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Low Countries / Antwerp

First official Antwerp pharmacopoeia

[ANTWERP - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [BOUDEWIJNS, Michiel, and others]. Pharmacia Antverpiensis galeno-chymica.
Antwerp, Joris Willemsens I, 1660. 4to. With an integral engraved architectural title-page by Petrus van Caukercken after Abraham van Diepenbeeck, letterpress title-page with a woodcut decoration, a divisional title for part 2, woodcut tailpieces, woodcut decorated initials. Set in roman and italic, with incidental Greek, textura and pharmacological signs. 18th-century vellum, faded manuscript title on spine. [1], [1 blank], [46], “285” [= 281], [32], [1 blank] pp. Full description
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2nd known copy of the only Antwerp edition (1652) of Colom’s 1635 atlas of the Low Countries

[ATLAS - LOW COUNTRIES]. [COLOM, Jacob Aertsz.]. La description de XVII. Provinces, avec les Terres Circonvoicins, a Scavoir Champagnie, Picardie, Liege, Retelle, &c.
Antwerp, Jan Huyssens, 1652. 4to (18 x 14.5 cm). With a double-page letterpress title-page, with a frame built up from typographic ornaments, and 39 unnumbered double-page engraved maps of the northern and southern Low Countries by Jacob Aertsz. Colom, each map coloured in outline. Interleaved with 38 blank leaves and with a manuscript table of contents ([3], [3 blank] pp.) at the end. Later 17th-century mottled calf. Double-page title-page and 39 double-page maps. Full description
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Emblems based on nature as the teacher of men

CASTRO, Joannes à (Jean van der BORCHT). Zedighe sinne-belden ghetrocken uit den on-gheschreven boeck van den aerdt der schepselen, met korte aen-merckinghen, op de deughden ende de sonden oft dat tot de selve verweckt, verdeelt in twee deelen.
Antwerp, Joannes van Soest, 1694. 8vo. With richly engraved allegorical frontispiece and 100 finely engraved half-page emblems, all by Gaspar Bouttats. Further with 3 woodcut tailpieces, three woodcur decorated initials (1 series) and an occasional decoration built up from typographic ornaments Contemporary mottled tanned sheepskin. [24], 316, [10], [2 blank] pp. Full description
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Genealogy of the seven patrician families of Antwerp

CHRISTYN, Johannes-Baptista. Senatus populique Antverpiensis. Nobilitas sive septem tribus patriciae Antverpienses.
Leiden, Petrus Heghius [printed in Brussels by Philippe Vleugart], 1672. 8vo. With an allegorical frontispiece showing a personification of time accompanying the crests of the seven houses above personifications of the Scheldt and the city of Antwerp and 7 engraved coatsofarms in text. Modern half parchment, red paste paper sides. [10], 55 pp. Full description
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One of the 200 special copies issued for the Antwerp magistrates
of this monumental work on the Splendid Entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria
into Antwerp (1635), after designs by Rubens

GEVAERTS, Jean Gaspard (Caspar GEVARTIUS) and Pieter Paul RUBENS. Pompa introitus honori serenissimi principis Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum Infantis S.R.E. Card. Belgarum et Burgundionum Gubernatoris etc. a S.P.Q. Antwerp. Decreta et adornata. ...
Antwerp, Theodoor van Tulden (colophon: printed by Jan van Meurs, 1641), [published January 1643]. Royal 1mo (full-sheet leaves) (57 x 42 cm). With a letterpress half-title and XXXIX single-page, double-page and larger folding plates (numbered I-XXXIX in the table of plates, printed and assembled from 43 copper plates numbered [1]-[2], 3-43) depicting the rich allegorical and ornamental triumphal arches and festive decorations, paintings, statues, etc., all designed by Pieter Paul Rubens, all but one for the triumphal entry of the Spanish cardinal-infante Ferdinand into Antwerp in 1635. Further with 46 smaller engravings in the text, depicting coins and medals, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series). Contemporary overlapping vellum, manuscript title on spine. [10], 189, [13] pp. plus 38 plates. Full description
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Antwerp celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, commemorating the Battle of Lepanto (1571)

[MARITIME HISTORY]. Beschryving van de konstryke verciering en voortreffelyken toestel, ... ter gelegentheyd van het twee honderd-jaerig jubilé van de ... victorie, ... over een veel talryker Turksche vloot by Lepanten in 't jaer 1571. den 7. October, gemeenelijk genaemd, den zeeslag van Don Jean, van Oostenrijk, ... van den 6. tot den 13. October, van dit ... jubeljaer [chronogram 1771].
Antwerp, Pieter Johannes Parys, (approbation: 1771). 4to. With 3 engraved illustrations in the text. Lacking the integral frontispiece. 19th-century chemical-marbled glazed paper wrappers. 79, [1] pp., lacking frontispiece (pp. 1-2). Full description
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Most complete set known of the extremely rare series of laudatory poems by the first Dutch Renaissance poet

NOOT, Jan van der. De poeticsche werken van mijn Heer vander Noot. Les oeuvres poetiques du Sr. Jan vander Noot.
Antwerp, Daniel Vervliet and Arnout Coninx (shared printing), "1594" [=1588-1595]. Folio. With the general title-page bearing Vervliets 1594 imprint, the only part-title (for the Inkomste bifolium) bearing sConincxs 1594 imprint, 7 small bust portraits, 2 portraits of the author, 10 small rectangular illustrations, 2 medium illustrations and 8 full-page illustrations (on integral leaves), all woodcut, some (and the 2 title-pages) in architectural and/or arabesque woodcut frames. The text is variously set in 1, 2 or 3 columns, sometimes even mixing them on one page, each page in a frame (made partly from rules) and with the running titles in Dutch and French at the foot of the page. An occasional bifolium includes a woodcut decorated initial. The text, in Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, and Greek, is set in dozens of roman, italic, textura, civilité, fraktur and Greek printing types plus interlaced typographic capitals and arabesque typographic ornaments. Blind-tooled calf (ca. 1725/30?) by the so-called "Minnewit" bindery in Amsterdam, sewn on 6 supports, each board with two double-fillet frames, the inner field sprinkled and the outer field blackened, with a large centrepiece and 2 different corner pieces, the smaller inside and the larger outside each corner of the inner frame, headbands in red and green, red sprinkled edges, plain endpapers. [102] ll. Full description
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The snow sculptures of Antwerp

[PAUWELS, Jan Antoon Frans]. Berigt, van constig-gemaeckte sneeuwe beelden van half Januario tot het begin Februarii tot Antwerpen gezien . . .
Antwerp, Joannes Petrus de Cort, 1772. 4to. With title-page in a geometric border built up from cast fleurons and each page in a thick-thin border built up from cast units. 19th-century(?) decorated cloth, modern endpapers. 30 pp. Full description
€ 1,600
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