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Rare unrecognised second edition of the first handbook for ship’s pilots in training with more than 120 diagrams and other illustrations

BROUCK (BROECKE), Jan vanden.
Instructie der zee-vaert, door de gheheele werelt, … Met een practijck, om door een nieu-ghe-inventeert instrument 'tvoornaemste vanden celester globus in planum te brengen: ...Rotterdam, Abraham Migoen, [1610]. Small 4to (19.5 x 15 cm). With a woodcut device on the title-page; and 2 engraved and about 120 woodcut illustrations (mostly diagrams), all on integral leaves, including 7 full-page. Vellum (ca. 1700).
€ 18,000
Rare 1610 second edition (revised and expanded) of the first handbook for ship's pilots in training, with more than 120 illustrations, mostly geometrical and astronomical diagrams but also a fortification plan, navigational instruments and their use, etc. It describes navigational instruments and their use in both the northern and the southern hemisphere, the determination of longitude and the declination of the sun. An appendix on the use of the astrolab largely follows Philippe van Lansberge (18 years before his principal publication on the subject) and illustrates the positions of the sun, moon and earth during eclipses. Brouck also covers the practical mathematics of geometry, trigonometry, surveying, mensuration and calendrical calculations. With the establishment of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) in 1602 and the beginning of the Twelve Years' Truce (1609-1621) between Spain and the Dutch Republic in the 80 Years' War for Dutch independence, the Netherlands saw a great pressing need for well-trained ship's pilots for global exploration and trade. Jan vanden Brouck (1566- 1626), was a schoolmaster teaching applied mathematics at Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Middelburg. He published a celestial globe in 1602 and at least in Rotterdam he set up his own school, training pilots for the merchant marine.The first and third editions include 8 volvelles, but they are not recorded in the second edition and the present copy certainly never included them. Van der Krogt notes 4 copies of the first and third editions with an engraved plate of gores for Vanden Brouck's 1602 celestial globe, but notes that the two other copies known to him (editions and locations not specified) do not include it. It is not in the present copy or the three copies that can be seen on the Internet, is not mentioned by Crone, and as far as we know it never appears in the present second edition.With occasional marginal notes in a contemporary hand. With the foot of the title-page cut short, removing the final line of the imprint; the fore-edges of 7 leaves tattered; and some small worm holes in the gutter margin near the head, mostly in quires G and H, but otherwise in good condition. Binding restored. Rare expanded and extensively illustrated second edition of the first handbook for training ships' pilots.[8], 140, [4] pp.l Bierens de Haan 601 note; Cat. bibl. Bodleianae (1843), vol. 1, p. 339; Cat. NHSM, p. 664; Crone library 123b; Van der Krogt, Globi Neerlandici, BLA IIBr; cf. STCN (1 incompl. copy of 1st ed.; 1 compl. & 2 incompl. copies of 3rd ed.).
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