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Essential works on Dutch military methods, armoury and fortification, including an unrecognised Moxon edition,
with 2 magnificent folding plates by Hondius

HEXHAM, Henry.
The first part of the principles of the art military, practised in the warres of the United Netherlands. ...
[London], Robert Young (printed in Rotterdam by James Moxon), [ca. 1641].
(2) HEXHAM, Henry. The second part of the principles of the art militarie, practized in the warres of the United Provinces. ...
London, Robert Young (printed in Delft by Jan Pietersz. Waelpot, "1638" [= 1639].
(3) HEXHAM, Henry. The third part of the principles of the art militarie practised in the warres of the United Provinces, ...
The Hague, printed by Franck van der Spruyt, 1640.
(4) [HEXHAM, Henry]. A true and historiall[!] relation of the bloody battell of Nieuport in Flanders, ...
Delft, [printed by Jan Pietersz. Waelpot?], 1641. Extra added: 2 double-page folding engraved plates of the Battle of Nieuwpoort by Henricus Hondius. Folio. 2 works (the 1st in 3 volumes) bound as 1. Ad 1 with 2 folding plates showing 2 engravings, and 47 (of 49) engravings on integral leaves. Ad 2 with 19 (of 21) engraved figures on 13 (of 15) plates, plus 3 similar double-page plates, each with 1 unlabelled figure, and 3 double-page plates with 26 figures: the extra-added folding plates C and D in ad 4 show larger and more detailed engravings of the same two battle formations as the omitted plates C and D. Ad 3 with 3 engraved plates and 14 engravings. Contemporary vellum, with 2 small brass catchplates, clasps and anchorplates lost, title lettered up the spine in brown ink. [4], 48, [2]; [4], 18, 36; [8], “81” [= 59], [1]; [1], [1 blank], 28 pp.
€ 9,500
Hexhams three-volume Principles of the art militarie (ads 1-3), a highly interesting military exercise book and one of the best-known military drill books of the period, describes the practices of warfare used by the Dutch Republic during its struggle for independence from Spain (the Eighty Years War). Volume 1 covers the training and movements of infantry troops; volume 2 covers battle arrays, quartering of troops, and cavalry and volume 3 covers artillery and other equipment, fortifications and the proper manner to conduct sieges.
Hexhams manual was very popular in both the Netherlands and England, but since it was actually used in the field, very few copies survive. He wrote it primarily for English gentlemen and especially English officers entering the Dutch States' service. "Hexham's long experience of warfare, and the careful selection of extracts from the best military writers of his time have contributed to render his book extremely valuable" (Cockle).
The book is most richly and very attractively illustrated, with several series of double-page and full-page engraved plates as well as numerous engravings on the integral leaves, teaching infantrymen the use of the pike and the musket. Many plates show the companies arranged on the battlefield, often depicting each individual soldier in full uniform handling his weapon. When they fire their muskets simultaneously, the engravings show small plumes of smoke coming from all muskets.
The account of the 1600 Battle of Nieuwpoort (1641), the first and only edition, rare in any form, appears here in an overlooked issue. The ESTC describes only a different issue of the same year, and does not identify the printer.
With an owner's purchase inscription by John Wallett [= Vallet?], dated April 1642, with "price xxiiijs", on the front endleaf, with further early inscriptions below it, and a bookplate on the front paste-down. Volume 1 lacking the 2 rotating engravings (though including an impression of the same engraving on another page) and with a repeat of engraving C instead of engraving E, and volume 2 omitting plates C and D (giving way to the larger and more detailed plates C and D extra added in ad 4). Also with water stains in volume 1 (faint after the first few leaves and with an occasional small tear (some repaired) or stain, but still generally in good condition. Recased with new endpapers, with some small tears and stains in the vellum. Ad 1: WorldCat 12151010 (2 copies); cf. Cockle, Bibl. military books 136 (1637 & 1642 eds.); ESTC S92958 (Youngs 1639 reissue of 1637 ed.); Hoogendoorn Hex01-1, no. 2 (1642 Delft issue of the present ed.);); STCN 832463566, part 1 (3 copies of 1642 Delft ed.); Sloos 03022 (1642 Delft issue of the present ed.?); USTC (other eds.); Wing H1652 (1642 Delft ed.). Ad 2: ESTC S119732 (3 copies, incl. 1 incompl.), Hoogendoorn Hex01-2, no. 1.2 (2 of the same 3 copies); STC 13264.4 (same 3 copies); STCN 832463566, part 2 (3 copies of 1642 Delft? ed.). Ad 3: ESTC S119734 (10 copies); Hoogendoorn Hex01-3, no. 1 (4 of the same 10 copies); STC 13264.7 (6 of the same 10 copies); USTC 3021051 & 1437522 (same 10 copies). Ad 4: WorldCat 12151727 (2 copies); USTC 1511679 (1 copy: see note above); for the extra added Hondius plates: Muller, Hist. prenten 1140; New Hollstein, Hendrick Hondius 309 & 310.
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