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Jurassic strata in Württemberg

QUENSTEDT, Friedrich August von.
Das Flözgebirge Würtembergs. Mit besonderer Rücksicht auf den Jura.
Tübingen, H. Laupp, 1851. 8vo. Contemporary boards covered with paste-paper.
€ 400
Enlarged second edition of an important treatise on strata from the Jurassic period by the German mineralogist Friedrich August von Quenstedt (1809-1889). The work can be seen as a precursor of Quenstedt's famous work Der Jura, published in 1858. Quenstedt distinguished 18 zones from the Jurassic period in the earth of Württemberg based on petrifications and paleontological features. He describes the various stones, petrifications and fossils found in the strata, paying attention to different species and the quantity of fossils in specifying areas and periods. Included at the end is a list of fossils and petrifications.
Lacking first flyleaf. Some minor foxing. Binding rubbed along the extremities. Overall in good condition.
BMC NH, 1633; DSB XI, p. 235; Zittel, pp. 148, 461, 505.
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