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Uphill! A collection of folders, brochures and books on mountaineering

[A collection of brochures and folders on mountaineering].
[Austria and Switzerland, ca. 1920- ca. 1980]. Ca. 653 brochures (including a few duplicates and variant issues).
With: [A collection of books relating to mountaineering].
[Globally, ca. 1830- ca. 2000]. Ca. 875 books (including a few duplicates and variant issues, and several multiple-volume titles).
€ 45,000
An extensive and wide-ranging collection of brochures, folders and books on climbing and hiking and all other aspects related to mountaineering mainly in the Central European mountain areas.
The brochures and folders concentrate on the decisive factor in that far-reaching process: the emergence of tourism. This part of the collection, comprised of 653 rare and beautiful designed travel brochures and folders, show a colorful and fascinating overview of summer tourism in the central European mountain areas (mainly Austria and Switzerland) as it developed since the 1920s: from an exclusive hiking and climbing area for the European elite during the first half of the 20th century, to the very popular and well facilitated commercial centers as we know the today. Many of these were designed by notable (poster) artists such as Herbert Matter (especially interesting because of the photomontage techniques used), Hubert Mumelter, Martin Peikert, Franz Stümvoll, Hans Thoni, and contain numerous photographs from leading photographers and various panorama's and maps by Josef Rueb, Heinrich Caesar Berann, Max Bieder, Füssli, Wolfgang Hausamann and A. Klopfenstein.
The book collection of ca. 875 pieces provides an comprehensive overview of climbing on all continents, most prominently in the Alps, the Andes, the Himalaya and the Karakoram. Except for numerous, well-documented narratives of the climbing expeditions of unexplored summits and other ascents in remote and little-known mountain wilderness since the 1850s, the collection zooms in on a broad range of related subjects. These include the mental and technical aspects of climbing, climbing equipment, the art of previewing and reading of available (and easiest) routes, climbing accommodations and mountain huts, as well as risk and safety. But also detailed physical and social geographical descriptions of the mountain area, its peoples, customs and architecture and the gradual opening up of the terrain.
This exceptional collection was brought together by the Dutch amateur-mountaineer Bastiaan Cornelis Pieter Hendrik van Baak, a fanatical climber and hiker since the early 1930s, fascinated and inspired by the overwhelming and ever challenging mountain world.

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