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Natural History / Herbals & Medical Plants

Declaring Arabic medicinal plants “pernicious and venomous” for Europeans

CHAMPIER, Symphorien. Hortus Gallicus, pro Gallis in Gallia scriptus, veruntamen non minus Italis, Germanis, & Hispanis, qua[m] Gallis necessarius. ...
-Campus Elysius Galliae Amoenitate refertus: in quo sunt medicinæ compositæ, herbæ & plantæ virentes: in quo quicquid apud Indos, Arabes, & Poenos reperitur, ...
-Periarchon id est de principiis utriusque philosophiae, ...
Lyon, Melchior & Gaspar Trechsel, 1533. 3 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With 3 title-pages each with the same woodcut device, the woodcut arms of Champier and Terrail (Champier's wife) in mirror image (plus 2 repeats), the Terrail arms at the end, 14 woodcut decorated initials plus 9 repeats, and a vine-leaf ornament. Gold-tooled red goatskin morocco by Hippolyte Duru for Joachim Gomez de la Cortina, Marqués de Morante, each board with Morante's crowned coat of arms and his crowned JGC cipher monogram in each of the four corners and 3 of the 6 spine compartments. Full description
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One of the earliest herbals with etched plates

COLONNA, Fabio. [In Greek: Phytobasanos] sive plantarum aliquot historia in qua describuntur diversi generis plantae veriores, ac magis facie, viribúsque respondentes antiquorum Theophrasti, Dioscoridis Plinii, Galeni, aliorúmque delineationibus, ab aliis hucusque non animadversae. ... etiam piscium aliquot, plantarúmque novarum historia eodem auctore.
Naples, Horatio Salviani, Jacobus Carlino and Antonius Pace, 1592. 4to. With Salviani's woodcut device on title-page, 37 full-page etched botanical and ichthyological illustrations on integral leaves (8 x 13 cm), 33 of plants & 4 of fish and other marine species, each in a border built up from cast fleurons and rules, dozens of woodcut decorated initials (4 series) and further decorations built up from cast fleurons. Set in roman types with the preliminaries in italic and several passages in Greek. Gold-tooled brown calf (ca. 1700?), sprinkled edges. Full description
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First Italian edition of a pioneering work on medicinal plants in Asia & America

COSTA, Cristóvão da (Cristóbal ACOSTA). Trattato ... della historia, natura, et virtu delle droghe medicinali, & altri semplici rarissimi, che vengono portati dalle Indie Orientali in Europa, con le figure delle piante ritratte, & disegnate dal vivo poste a' luoghi proprii. Nuovamente recato dalla Spanuola nella nostra lingua.
Venice, Francesco Ziletti, 1585. 4to. With 45 nearly full-page woodcuts of plants, 2 nearly full-page woodcuts of two Indian elephants. A few woodcuts of plants (leaves) have been simply coloured by a contemporary hand. Recased in early limp sheepskin parchment. New endpapers. Full description
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Plants and dyes

DE BEUNIE, Joannes Baptista. Antwoord op de vraege welk zyn de profytelykste planten van dit land, ende welk is hun gebruyk zoo in de medicynen als in andere konsten.
(2) DU RONDEAU, François. Mémoires sur la question: quelles sont les plantes les plus utiles des Pays-Bas, & que lest leur usage dans la medicine & dans les arts.
(3) DE BEUNIE, Joannes Baptista. Antwoord op de vraege welk is de beste ende onkostbaerste maniere van vlasse gaeren ende andere vegitabile stoffen swert te verwen, …
Brussels, Antonius d’Ours, 1772. 3 works in 1 volume. 4to. Modern blue paper wrappers. Full description
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Popular work with many medicinal and household recipes, also including Kircher on magnetism

DIGBY, Kenelm, Nicolaus PAPINIUS and Athanasius KIRCHER. Theatrum sympateticum, ofte wonder toneel der natuurs verborgentheden. ... Benevens twee waardige vervolgen, van veele zeldsame antipathien en sympathien. Als mede, hoe dat de dieren, planten, metalen, &c. zonder zaad of voortteelinge konnen voort komen, ... Vierde druk.
Amsterdam, Nicolaas ten Hoorn, 1727. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece by Jan Luyken. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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A curious history of tobacco

[GAVELLI, Niccolo]. Storia distinta, e curiosa del tabacco concernente la sua scoperta, la introduzione in Europa, e la maniere di coltivarlo,...
Pesaro, Niccolo Gavelli, 1758. 8vo. With the title-page in first issue with “copiosa” (for “curiosa”) corrected with a slip reading “cur” pasted over the first three letters. Contemporary gold-tooled calf. Full description
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Hand-coloured plates of 96 plants and flowers,
with comments on their medicinal properties

GOOD, Peter Peyto. Good's family flora. A materia medica botanica, containing the botanical analysis, natural history, and chemical and medical properties of plants.
[Volume 1]: New York, J.K. Wellman (back of title-page: S.W. Benedict), 1845; [Volume 2]: Elizabethtown, by the author, [1847]. 2 volumes. 8vo. With a tinted lithographed frontispiece in each volume and 98 hand-coloured lithographed plates. Contemporary blind-blocked black cloth. Full description
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The 16 original watercolour drawings for Halle’s 1784 book of poisonous plants

[HALLE, Johann Samuel]. [Drawings for Die deutsche Giftpflanzen].
[Berlin, ca. 1784]. 8vo. Complete set of 16 watercolour botanical drawings for Halle's 1784 publication, each in a thin black-line border with the German plant name in black ink inside the frame at the foot (in 6 cases also the number of the intended facing page) and the intended plate number in the upper right corner. The Latin names have been added in pencil below the borders.
With: (2) HALLE, Johann Samuel. Die deutsche Giftpflanzen, .... [Erster-]Zweyter Theil.
Berlin, Wilhelm Oehmigke the younger, 1794-1795. 8vo. 2 volumes bound as 1. With 16 (volume 1) and 8 (volume 2) engraved plates, coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary tanned half sheepskin. Full description
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