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Summary of the constitution of the Dutch Republic with the essential text in extenso

[BOXHORN, Marcus Zuerius van].
Verbetert en vermeerdert politijck en militair hantboecxken vanden staet der Geunieerde Provintien, aenwysende des selfs maniere van regieringe, veelvoudige middelen &c.
[Printed in Gouda, Willem van der Hoeve], 1674.Including: (2) MILITAIR repartitie-boeckjen, aenwijsende den staet des oorlogs der Geûnieerde Provincien. Als mede het getal der compagnyen, soo te paert als te voet, in des selfs dienst geweest zijnde, zedert den jare 1621. Den sesten druck.
[Printed in Gouda, Willem van der Hoeve, 1674?].
(3) ARTIKEL-BRIEF, ofte ordonnantie, op de discipline militaire. Met een bequaem register daer toe dienende.
[Printed in Gouda, Willem van der Hoeve, 1674?]. Woodcut ornament on title-page.3 texts in 1 volume. 12mo. With 3 title-pages (the 1st and 3rd each with a woodcut ornament), a divisional title-page for the text of the 1579 Union of Utrecht, 1 woodcut decorated initial and a few headpieces built up from cast typographic ornaments Verhandelinge vande Unie, ofte eeuwigh verbont, ende eendracht, and drop-title for the transcriptions of other documents. Contemporary overlapping vellum. [8], “300” [= 400]; 112; 20, [4] pp.
€ 1,650
Ad 1: The rarest of three known (probably simultaneous) issues of the sixth and last edition of an anonymous translation of Boxhorns Commentariolus de statu Confœderatarum Provinciarum Belgii. This important and very informative political manual was first published in Latin in 1649 (6th Latin edition 1668). The first Dutch edition was published in 1650 (4th in 1652, 5th in 1660). The other two issues of the 6th edition were published by its printer, Willem van der Hoeve in Gouda, and by Johannes Tongerloo in The Hague. All three include the Militair repartitie-boeckjen and Artikel-brief (scans of the Tongerloo issue at the Royal Library in The Hague omit the Artikel-brief, though the STCN implies that copy contains all three). Although the publisher of the present issue is unknown, all three issues are the same printing and the three parts are sufficiently uniform typographically that Van den Hoeve seems likely to have printed them all.
Addressing the main political issues in the seventeen century Dutch Republic, the book provides a summary of the constitution of the Republic discussing provincial sovereignty, issues of state and church government, international relationships, economics, the practice of governance and the function of the stadholder, etc.
Ad 2: The incorporated Militair repartitie-boeckjen (but with a separate title and pagination) includes an exact division of the total costs among the United Provinces in percentages, an account of the expenses paid for the army (1603-32), the "repartitie" of costs (some for the years 1621 and 1626). including lists of the salaries payed, oaths, etc.
Ad 3: Ordonnance on military discipline, composed for the Councils of State ("Ter ordonnantie van de Raden van Staten") by the secretary of the Stadholder William of Orange, Christiaan Huygens (the father of Constantijn and grandfather of the famous scientist Christian Huygens) in 1590. The book closes with a 4-page table of contents.
Faint water stains in the head margin towards the end, but still in good condition. Ad 1: Van Doorninck II, 1577; STCN 111887194 (1 copy); cf. Klashorst, Blom & Haitsma Mulier 154 (1st ed.); ad 2: Van Doorninck II, 3142; STCN 111887194 (1 copy); Ad 3: STCN 111887194 (1 copy); not in Van Doorninck; for Boxhorn: NNBW VI, col. 178.
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