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Obligation contract for plantations in Essequebo and Demerary, signed during the zenith of the colonial plantation economy

CHANGUION, Daniel; Jan Wouter VALKENIER; Cornelis Jacob VAN DER LYN.
[Signed negotiation contract dated 1769 for an obligation of 1000 gulden for plantations in Rio Essequebo and Rio Demerary].
Amsterdam, 1 November 1769. Folio (42 x 26.5 cm). Disbound. [3], [1 blank] pp.
€ 675
Negotiation contract dated 1769, signed by the director Daniel Changuion and his commissioners Jan Wouter Valkenier and Cornelis Jacob van der Lyn, for an obligation of 1000 gulden for plantations in Rio Essequebo and Rio Demmerary. Essequebo, and Demerary which was part of Essequebo, was a Dutch colony from 1616 to 1814 and was part of the colonies which were also known as Dutch Guiana.
The whole financial system of these West-Indian obligations for the plantation owners was built on quicksand. Nevertheless, this obligation act reflects the optimistic zeitgeist of the 1769s, when the investments and obligations in the Dutch colonial plantations kept growing. Therefore this negotiation contract can be seen as an important document for the Dutch economical and colonial history.
With an owner's inscription in the right upper corner of the first page and a manuscript annotation on the last page: "Van 3. April 1793 betaald. 6 P. interest, in 10 Coup: af gegeven tot A[nno] 1803". Only with a few small tears on the former bindings places and on the outer edges of the folds. Otherwise in good condition. Cf. Van Stipriaan, Surinaams contrast: roofbouw en overleven in een Caraïbische plantagekolonie 1750-1863, pp. 205-225.
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