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Fourth and last edition of the first Leiden Pharmacology

[LEIDEN - PHARMACOPOEIA]. Pharmacopoea Leidensis, amplissimorum magistratuum auctoritate instaurata.
Leiden, Samuel and Johannes Luchtmans, 1770. 8vo. With allegorical frontispiece engraved by François Bleyswyck: under the coat-of-arms of Leiden and 4 engraved tables with chemical symbols (Characteres). Three-quarter calf over boards. [30], 176, [20] pp. Full description
€ 750
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The most complete Dutch edition of Basnages comprehensive synthesis of Jewish history,
beginning where Flavius Josephus ended

BASNAGE, Josephus. Vervolg op Flavius Josephus; of algemene historie der Joodsche naatsie, behelzende ene uitvoerige beschryving van derzelver regerings-vorm, godtsdienst, gezinten en plegtigheden, nevens de veranderingen, daar in voorgevallen: mitsgaders een verhaal van alle oorlogen, weergaloze rampen, wisselvalligheden, verstroojing door de gehele waerelt, ...
Amsterdam, Gerard onder de Linden; Delft, Reinier Boitet, 1726-1727. 2 volumes. Large folio. With 5 full-page engravings (including the dedication, often lacking), 90 engravings in text and 4 letterpress tables (1 folding). Contemporary vellum. [1], [1 blank], [44], 1-156, 185-368, 371-544, 543-554, 554*1-554*24, 555-658; [1], [1 blank], [4], 659-760, 1103-1288, 1288†-1288††††, 1289-1390, 1471-1584, 1591-1710, 1725-1844, 1879-1940 pp. Full description
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First and only edition of the Portuguese translation of the Pharmacopoeia Bateana

BATE, Georgius. Pharmacopea Bateana, na qual se contem quasi oytocentos medicamentos tirados da pratica de Jorge Batea ... escrita pela ordem alphabetica, Traduzida de Lati mem Portuguez ... por D. Caetano de S. Antonio ...
Lisbon, Officina real Deslandesiana, 1713. 8vo. With woodcut head- and tailpieces and initials. Calf over boards. (8), 310 pp. Full description
€ 675
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One of the most famous and adventurous women travellers crossing the Yangtze valley:
first edition of her travel account, lavishly illustrated with her own photographs

BISHOP-BIRD, Isabella Lucy. The Yangtze Valley and beyond. An account of journeys in China, chiefly in the province of Sze Chuan and among the Man-tze of the Somo territory.
London, John Murray, 1899 (colophon: Plymouth, William Brendon and son, printers). Large 8vo. With a large folding coloured lithographed map of the Yangtze Basin showing the route of Isabella Bird and 116 half-tone photographic illustrations printed on the integral leaves, including the frontispiece of which 73 are full-page with captions below. Early 20th-century red calf. XV, [1 blank], 557, [1] pp. Full description
€ 375
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Two beautifully illustrated medical works on human and zoological anatomy, bound together

BLASIUS, Gerardus. Observata anatomica in homine, simiâ, equo, vitulo, ove, testudine, echino, glire, serpente, ardeâ, variisque animalibus aliis.
Leiden & Amsterdam, Gaasbeeck, 1674. With an engraved title-page by Appelman and 13 full-page engraved plates with anatomical illustrations.
With: (2) BLASIUS, Gerardus. Zootomiae seu anatomes variorum animalium. Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang, 1676. With an engraved title-page, Wolfgang's woodcut device (a wolf raiding a honey tree, 18 numbered and 6 unnumberedengraved plates (6 of the latter folding), containing many illustrations (the folding plates are often divided and mounted on separately inserted leaves, but they appear here in their original state as whole sheets).
8vo. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine with title in gold, marbled endpapers, red sprinkled edges. [6], 141, [11]; [10], 19-87, [1], 292, [4] pp. Full description
€ 2,250
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Sicily in history and myth: first edition with engraved author's portrait

BUONFIGLIO COSTANZO, Giuseppe. Prima[-seconda] parte dell'historia Siciliana, nellequale si contiene la descrittione antica, & moderna di Sicilia, le guerre, & altri fatti notabili dalla sua origine per sino alla morte del Catolico Rè Don Filippo II. Divisa in XX libri et due parti.
Venice, Bonifacio Ciera, 1604. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved device on the title-page, full-page engraved author's portrait, and numerous woodcut headpieces, tailpieces and decorated initials. Contemporary limp vellum. [48], 692 pp. Full description
€ 1,500
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Interesting work on China, Japan, Tibet and several countries in South-East Asia,
with elaborate descriptions of the Chinese silk and porcelain production

[CASTILLON, Jean]. Anecdotes Chinoises, Japonoises, Siamoises, Tonquinoises, &c; dans lesquelles on s'est attaché principalement aux moeurs, usages, coutumes & religions de ces differens peuples de l'Asie.
Paris, Vincent, 1774. 4 parts in 1 work. 8vo. Contemporary mottled calf. [1], [1 blank], 422, 234, 37, 52, 32 pp. Full description
€ 1,500
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