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Wholly engraved illustrated book on naval strategy

OZANNE, Nicolas-Marie.
Marine militaire ou recueil des differens vaisseaux qui servent a la guerre suivis des manoeuvres qui ont le plus de raport au combat ainsi qua l'ataque et la deffense des ports.Paris, Chereau, [ca. 1775]. Large 8vo (25 x 17 cm). A wholly engraved book, with 50 engraved plates (1 folding), including a title-page in an architectural frame and 44 leaves with illustrations of ships. 18th-century brown half morocco, with owner's (?) initials at the foot of the spine "I.G.".
€ 1,750
Second edition of a wholly engraved and well-illustrated account of battleships, other naval vessels, and naval manoeuvres. The title-page is followed by two leaves containing the "Avertissement" and a table of contents, leaves 4 to 50 illustrate and describe battleships with 40 to 120 guns, other types of ships, battle orders, a windward and leeward attack, chasing an enemy ship, forcing the enemy to fight, avoiding a fight, forcing a passage through an enemy line, etc. The folding leaf 50 also contains a list of terms with explanations of their meanings. In engravings 5 to 20 each illustration shows a different kind of ship, with notes about it and sometimes a decorative tailpiece. Most of the illustrations in engravings 23 to 48 show sea battles or manoeuvres, with an explanatory text and in most cases a plan at the foot showing the positions and movements of the ships.Nicolas-Marie Ozanne (1728-1811), known as Ozanne l'aîné, worked as an artist for the French navy. The dedication describes the Duke of Choiseul as (among other things) Minister of the Marine, a post he held from 1761 to 1766. Small water stain in the fore-edge margin of the first 20 leaves and at the head of the last three leaves (never touching the plate), the title-page slightly browned and some occasional spots. Still a good copy of a wholly engraved and well-illustrated work on battleships and naval strategy, with large margins.50 engraved ll.l Berlin Kat. 1463; Cat. NHSM, p. 750; Cohen, Livres a gGravures, col. 778; Lewine, p. 399 note; Polak 7234; for Ozanne: NBG XXXVIII, cols. 1021-1022; Thieme & Becker XXVI, p. 110.
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