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Dutch translation of the Quran and the life of Mohammed,
with 6 engraved plates by Caspar Luyken

Mahomets Alkoran, door de hr. Du Ryer uit d'Arabische in de Fransche taal gestelt; benevens een tweevoudige beschrijving van Mahomets leven; en een verhaal van des zelfs reis ten hemel, gelijk ook zyn samenspraak met de Jood Abdias.
Amsterdam, Timotheus ten Hoorn, 1696. 8vo. With an integral engraved title-page, engraved by J. Lamsvelt, and 6 engraved plates showing the Prophet Mohammed, engraved by Caspar Luyken. Contemporary vellum.
€ 3,500
Second edition, the first with the engraved plates by Caspar Luyken, of the second Dutch translation of the Quran, translated by Jan Hendrik Glazemaker from André Du Reyer's French translation. Glazemaker's translation was first published in 1657 and proved quite popular, going through six editions (the last, in 1734, called the seventh). The text of the Quran is followed by a life of Mohammed, extracted from Ibn al-Amid's history of the Saracens and several other sources, translated from Erpenius's Latin rendering of the original Arabic. This edition was intended for Christians, who did not concern themselves with the Islamic restrictions on pictorial illustration. The preface is followed by a 5-page summary of the religion of the Ottomans.
With some dark stains in the second quire and pp. 207-216, and occasionally a marginal stain. Binding stained. Otherwise in good condition.
Klaversma & Hannema 1048; Thijsse-Schouten, Jan Hendrik Glazemaker 30; STCN 105403695
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