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Rare early Dutch science fiction novel set in London in the year 2065

Anno 2065. Een blik in de toekomst, door Dr. Dioscorides. Tweede druk.
Utrecht, J. Greven (back of title-page: printed by P.W. van de Weijer), 1865. 8vo. Modern black calf (faux morocco). 79, [1 blank] pp.
€ 1,950
Very rare second edition, published in the same year as the first, of an early Dutch science fiction novel, written by Pieter Harting (1812-1885), a Dutch biologist and early supporter of Charles Darwins theories. While marvelling at the technological advances of the 19th-century, the main character suddenly finds himself in the year 2065, on a city square in "Londinia", the future London. There he meets a reincarnation of the 13th-century Roger Bacon, who guides him along a selection of several interesting scientific advancements. It was "the very first [literary] work to be translated [into Japanese] in the Meiji Era" (Lindberg-Wada), appearing in its first year 1868.
With a small note about the author in pencil. Very slightly browned, some minor spots and the outer margins of the title-page slightly soiled, otherwise in good condition and wholly untrimmed. NCC (6 copies of this ed. & 6 copies of the first); cf. G. Lindberg-Wada (ed.), Literary history: towards a global perspective I, p. 104.
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