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Beautifully illuminated vellum manuscript leaf from an antiphonary with an historiated initial depicting the Trinity and a painted border in Ghent-Bruges style

[ANTIPHONARY - ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT LEAF]. [Richly illuminated leaf from an early 16th-century antiphonary with the first nocturn of Matins for Trinity Sunday].
[Southern Netherlands, early 16th century]. ca. 45.5 x 33.5 cm. Vellum leaf (from a bound book) with plainchant music and below each line the corresponding line of text, written in a neat textura hand in black with occasional red. The verso with a large illuminated and historiated lombardic initial B in blue with white filligree on a notched brown-ochre square ground with some very fine gold-tooled lines, depicting the Holy Trinity in yellow, green, blue, white and pink and some very fine lines highlighted in gold, with a painted decorative border in the head, foot and fore-edge margins, in the Ghent-Bruges style in yellow. Both sides of the leaf with manuscript lombardic initials in red and blue, mostly with penwork: red penwork for the blue initials, purple penwork for the red initials (except for 1 brown initial with brown penwork). [1] leaf. Full description
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First edition of 66 sermons on Christian faith and virtues by the foremost Italian missionary of the 15th-century

BERNARDINUS SENENSIS (SAINT BERNARDINO OF SIENA). Quadragesimale beati Bernardini de xp[ist]iana religione [x and p representing the Greek chi and rho to make "christiana"].
[Basel, Johann Amerbach, 1489]. Folio. With several 8-, 7-, 6-, 5-, 4- and 3-line red lombardic initials supplied by hand in spaces (with printed guide letters) left for the purpose, rubricated throughout. Set in three sizes rotunda gothic types and a larger textura for the title. Early 17th-century, richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. With remnants of 2 strap fastenings and with traces on the front board and remnants on the back board of the catchplates, blue edges and a light brown morocco spine label with the title in gold. [254] ll. Full description
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The Kirchenordnung for Protestant Saxony in an early edition, bound together with nine pamphlets and treatises on Lutheran controversies

[CHURCH AGENDA - SAXONY]. Agenda. Das ist, Kirchenordnung, wie sich die Pfarrherrn und Seelsorger in iren Ampten und diensten halten sollen, für die Diener der Kirchen in Hertzog Heinrichen zu Sachsen V.G.H. Fürstenthumb gestellet. Auffs new gebessert mit etzlichen Collecten der Superintendenten, etc.
Leipzig, Hans Rhambaw, 1564. 4to. Title printed in red and black,
(2) MYLIUS, Georg. Eine Predigt, vom Sacrament des Altars, zu Augspurg auffm Reichstage den 8. Julii Anno 1582 ... auff gut Lutterisch gethan ...
Magdeburg, Johan Francken (colophon: printed by Wilhelm Ross), 1582. 4to. With an arabesque woodcut tailpiece and a woodcut gothic initial.
(3) WIGAND, Johann. Christliche Erinnerung von der Bekentnis der Theologen in Meissen vom Abendmal jetzt newlich auszgangen.
Königsberg (Kaliningrad), heirs of Johan Daubman, 1574. 4to. With a woodcut gothic initial. Set in fraktur types with extensive italic and an occasional word in roman.
(4) [TRANSSUBSTANTIATION]. Summa der reinen Lere on dem Hochwirdigen Sacrament des Leibes und Blutes Jhesu Christi, mit kurtzer Verantwortung der Gegenlere. An die Christen in Franckreich, zum Unterricht und Warning geschickt. ...
[colophon:] Eisleben, Andreas Petri, 1571. 4to. With a woodcut arabesque decoration on the title-page.
(5) HEIDERICHS, Caspar. Synodalis Concio. Eine Sendtpredigt, ... Gehalten in der Pfarr zu Thorgau, bey seinen Superintendentz vorwanten. Acto. VI. Wir Prediger wollen anhalten am Gebet, unnd am Ampt des Worts Gottes.
Leipzig, (colophon: printed by Jacob Berwaldt), 1564. 4to. With 3 different woodcut interlaced decorations.
(6) WEISS, Johann. Ein Sermon gepredigt zu Freibergk den xxii. Julii des LIII. Jars, uber der Leich des Durchleutigisten Hochgebornen Fürsten und Herrn, Herrn Moritzen Herzogen zu Sachssen und Churfürsten etc.
Leipzig, Valentin Bapst, 1553. 4to. With 2 woodcut gothic initials.
(7) PFEFFINGER, Johann. Eine Predigt, uber die Leich des Durchlauchtigisten Hochgebornen Fürsten und Herren Herren Moritzen Hertzogen und Chur fürsten zu Sachssen etc. ...
[colophon:] Leipzig, Jacob Berwaldt, [1553]. 4to. With a woodcut ornamental flourish on the title-page and a woodcut gothic initial.
(8) WIGAND, Johann. Ob die Newen Wittenberger, stets bis daher, einig mit den alten geleret: Und ob Lutheri und Philippi Schrifften, durch aus gantz einig und einhellig...
Königsberg, Bonifacius Daubmen, 1575. 4to. Set in fraktur types, with passages in roman.
(9) MAIOR, Georg. Bekentnüs D. Georgii Maioris von dem Artickel der Justification, das ist, von der Lere, das der Mensch allein durch Glauben, on alle Verdienst, umb des Herrn Christi willen, Vergebung der Sünden habe, ...
[Dresden, Matthes Stökel Sr.], 1559. 4to. With woodcut initials.
(10) MAIOR, Georg. Repetitio Widerholung und endtliche Erklärung der Bekentnüs D. Georgii Maioris, von dem Artickel der Justification. Das ist von der Lere, das der Mensch allein durch Glauben, one allen vordiest, umb des Herrn Christi willen, vergebung der sünden habe,..
Dresden, Matthes Stökel Sr., 1567. 4to. With woodcut initials and a tailpiece.
19th-century half pigskin, boards covered with black buckram, modern green endpapers, manuscript title on spine. [5], LXXII, [1]; [12]; [1], 18, [1]; [48]; [18]; [16]; [8]; [1], 23; [8]; [8] ll. Full description
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Interesting collection of acts promulgated by the 14th parliament of Great Britain

