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Great contribution to classification according to the natural system

BARTLING, Friedrich Gottlieb.
Ordines naturales plantarum eorumque characteres et affinitates adjecta generum enumeratione.
Göttingen, Dieterich, 1830. 8vo. Contemporary black paste-paper covered boards. IV, [1 blank], “V”, 498 pp.
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First and only edition of a classification according to the natural system. "The natural system established itself in Germany through the labours of Brown and Candolle; and the more correct appreciation of it as compared with the sexual system of Linnaeus was promoted by a work of Carl Fuhlrott which appeared in 1829. ... A still greater effect in this direction was produced by the appearance in 1830 of the 'Ordines naturales plantarum' of Bartling, an independent contribution to this department of botany, and a distinct advance upon what had hitherto been effected" (Sachs).
With the owner's inscription and library stamp of the Dutch botanist Jan Valckenier Suringar (1864-1932). Some spots to the first and last few leaves, but otherwise in very good condition. Bradley I, p. 260; BMC NH, p. 104; Sachs, history of botany (1906), pp. 143-144; Stafleu & Cowan 317.
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