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Indian painting of a falcon, showing Mughal influences

[A domestic falcon].
[India, early 20th century]. Folio card (38.5 x 28 cm). Ink and gouache central painting of a falcon, with 24 smaller bird paintings in the elaborate border, painted on paper mounted on paperboard. Matted, framed and glazed.
€ 3,500
Fine painting with Mughal influences, showing a gold-coloured domestic falcon, loosely tied to an elegant, decorated outdoor stand with a waterlily pond forming a background. With four decorative painted borders in various colours and gold, showing various floral and other motifs. The wide outermost border gives the illusion of a mosaic wall behind the painting and other borders. It is executed in the traditional Mughal geometric tiling pattern of 8-pointed stars separated by crosses, each each of the 24 stars containing a small colour painting of a bird, including some from the heron and pigeon families.
An extremely attractive falcon painting in Mughal style, in fine condition.
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