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Natural History / Horticulture & Forestry

Classic work on garden architecture, with 190 hand-coloured engraved plates

LAAR, Gijsbert van. Magazijn van tuin-sieraaden. Of verzameling van modellen van aanleg en sieraad, voor groote en kleine lust-hoven, voornamelijk van dezulke die, met weinig kosten, te maaken zijn.
Amsterdam, Jacobus de Ruyter, [1819]. 4to. With an engraved title-page with a hand-coloured illustration and 190 engraved plates, all coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf. Full description
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On the cultivation of fruit trees and the the planning of a herb and flower garden

[LE GENDRE, Antoine]. Der curieuse Pfropff- und Oculir-Meister, so da anweiset, wie eine vollkommene Baum-Schule und Pflantz-Garten anzulegen, und zu unterhalten sey, … Deme noch beygefüget der wohl untersuchte Kraut- und Blumen-Gärtner.
Hannover and Wolfenbüttel, Gottfried Freytag, 1702. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. With engraved frontispiece. Contemporary half vellum, recased with modern endpapers. Full description
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Rare complete run with ca. 1500 coloured plates

LEMAIRE, Charles, Jean Jules LINDEN and others. L'Illustration horticole, [in volume 1-16 followed by:] journal special des serres et des jardins, … [vols. 17-33:] revue mensuelle des serres et des jardins …  [vols. 34-40:] revue mensuelle des plantes les plus remarquables …[vols. 41-43:] journal populaire de l'horticulture dans toutes ses branches.
Ghent, Gyselynck, Meyer-Van Loo and VanderHaegen, 1854-1896. 43 volumes. Large 8vo (vols. 1-39 & 41-43) & folio (vols. 34-40). With a total of 1551 plates, including 1495 numbered, mostly chromolithographed but in the earlier volumes also frequently lithographs coloured by hand, several uncoloured and some tinted lithographs, including single-page, folding and double-page plates. Further with numerous illustrations in text. Most of the plates were made by J.L. Goffart, P. De Pannemaeker and L. Stroobant after A. Goossens, P. Stroobant and P. De Pannemaeker. Contemporary brown (1-11), red/brown (12-14), black (15-16), black (34-40) and dark brown (41-43) half sheepskin and brown half cloth (17-33). Full description
€ 38,500
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Set of 67 stunning colour orchid drawings from Petschkau (Pecky) castle in Bohemia

MASCHEK, Caroline. 67 studies of orchids.
Cervené Pechy (Bohemia), 1885-1889. 67 drawings of orchids in coloured gouaches on thin laminated board, mostly with a smooth grey surface (32 x 24 cm; the painted images about 14 to 28 cm tall), most captioned with the Latin name, place of origin, name of a botanical collection or reference and the month of the drawing. Some drawings dated and monogrammed by the artist. Each drawing with a tissue attached to the back to protect the next drawing in the stack. The drawings loose in a half red morocco clamshell box. Full description
€ 48,000
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The most important early Dutch book on hunting

MERULA, Paulus. Placaten ende ordonnancien op 't stuck vande wildernissen.
The Hague, Beuckel Cornelisz. Nieulandt, 1605. 3 parts in 1 volume. Small folio (31 x 20 cm). With attractive engraved title-page (showing Diana, goddess of the hunt, a hunter and a falconer surrounding an elaborate cartouche together with hounds, birds of prey, and prey) and 2 double-page woodcut plates showing the castles of Teylingen and Warmond. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 9,500
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Early work on flower gardening

MORIN, Pierre. Remarques necessaires pour la culture des fleurs. Diligemment observées ... Avec un catalogue des plantes rares qui se trouvent à present dans son jardin.
Paris, Charles de Sercy, 1658. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
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Beautiful engraved views of Heemstede castle and gardens

MOUCHERON, Isaac de. Plusieurs belles, et plaisante veües et la cour de Heemstede, dans la Province d'Utrecht. | Verscheyde schoone en vermaakelyke gezigten van Heemstede, gelegen in de Provintie van Utrecht.
[Amsterdam], Hendrik de Leth, [ca. 1731/40]. Oblong 4to. With 26 numbered engraved plates, including the title-page. Slightly later half cloth. Full description
€ 2,750
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Practical manual for the cultivation of flowers and fruit trees, with frontispiece and 5 plates

OOSTEN, Hendrik van. De Neederlandsen hof, beplant met bloemen, ooft en orangerijen; ... Den tweeden druk.
With: (2) OOSTEN, Hendrik van. Register van alle de soorten der voornaamste vrugten, ... Dito een register van alle de saaden, behoorende tot de moestuinery. ...
Leiden, “voor den uitgeever” [= Hendrik van Oosten], sold by Johannes Du Vivié and Isaac Severinus, 1703. Small 8vo & large 16mo. With an engraved frontispiece after Jan Goeree by P. Sluyter, and 5 engraved plates. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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Extremely rare work on the cultivation of roses in North Africa, printed in Tunisia

PILE, Alfred. Culture pratique du rosier dans l'Afrique du Nord. ... augmenté d'une notice: les ennemis du rosier par Théophile Pagliano.
Tunis, G. Finzi, [1926]. 8vo. With numerous illustrations in text, including botanical drawings and reproductions of photographs, some full-page, and 2 folding plates. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers, with advertisements printed on the paste-down. Full description
€ 475
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