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Early Printing & Manuscripts / 15th Century

Venetian incunable in a contemporary richly blind-tooled (Venetian?) binding with Islamic influences:
the 3rd edition (1498) of Thomas Aquinas on the epistles of Saint Paul

AQUINAS, Thomas. Sancti Thome de Aquino super epistolas Pauli. Super epistolas Sancti Pauli[.] Co[m]mentaria preclarissima. Cum tabula ordinatissima. [= In omnes epistolas Pauli].
[Colophon:] Venice, Bonetus Locatellus for Octavianus Scotus, 22 December 1498. Folio (32.5 x 22.5 cm). Printed in two columns. Contemporary Venetian(?) blind-tooled, blackened tanned calf over bevelled wooden boards [12], 260, [1] ll. Full description
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Incunable on poisons, using various Arabic sources

ARDUINO, Sante. [Incipit:] Incipit liber de venenis ...
(Colophon: Venice, Bernardino Rizzo, 1492). Folio (42 x 28 cm). Set in in 2 columns in 2 sizes of rotunda gothic types, with spaces left for numerous 3-line and 4-line and a few larger initials (with printed guide letters), none filled in. Modern black- and gold-tooled calf. [4], 101, [1] ll. Full description
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Incunable: first edition of any part of the most important work of William of Auvergne (ca. 1180-1249),
printed by Günther Zainer

ALVERNUS, Guillelmus (William of AUVERGNE). Libri ... de fide et legibus.
[Augsburg, Günther Zainer, ca. 1475/1476]. Small folio. Set in a hybrid roman type with gothic elements (a single column of 43 lines per page plus running heads), with the first 3 lines, including the title, in a slightly larger rotunda gothic. With all initials supplied in manuscript in red, rubricated throughout. Contemporary, richly blind-tooled vellum over wooden boards, two brass clasps, blue edges, "Nr. 56" in red ink written at the foot of the spine. [139] ll. Full description
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First edition of the so-called Golden Bible, by the Augsburg Benedictine Abbeys printing office
set in nearly the first (and the best early) roman printing type north of the Alps
Robert Proctors copy, with generous margins

[BINDO GUERRI of Siena] with a prologue by Antonius de RAMPIGOLLIS. Reportatorium Biblie aureum [= Biblia aurea].
[Augsburg], [printing office of the Abbey of Saints Ulrich and Afra], [in the period 1473 to early 1475]. Chancery (Foolscap) folio (28 x 22 cm). With the title in a note following the prologue, at the foot of the first page (and abbreviated at the end of the book), a 2-page alphabetical table of contents and the main text comprising 139 entries.
Burgundy goatskin morocco (ca. 1890?). With the armorial bookplate of Robert Proctor. [231], [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Early incunable from Augsburg with wonderful initials, a famous exegetic work by Holzinger who influenced Dante's "Purgatorio"

BONAVENTURA (pseudo) [= Conradus de SAXONIA]. Speculum beate Marie virginis: compilatum ab humili fratre Bonauentura.
Augsburg, Anton Sorg, 1476. Folio (26.5 x 21.2 cm). Set in a Gothic letter in 40 lines to the page, printed in 1 column. Rubricated throughout. With a large Maiblumen woodcut-initial and 16 smaller initials (of which 11 hand-coloured in red). Modern vellum, with a manuscript title on the spine. [48] ll. Full description
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6th edition (the last in the authors lifetime) of sermons by a rabble-rousing preacher of 15th-century Italy in richly blind-tooled Bavarian pigskin (ca. 1500), the 5th known binding by this workshop

CARACCIOLUS, Robertus. Sermones per adventu[m] domini cu[m] multis aliis inclusis. sermocionanti per utiles. famosissimi predicatoris Maiistri Ruberti de Licio Italici ordinis minoru[m]. [= Sermones de adventu, Sermo de S. Joseph, Sermo de Beatitudine, Sermones de divina caritate, Sermones de immortalitate animae].
Including: BOLLANI, Dominico (Dominicus BOLLANUS). De co[n]ceptione gloriosissime Virginis Marie [= De conceptione Beatae Virginis Mariae].
[Strasbourg, Martin Schott, 1484]. Small (Chancery) folio mostly in 8s (28.5 x 20.5 cm). Printed in 2 columns, set in 2 sizes of rotunda gothic type that Schott used for the first time in the present publication. With spaces left (without guide letters) for perhaps a hundred 3-line and dozens of larger manuscript initials, not filled in in the present copy.
Near contemporary (ca. 1500?), richly blind-tooled pigskin over square-edge boards (Eindbanddatenbank workshop w002296, active in Bavaria ca. 1473(?)-1502). With the remains of one strap-fastening (brass anchor-plate, remnants of the alum-tawed leather strap, but catchplate and clasp lost), blue-green edges. Vellum manuscript waste used for reinforcement, showing bits of Isaias 5:8-26 from a Vulgate Bible in a large textura hand. [100], [17], [1 blank] ll. Full description
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First edition of six philosophical works, printed in the world's first roman type

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De fato.
(2) IDEM. De petitione consulatus ad. M. Tullium fratrem.
(3) IDEM. Pars libelli Ciceronis de philosophia.
(4) IDEM. De essentia mundi sive in Timeo Platonis.
(5) IDEM. Academicarum questionum sive hortensii.
(6) IDEM. Dialogi de legibus.[= De Legibus (in 3 books)].
(Colophon:) Rome, Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, 20 September 1471. 6 works in 1 volume Folio (32 x 23 cm). Set in the first roman type (115 mm/20 line), first used in 1467. With 7 of the 8 spaces left for 7-line initial letters filled in with so-called Lombardic (Uncial-like) capitals in red ink with open decorations, and the beginning of most sentences rubricated. 18th-century half gold-tooled mottled goatskin, marbled paper over boards, with a red morocco title-label on the spine. [13]; [12]; [11]; [12]; [47]; [52], [1 blank] pp. Full description
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1486 edition of the most influential work about Mediaeval liturgy
in contemporary blind-tooled pigskin for Georg Waser, a patron of the Scheyern Abbey

DURAND, Guillaume (Guillelmus DURANDUS or DURANTI). Rationale divinorum officiorum.
Strasbourg, [Johann Prüss], 1486. Chancery folio (32.5 x 22 cm). Printed in 2 columns, with 48 lines to the column. Set in 2 sizes of rotunda gothic types, Prüss types 2 (180G) and 3 (90G), with spaces left (some with and some without printed guide letters) for manuscript initials (1 8-line, 2 7-line, 4 6-line, 3 5-line and numerous 3- and 4-line). From the beginning to h3r these spaced have been filled in with manuscript lombardic initials in red and the text has been rubricated (the first fifth of the book). Contemporary blind-tooled pigskin over wooden (beechwood?) boards by an Augsburg bindery (Eindbanddatenbank workshop w002998, active ca. 1488-1497). [3], 272 ll. Full description
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