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Military History / Military History up to 1700

Three letters written in 1539 on the Ottoman threat in the Mediterranean

[LETTERS]. ALVAREZ DE TOLEDO, Pedro and Maria OSORIO Y PIMENTEL. [Three letters to Ferrante Gonzaga, Viceroy of Sicily, two from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo and one from his wife Maria Osorio y Pimentel].
Andria (in the Kingdom of Naples), 13 August to 10 September 1539. Folio (21.5 x 30 cm).
(1) Letter in Italian, signed, from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo in Andria to Ferrante Gonzaga, 13 August 1539, with a 23 mm seal bearing Alvarez de Toledo's coat of arms (with a chain of flags) stamped on a slip of paper attached with red wax.
(2) Letter in Spanish, signed, from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo in Andria to Ferrante Gonzaga, 3 September 1539, with the 45 mm imperial armorial seal stamped on a slip of paper attached with red wax.
(3) Letter in Italian, signed, from Maria Osorio y Pimentel [in Andria] to Ferrante Gonzaga, 10 September 1539, with the remains of what appears to be her husband's 23 mm red wax seal.
Each letter, in brown ink, occupies one page, with the last page containing the address and the sender's seal. The two inside pages of the second and third letter are blank. Each formerly folded for posting, so that the address would have appeared on one side and the seal on the other. [4]; [4]; [2] pp. including blanks. Full description
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Oblong handbook of fortification design

BEHR, Johann Heinrich. Der aufs Neu-verschantzte Turenne oder gründlich alt- und neue Kriegs-Bau-Kunst.
Frankfurt and Leipzig, widow of Reinhard Wächtler, printed by Christoph Balthasar Lampe, 1690. Oblong 8vo (11 x 17 cm). With engraved frontispiece and 32 engraved plates. Contemporary calf. [3], [1 blank], [20], 616 pp. Full description
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Rare pamphlet on the capitulation of Bonn

[BONN]. Kurtze Relation, was massen die Meuterey unnd unerhörte Verrhäterey, schändtlich Ubergebung der Statt Bon[n] und lieferung des Herren Obersten, Herrn Carlen des heyligen römischen Reichs Erbtruckses, ... auch andern Befelchshabern, sich zugetragen.
"Edenberg" [= Basel?], 1584. Small 4to (18.5 x 14.5 cm). With an arabesque decoration on title-page (plus 1 repeat as a tailpiece) and a woodcut gothic decorated initial. Sewn. [12] ll. Full description
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Two beautiful print series of landscapes, fortifications, etc.: drawing lessons
by Callot, Silvestre and others

CALLOT, Jacques. Livre des paysages de Callot. Propre à la noblesse et aux ingenieurs pour apprendre a dessiner à la plume avec liberté, et en peu de temps.
Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [1691/1703?]. 2 works in 1 volume. Oblong small folio (18.5 x 25 cm). A series of 22 numbered engraved (mostly etched) prints, including the title-page with the title in a cartouche (1) the 2-leaf "Avertissement" (2-3), and 19 views (4-22), with landscapes and scenery, after designs by Jacques Callot.
With: (2) SILVESTRE, Israel. Leçons données aux pages du Roy, par le Sr. Silvestre, pour apprendre a dessigner la fortification, le paysage, &c.
Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [1691/1703?]. A series of 22 engraved (mostly etched) prints (numbered in manuscript) plus the engraved title-page with the title in a cartouche, the prints showing fortifications, city views, horses, a cannon, etc. by or after the designs of Israel Silvestre, engraved by François Noblesse, after the designs of Callot, Louis François Collignon and others.
Contemporary mottled calf, sewn on 5 cords, gold-tooled spine. Full description
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Contemporary accounts of two power struggles, in Italy and in the Low Countries

CAPELLA, Galeazzo Flavio. De rebus nuper in Italia gestis [in the running heads: "De bello Mediolanensi"] libro octo ...
(Colophon: Antwerp, Maarten de Keyser), 1533.
With: (2) SERVILIUS, Johannes (Jan KNAAP). Geldrogallica conjuratio in totius Belgicae clarissimam civitatem Antverpiam, duce Martino Rosheymio, ...
Augsburg, Heinrich Steiner, 1544. 2 works in 1 volume. Small 8vo (15 x 10 cm). Contemporary vellum wrappers, with 2 fragments of the March and April calendar leaf (in red and black) of a manuscript Missale romanum (ca. 1475/1500?) used as end leaves. 96; [44] ll. Full description
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First European biography of Timur derived from an Arabic source

DU BEC-CRESPIN, Jean. The historie of the great emperour Tamerlan wherein are expressed, encounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, assaults, skalings, taking of cities and strong places, defended, and assaulted, with diverse stratagems of warre, the which this great and renowned warriour hath conducted and accomplished, during his raigne of fortie or fiftie yeares: with other instructions for the warre, which should not be unknowen of them that would attaine unto the knowledge of armes. Drawen from the auncient monuments of the Arabians, by messire Jean du Bec, abbot of Mortimer. Newly translated out of French into English, for their benefite which are ignorant in that language. by H.M.
London, R. Field for Willam Ponsonby, 1597. 4to. With a woodcut device on the title-page, woodcut initials, head- and tail-pieces.17th-century calf, 19th century gold-tooled spine. [4], 265, [1] pp. Full description
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The universal art of fortification

[DUBREUIL, Jean], Sieur de Bitainvieu. L'art universel des fortifications, Francoises, Holandoises, Espagnoles, Italiennes, et composées. Avec l'art d'attaquer les places fortifiées par les surprises & par la force, & aussi de défendre les places fortifiées contre les surprises & contre la force, par le Sieur de Bitainvieu.
Paris, Jacques Dubrueil, 1674 [=1667]. 6 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved general frontispiece by Jean Le Pautre (1618-1682), 6 engraved frontispieces for the 6 parts, the first 4 by Jean Le Paultre and the last 2 by Noel Cochin (1622-1695) after Ferrand, and many illustrations of military perspective, plans of fortifications, instruments of attack and defence of fortifications, etc. on 125 full-page engraved plates in the text, several plates in part V signed by R. Coquin. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine, with title in gold in second compartment, marbled edges. [36], 2; 133 (with the text and the corresponding plate numbered the same); 117, [3] pp. Full description
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92 documents concerning the army and navy of the Dutch Republic during its golden age

[ORDINANCES - DUTCH REPUBLIC]. Recueil van verscheyde placaten, ordonantien, resolutien, instructien, ordres en lysten, etc. betreffende de saacken van den oorlogh, te water en te lande.
The Hague, Jacob Scheltus, Aelbrecht Hendriksz, the heirs of Hillebrandt Jacobsz van Wouw, Paulus Scheltus, 1591-1716. 4to. With woodcut publishers' devices, title vignettes and decorated initials. Vellum over boards, manuscript title on spine, remains of green ties. [8], [ca. 780] pp. containing 92 numbered items (2 folding). Full description
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