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7 rare complete Antwerp devotional print series, some Jesuit, plus 3 other groups of rare Antwerp prints: 4 series and some additional prints apparently unique

[PRINT SERIES]. COLLAERT, Adriaen, Antonius WIERIX and Theodore GALLE.
[Binding title:] Recueil d'estampes Collaert Wierix and Galle.
[Antwerp], Adriaen Collaert, Antonius Wierix II, Theodore Galle, Cornelis Pinssen & anonymous, [ca. 1595-ca. 1610]. 9 print series plus 5 separate prints. Large 4to album with mostly 8vo prints. An album containing 7 complete devotional print series (together 109 prints), a (complete?) set of 3 town fortification plans (each with a madonna and child and patron saint or other local saints), 5 portraits and 6 illustrations from a book, making 123 engraved prints in total. Dark green gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1890), gilt edges.
€ 12,500
A remarkable collection of very rare print series and a few equally rare separate prints, all dating from the period ca. 1595-ca. 1610, mostly by Adriaen Collaert (ca. 1560-1618), but also with series by Antonius Wierix II (ca. 1555/59-1604) and Theodore Galle (1571-1633). For most of the prints, the literature mentions no variant states of the plates, but when variant states are noted in the literature they are all in the earliest states and those with no known variant states appear from their watermarks to be very early printings. Ads 4, 5, 6 and 9, and possibly 4 of the portraits in ad 8 may be unique, and ad 1 is the second copy recorded.
With the engraved bookplate on paste-down. With one portrait mounted on an older piece of paper, with the mounting paper and the other prints tipped in, with only the left edges pasted to the album leaves. The binding is slightly worn at the hinges and extremities, with a few minor scuff marks, but still very good. A remarkable collection of ca. 1600 Antwerp print series, almost half with no other complete set known.

The album contains the following 10 groups of prints:

Ad 1) Virginis Mariae vita. ...
Antwerp, Adriaen Collaert, [ca. 1600]. [1], 19 engr. ll.
Ad 2) Vita Jesu salvatoris variis iconibus
[Antwerp], Adriaen Collaert, [ca. 1600]. [1], 35 engr. ll.
Ad 3) Passio et resurrectio d.n. Jesu Christi.
[Antwerp], Adriaen Collaert, [ca. 1600]. 24 engr. ll.
Ad 4) [Jesus and the 13 Apostles].
[Antwerp], Adriaen Collaert, [ca. 1600]. [1], [13] ll.
Ad 5) [Four church fathers].
[Antwerp], Adriaen Collaert, [ca. 1600]. [4] engr. ll.
Ad 6) [The four Apostles].
[Antwerp], Antonius Wierix II, [ca. 1600]. [4] engr. ll.
Ad 7) [The seven gifts of the Holy Ghost].
[Antwerp], Theodore Galle, [ca. 1600]. 6, [1] engr. ll.
Ad 8) [5 portraits, not produced as a series:] Clemens VIII. Pont. Opt. Max. ... Clemens VIII. Pont. Opt. Max. ... Laevinus Torrentius secundus Episcopus Antverpien. ... Henry IIII Roy de France et de Navarre. ... Sereniss. Albertus Archid. Belgii gubernator.
[Antwerp], Antonius Wierix II, Cornelis Pinssen & anonymous, [ca. 1595-ca. 1610].
Ad 9) [3 town fortification plans:] Cales ... Hulst ... Ter Heyden.
[Antwerp], [possibly Cornelis Pinnsen], [1599?].
Ad 10) [6 full-page illustrations from:] SAILLY, Thomas. Thesaurus precum et exercitiorum spiritualium...
Antwerp, Jan Moretus, 1609, pp. 78, 262, 170, 150, 600, 464. 8vo.

Detailed description on request John Thomson, Descr. cat. lib. Clarence H. Clark, Philadelphia, 1888, item 423 (pp. 255-256: the present album, with descriptions of ads 1-9).
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