with leaves in each of the others, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, light green watered silk endleaves. Full description
€ 35,000
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Two of the finest 17th-century Dutch gardening books

CAUSÉ, Hendrik. De koninglycke hovenier aanwyzende de middelen om boomen, bloemen en kruyden te zaayen, planten, aen queeken en voort teelen.
Amsterdam, Marcus Doornick, [1676]. With engraved title-page and 31 engraved plates, including 2 bird's-eye views of a French and Dutch royal gardens, 5 plates with two pomological illustrations each, 8 plates with two illustrations of flowers each and 16 plates with a total of 32 gardens designs.
With: (2) COMMELIN, Jan. Nederlantze Hesperides, dat is, oeffening en gebruik van de limoen- en oranje-boomen, gestelt na den aardt, en climaat der Nederlanden.
Amsterdam, Marcus Doornick, 1676. With engraved title-page and 26 engraved plates, showing flowers, fruits and orangeries. 2 works in 1 volume. Folio (35 x 23 cm). Contemporary vellum, recased. Full description
€ 15,000
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The first principles of fortification, for the young engineer,
with 36 folding plates

CLAIRAC, Louis André de. L'ingenieur de campagne, ou traité de la fortification passagere.
Paris, Charles-Antoine Jombert (colophon: printed by Jacques Guerin), 1749. 4to. With 36 folding engraved plates by Claude Charles Riolet and an engraved armorial vignette at the head of the dedication. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 750
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Nice Italian atlas of the Dutch Republic and its possessions overseas

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. Teatro della Guerra. Il Belgio Confederato.
[Venice, 1706]. Oblong 8vo (leaves 19.1 x 25.5 cm). With 127 engraved plates: 2 general titles (transcribed together to give the title above), and 10 part-titles, folding portrait of the English King and Dutch Stadtholder William III, 2 plates with coats of arms, 11 full-page maps, 53 plates with 75 plans of cities and fortifications (including 1 repeat), 33 plates with 50 city views, 8 plates with views of buildings, 3 of tombs of naval heroes, 3 costume plates and a view of a wind cart on the beach. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 12,500
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Rare fortification handbook for the common man

EYLEND, Martin. Modus artis fortificatoriae Belgicus, Niederländisch Festung bawen, ..., zum andern mal in Druck gegeben, an vielen Orten corrigirt, vermehrt und verbessert.
Dresden, Wolfgang Seyffert, 1630. 4to. With about 60 woodcut illustrations in the text. 20th-century half parchment, with marbled paper covering most of the spine. Full description
€ 2,500
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60 beautiful coloured flower plates

[GOOSSENS, Alphonse (illustrator)]. Florilegium Harlemense. Gekleurde afbeeldingen met beschrijving van bol- en knolgewassen ... | Colored plates with descriptions of bulbous and tuberous rooted plants … | Planches coloriées de plantes bulbeuses et tuberculeuses avec descriptions … | Kolorierte abbildungen schönblühender Zwiebel- und Knollengewächse mit beschreibung ….
Haarlem, Loosjes heirs, [1896-]1901[-1902]. Large 4to (36 x 29 cm). With 4 leaves of preliminary matter followed by 60 numbered chromolithographed plates, each accompanied by a title leaf and a leaf with a description. The plates include 20 depicting Hyacinths, 20 Tulips, 5 Daffodils and Narcissi, 4 Irises, 2 Lilies and 9 others, including Gladioli, Anemone and the Fritillaria Imperialis. A few include a background tint. The lithographs were made by J.L. Goffart (Brussel). Contemporary red half cloth; recased, with some professional restorations and later endpapers. Full description
€ 3,950
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