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Extremely rare prospectus with an excellent, very rare lithograph
as proof of the quality of the illustrations for the famous Traité de fauconnerie

ARNZ & Comp., Institut lithographique. [authors of the Traité: H. SCHLEGEL and A.H. VERTER VAN WULVERHORST].
[PROSPECTUS]. Traité de fauconnerie.
Leiden, A. Arnz & Comp., (colophon:) printed by Léopold Loebenberg in the Hague, April 1844. Folio. With a lithographed image at the head of the title page, signed by Johann Peter Berghaus, of a falcon resting on a gloved hand, headed by the motto "Mon espoir est en pennes".
With: (2) BERGHAUS, Johann Peter (lithographer) [and Johann Baptist SONDERLAND (painter)]. Le vol du héron. Dessiné au Loo en Juillet 1843.
[Leiden, A. Arnz & Comp., 1844]. Ca. 52 x 69.5 cm. 4 pp.
€ 6,000
Extremely rare prospectus for the publication of "the finest work on falconry which has ever been produced" (Harting): the Traité de fauconnerie (Leiden and Düsseldorf, Arnz & Co., 1844-1853). Complete with the accompanying proof illustration: a lithographed hunting scene at Het Loo palace in Apeldoorn. Hermann Schlegel and Abraham Henrik Verster van Wulverhorsts work proved superb, both for the beauty of the 17 lithographed plates and the accuracy of the text.
Ad 1: The prospectus promotes the book by giving an overview of the whole project of publishing a new, illustrated work on falconry. As the "art of falconry" is a noble exercise, the work is dedicated to Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, that is, Willem Alexander Frederik Constantijn Nikolaas Michiel van Oranje Nassau (1818-1848), the second son of King Willem II and Queen Anna Paulowna of the Netherlands, Imperial Grand Duchess of Russia. The present copy is the first of two prospectuses, dated April 1844: the other, called the "IIe édition", printed by H. de Breuk in Leiden, is dated May 1844 (see Tuijn, pp. 295 & ills. 3a & 3b).
Ad 2: The prospectus is accompanied by a lithographed illustration of a hunting scene, obviously using falcons, near Het Loo palace in Apeldoorn. This palace was built as a hunting lodge at the end of the 17th century for Stadtholder Willem III (the future King William III of England), next to the 16th-century castle now called "Het Oude Loo". The illustration was added to the prospectus as a proof of the quality of the lithographs in the upcoming publication. Its link with the prospectus immediately becomes clear from the information in the more extensive caption of the copy at the Rijksmuseum: "esquisse faite d'apès le tableau original de Mr. J.B. Sonderland, destinée à accompagner le prospectus de l'ouvrage intitulé: traité de fauconnerie pas M.M. Schlegel et Verster van Wulverhorst". It shows Prince Alexander with his entourage and the members of the Royal Loo Hawking Club. The Prince was president of this hawking (and falconry) club.
The prospectus and lithograph are both extremely rare and even rarer as a complete set. We have traced only one other complete set, which is held institutionally by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and we have traced no other copies of the set or either the prospectus or illustration currently available on the market.
Ad 1: Foxed and formerly folded once horizontally. Otherwise in good condition. Ad 2: Traces of folds, slightly dusty in the wide margins, otherwise well preserved. An exceptionally rare set announcing and promoting the finest work on falconry ever produced. Ad 1: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (object no. RP-P-OB-88.736); not in WorldCat; Pieter Tuijn, "On the Traité de fauconnerie (1845-53)", in: Quaerendo, 25 (1995), pp. 289-306, note 19 & ill. 3a (noting a copy at the Algemeen Rijksarchief in The Hague); Ad 2: Atlas van Stolk 7395; Müller, Ned. Hist. Platen, 7064; Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (1 copy in a different state, object no. RP-P-OB-88.737); WorldCat 150296538, 935814637 (2 copies; Univ. of Amsterdam & Univ. Hamburg); for the Traité de fauconnerie, see also: Harting, p. 194; Nissen IVB 832; Schwerdt II, 150; Thiebaud 833; Zimmer p. 554.
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