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Satire on the astronomical bills of barristers and solicitors by the famous anatomist Govert Bidloo

[BIDLOO, Govert].
Beurze-Stryd, of Saemen-Spraek tusschen Galenus, en Baldus.
[The Hague, Meyndert Uytwerf?], 1692. 4to. With a woodcut title vignette. Bound on two modern chords. [8], 9-24 pp.
€ 450
One of variant issues of this satirical pamphlet supposedly written by the famous physician (he became a few years later the personal physician of Stadholder/King William III), anatomist, poet and playwright and above all colorful Govert Bidloo (1649-1717).
In February 1692 the Hoge Raed (Supreme Court) of the Dutch Republic had renewed their ordinance of 1652, t Reglement op het stuck van het salaris van Advocaeten en Procureurs, to protect those who seek legal assistance from the sometimes exceedingly overcharging barristers and solicitors. Considering this as an infringement on their honor, the furious barristers reacted with a fierce account entitled Consideratien ende Grieven by de heeren Advocaten gemaeckt ... op ende jegens de Ordonnatie op het stuckvan haer luyden salaris ... (1692; Knuttel , 13806): meat and drink for Bidloo who immediately wrote this razor-sharp satire, anonymously printed without the name of the printer/publisher (probably it was he publisher/bookseller Meyndert Uytwerf at The Hague), in the form of a dialogue of a physician (Galanus) and a totally upset lawyer (barrister; Baldus).
With many contemporary marginal annotations, the Latin nicknames have been identified and the names of the actual barristers are written in the margins by a contemporary hand (as in more copies), f.e. Arminius Lanicutis Albus = Mr. Pieter Schaep; Pub. Acrimonius Voetianus = Mr. Surendonck; Pentadomus = Procureur Vijfhuysen, etc.. Also the Latin sentences and mottos are translated and the author is named on the title-page: auctor bedloo M.D.. Knuttel, 13808 (copy with manuscript annotations); Knuttel, Verboden boeken, 57; Knuttel, Govert Bidloo voor het gerecht, in: De Ned. Spectator, 17.6.1899, pp. 193-195; NNBW, 8, cols. 104-108; R. Krul, Rapport van de Commissie voor de gesch. Der geneesk. in Ned. ... Het Haagsche Chirurgijns-Gilde (1891), p. 416.
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