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Autographs, Documents & Manuscripts / Logbooks

Ship's journal from Seychelles and Madagascar, with numerous maps and earlier illustrated anatomical lecture notes

[MANUSCRIPT - SHIP'S JOURNAL]. MORSE, Edward George. A journal of remarks and observations as kept by E. G. M. . ..
[mostly on board the barque Sarah of London], April 1831-14 March 1833 (with additions to 1835). with an engraved view as frontispiece, 15 full-page, 1 nearly full-page and 1 smaller manuscript maps and coastal profiles, plus a small engraved view ("Tomb of Napoleon") mounted on 1 page.
Including: MORSE, Edward George. Lecture Book [notes on anatomical lectures by Joseph Constantine Carpue].
[London], November-December 1828. with a matching pair of engravings of a scull on and facing the title-page, and 27 pencil and/or ink anatomical drawings (including 2 full-page), some also with red. 4to (19.5×16.5 cm). Contemporary sheepskin parchment. [191] ll. Including paste-downs and about 55 blanks. Full description
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Original logs and journals of South American voyages 1857-1860, with 8 sea charts (with routes) and about 23 views (many in colour)

SNEYD-KYNNERSLEY, Thomas Alfred. Log of H.M.S. Cumberland [commanded by] Captain J.B. Dickson bearing the flag of Rear Admiral Provo W.P. Wallis, ... commencing 5th April 1857, ending 30th April 1858.
(2) SNEYD-KYNNERSLEY, Thomas Alfred. Log of H.M.S. Siren . 16 guns, commanded from May 1st to May 8th 1858 by Captain J.H. Selwyn, from May 9th 1858 to [27th July 1858] by Com[ande]r G.M. Balfour.
(3) SNEYD-KYNNERSLEY, Thomas Alfred. Journal of T.A. Sneyd Kynnersley acting mate H.M.S. Siren, 16 [guns], commencing July 28 1858, ending [11 April 1860].
[In the Atlantic, along the European, African and especially the South American coasts, 1857-1860]. Small folio (32 x 20.5 cm). Three English manuscript ships' logs written in a single album in black ink on laid paper with a blue cast, with 3 hand-lettered title-pages, 2 sea charts showing the routes and 8 colour views (in watercolour, coloured pencil and sepia and black ink, mostly ships on the South American coast, but also camps) are drawn on 9 separate leaves, and 6 sea charts showing the routes and about 15 views drawn directly on the album leaves, mostly in black ink, but including a colour plan of one of the ships. Contemporary black half sheepskin. [215 (including 5 blank)], [117 blank] pp. Full description
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Ships log of the HMS Stately, serving in the British campaign against Napoleon in the Mediterranean,
including the Battle of Alexandria

[MANUSCRIPT - SHIP'S LOG]. WISE, Samuel. Journal of the proceedings on board His Majestys Ship Stately[,] George Scott Esq. Captain[,] commencing September 14th 1799[,] ending September 20th 1800. [Vol. 2:] ... commencing September 21st 1800, and ending November 7th 1801. [Vol. 3:] ... commencing November the 8th 1801, ending the 9th July 1803.
[Mediterranean], 1800-1803. 3 volumes. Small folio (32 x 21 cm). Manuscript in ink on laid paper, with 3 coastal views in ink, including Tunis and the island of Stromboli. Contemporary wrappers (the first volume in marbled paper, the second in plain paper, and the third in marbled paper with a stiff paperboard wrapper over it), kept in a modern brown half morocco clamshell box. [1], [3 blank], [1], 87 pp.; [1], 38, [1]; [2], 43 ll. Full description
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