[GREAT BRITAIN - PARLIAMENT]. Anno regni George III. Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, decimo octavo. At the parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the twenty-ninth day of November, Anno Domini 1774, in the fifteenth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the Third ... And from thence continued, by several prorogations, to the twentieth day of November 1777; being the fourth session of the fourteenth parliament of Great Britain.
London, Charles Eyre & William Strahan, 1778. Folio. Modern brown pigskin, title in gold on spine. [ca. 780] pp. numbered to 1594 with gaps. Full description
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First edition in the original Latin of a defence of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary herself
edited by Jacob Wimpheling, with two contributions by Sebastian Brant

HASSIA, Henricus de (Henry of LANGENSTEIN). Contra disceptationes et contrarias predicationes fratrum mendicantium super conception beatissime Marie Virginis et contra maculam Sancto Bernardo mendaciter impositam.
Strasbourg, [Reinhard Beck], July 1516. 4to. Lacking f4, as often, blank except for a woodcut madonna and child with an episcopal coat of arms. Contemporary blind-tooled parchment over boards. [3], XIX, [1 of 2] ll. Full description
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Extensive reports on the British suppression of the slave trade

[SLAVE TRADE]. HOUSE OF COMMONS. [General title-page]: Reports from committees: eighteen volumes. [no. 16]. Slave trade. Session 18 November 1847 - 5 September 1848.
London, 1848. 5 parts in 1 volume. Folio. Red cloth.
With: (2) HOUSE OF COMMONS. First [Second] report from the select committee on the slave trade; together with the minutes of evidence, and appendix.
[London], 24 May 1849. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With a folding lithographed map. Modern blue half calf, gold-tooled spine. Ad 1: [4], IV, 278; IV, 179, [1 blank]; IV, 233, [1 blank]; 27, [1]; XII, 111, [1] pp.; Ad 2. IV, 171, [1]; XXX, 33, [1] pp. Full description
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Beautiful, detailed and accurate Japanese colour drawings, mostly botanical, on 85 double-page spreads

KEIEN. Kengyu-ka shasei [= Morning glory sketches].
Japan, Meiji 31?, 34-36 [=1898?, 1901-1903]. Very large 8vo? (28 x 20.5 cm). With 85 double-page (mostly botanical) drawings in black ink on Japanese paper, each showing 1, 2 or 3 figures, sometimes with additional detail drawings, nearly all coloured in watercolour and/or gouache and most with captions identifying the subject and/or giving the date. Front wrapper with the title in Japanese in black ink. Wrapper-title plus [85] double-page spreads. Full description
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Extremely detailed documentation of the earliest preparations to build the Suez Canal

LESSEPS, Ferdinand de. The Isthmus of Suez question.
London, Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans; Paris, Galignari & Co. (colophon: printed by the Chiswick Press, Charles Whittingham), 1855. With a folding chromolithographed bird's-eye view of the proposed canal and 2 folding lithographed maps.
(2) LESSEPS, Ferdinand de. New facts and figures relative to the Isthmus of Suez canal.London, Effingham Wilson; Paris, Galignani & Co. (colophon: printed by the Chiswick Press, Charles Whittingham), 1856.
(3) LESSEPS, Ferdinand de. Percement de L'Isthme de Suez, exposé et documents officiels.Paris, Henri Plon (colophon: printed by Henri Plon), 1855. With 2 folding lithographed maps.
(4) LESSEPS, Ferdinand de. Percement de L'Isthme de Suez, exposé et documents. ... Deuxième série.Paris, Henri Plon, office of the journal L'Isthme de Suez (colophon: printed by Henri Plon), 1856.
(5) LESSEPS, Ferdinand de. Percement de L'Isthme de Suez, rapport et project de la commission internationale. ... Troisième série.Paris, Henri Plon, office of the journal L'Isthme de Suez (colophon: printed by Henri Plon), 1856.
(6) LESSEPS, Ferdinand de. Question du Canal de Suez.Paris, Henri Plon, Librairie Nouvelle (colophon: printed by Henri Plon), 1860. 6 works in 6 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary red half sheepskin (ads 1-5 uniform ca. 1856, ad 6 added in matching style ca. 1860), gold- and blind-tooled spines. 223, [1 blank]; 223, [1 blank]; [4], 280, [1], [1 blank], 19, [1 blank]; [6], 332, [1], [1 blank]; XI, [5], 376, [1], [1 blank]; [4], 136, 95, [1 blank] pp. Full description
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First edition of Albertus Magnus's important Summa theologiae, presenting and defending Christian doctrine in contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf (about 84 impressions of 18 stamps) by the Trier Benedictine monastery

MAGNUS, Albertus. Prima[-secunda] pars Summe Alberthi Magni: alias dicte: De mirabili scie[n]tia Dei. [Vol. 1 continues:] Cum directorio notabili sententiaru[m] ex omni fere genere scibili studiosissime apposito. [De mirabili scientia Dei] [Summa theologiae].
[colophon 2Q5v in vol. 2:] Basel, Jakob Wolff, 31 March 1507 (note to the reader, a1v in vol. 1: Basel, 10 April 1507). 2 volumes bound as 1 Folio. Set in 2 columns with shoulder notes, with red lombardic initials added by hand in spaces left for the purpose (with printed guide letters). Contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf, sewn on 4 double chords, by the bindery of the Sankt Matthias Benedictine monastery in Trier, with the original brass catchplates and with two parchment manuscript leaves used as paste-downs, probably taken from an antiphonary, one with 14 lines of plainchant music). CCI, [3]; [6], “CCXXXVII” [= 235] ll. Full description
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In praise of the Virgin Mary, second edition (1509) of an important “Mariale”

MAGNUS, (Pseudo-) Albertus. Summa de laudibus Christifere virginis Marie divi Alberti doctoris magni (divinum magis quam humanum opus) examussim ac emendatissime castigata cum indice contentorum (quem tabulam vocant) feliciter inchoat.
[colophon:] Cologne, [heirs of] Heinrich Quentel, mid June 1509. 4to. With two large ornamented woodcut initials, printed lombardic initials and some pointing hands. Half 19th-century sheepskin, purple decorated paper sides, printed paper spine label, red sprinkled edges. [4], CXXVI ll. Full description
€ 2,500
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