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112 photographs of Cairo and Egypt
by two of the most distinguished photographers of the Muslim world

BÉCHARD, Henri and Pascal SEBAH.

[Binding title:] Egypten.
[Cairo & Istanbul, ca. 1870-1880]. 3 oblong photo albums (31 x 45 cm), containing 112 stunning photographs of Egypt (mostly measuring: 20.5 x 26.5 cm, some slightly smaller: 20 x 25 cm and some slightly larger: 26.5 x 21 cm), all mounted paperdboard leaves measuring 30 x 42 cm. 49 photos are signed, in the negatives, by Béchard, 35 by Sebah and 28 are unsigned, and several have numbers and titles as well. The photographs in each volume are numbered in a later hand on the leaves (48, "19"[=21], 43). Near contemporary gold-tooled black half morocco; kept in matching half morocco boxes.

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€ 95,000
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With the text printed in gold and bound by the most important Dutch bindery of the 18th century

[BIBLE - DUTCH - MINIATURE]. Kern des Bybels.
The Hague, Antony de Groot and sons, 1750. 128mo (binding 4.5 x 3.0 x 1.0 cm). With text printed in gold, title-page printed in gold, red and black with woodcut device, woodcut frontispiece, 6 full-page (3.3 x 1.6 mm!) woodcut illustrations, and headpieces built up from fleurons. The drop-titles of the five chapters and the appendix are printed in red, as is the fleuron used as a tailpiece at the end of each. Contemporary richly gold-tooled black morocco by the so-called first "stadhouderlijke" bindery, gilt edges. Full description
€ 4,750
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Beautifully illustrated commemoration of the triumphal entry of William III into the Hague

[BIDLOO, Govert and Romeyn de HOOGHE]. Komste van Zyne Majesteit Willem III. Koning van Groot Britanje, enz. in Holland; ofte omstandelyke beschryving van alles, het welke op des zelfs komste en geduurende zyn verblyf, in 's Graavenhaage en elders, ten teeken van vreugde en eere, is opgerecht en voorgevallen.
The Hague, Arnoud Leers, 1691. Folio. With an engraved title-page by Romeyn de Hooghe, a letterpress title-page with Leer's woodcut device, a portrait of King William III by Van Gunst and 14 engraved plates (11 double-page) by Romeyn de Hooghe, showing his triumphal entry into the Hague, the ceremonies, the triumphal arches, their paintings and sculptures, the nightly illumination of the town hall, the fireworks, etc. Further with an extra added engraved plate of King William's tomb by Daniel Marot. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges. Full description
€ 5,850
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Monumental 12-volume flora, with 721 coloured plates

BONNIER, Gaston. Flore complète, illustrée en couleurs, de France, Suisse et Belgique (comprenant la plupart des plantes d'Europe).
Paris, Librairie Générale de l'Enseignement; Neuchatel, Delachaux & Niestlé; Brussels, Lebègue, [1912-1935]. 12 volumes bound as 4, plus index volume. 4to. With 721 coloured plates. Contemporary green half morocco.
With: (2) BONNIER, Gaston and Georges de LAYENS. Flore complète portative de la France, de la Suisse et de la Belgique.
Paris, Librairie Générale de l'Enseignement, [1925?]. 8vo. Contemporary brown half morocco. Full description
€ 750
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Extremely rare breviary from the late Plantin press, with 17 plates

[BREVIARY]. Breviarium Romanum ex decreto sacrosancti concilii Tridentini restitutum, Pii V. Pont. Max. jussu editum, et Clementis VIII. primùm, nunc denuò Urbani PP. VIII. auctoritate recognitum. In quo omnia suis locis ad longum posita sunt, pro majori recitantium commoditate.
Antwerp, Typographia Plantiniana [Balthasar Moretus IV], 1714. 4 volumes. 12mo (14 x 9 cm). With engraved vignette with the Papal insignia on title-pages and 17 engraved plates. Text printed in red and black throughout. Contemporary gold-tooled calf, gilt edges. Full description
€ 4,250
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Stunning lithographic illustrations and a detailed route map
of a voyage through Persia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and India

BURNES, Alexander. Voyages de l'embouchure de l'Indus a Lahor, Caboul, Balkh et a Boukhara; et retour par la Perse, pendant les années 1831, 1832 et 1833 ... Atlas.
Paris, Arthus Bertrand (colophon on back wrapper: Imprimerie et Fonderie de Fain), [1835]. 3 text volumes and 1 atlas volume. 8vo. With 11 numbered lithographed plates (1 folding) showing costumes of the regions, medals and engraved stones, topographic views, archaeological sites, etc., and a large folding engraved map with the routes hand-coloured in red and orange. Contemporary gold-tooled half sheepskin (text volumes), original publisher's letterpress-printed brown paper wrappers (atlas volume). Full description
€ 3,500
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Very rare series of 32 erotic prints
of the notorious case of father Girard and Mlle Cadière

[CADIÈRE, Catherine and Jean-Baptiste GIRARD]. Historische print- en dicht-tafereelen, van Jan Baptist Girard, en juffrou Maria Catharina Cadiere.
[The Netherlands?], 1735. Small 4to (24 x 18.5 cm). With 32 "scenes", each consisting of an engraved plate with a letterpress poem on the facing page. Gold-tooled red half goatskin morocco (2nd half of the 19th century), richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 6,500
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Calvin's commentary on the Pauline Epistles, one of his few works translated into Dutch before 1572

CALVIN, Jean. Uutlegghinghe ... op alle de Sendbrieven Pauli des Apostels: ende oock op den Sendbrief tot den Hebreen. Met een schoon register.
Emden, Gillis van der Erve and Willem Gailliart, 1566. Folio. With Van der Erve's woodcut device on title-page and several woodcut decorated initials. Contemporary blind-tooled calf over bevelled wooden boards, each board in a panel design with 4 different rolls, engraved brass catchplates (remains of straps but clasps lost), later(?) brass decorated corner and centre pieces, each with a boss, rebacked. The rolls show (from outside to inside) decorative crests and foliage, 4 half-length portraits with mottos, and 4 nude putti, 1 with a saint's halo. Full description
€ 8,500
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2 unpublished botanical manuscripts, with illustrations and
descriptions of 30 flowering plants and 90 trees and shrubs

CARRIÉRE, Jan Ph. Herbarium van bloemen en planten. 1ste deel.
[Watergraafsmeer, ca. 1884]. 1 volume. Small folio (22.5×20.5 cm). With 30 drawings of flowers in watercolour and ink, each with a description in Dutch on a separate leaf. The whole preceded by a title-page, a table of contents (1 page), and an introduction (2 pages). Contemporary black cloth, rebacked, modern endpapers.
With: (2) CARRIÉRE, Jan Ph. Herbarium van naar de natuurgeteekende bladeren, "afdeeling boomgewassen". [Title volume 2:] Herbarium van boombladeren.
Watergraafsmeer, 1884. 3 volumes. Small folio (22.5×20.5 cm). With 90 drawings of tree leaves in watercolour and ink, with a description in Dutch on a separate leaf. The first two volumes each with a title-page, a table of contents (1 page) and an introduction (1 page), and the third volume without preliminaries. Contemporary blue (vols. 1-2) and black (vol. 3) half cloth. The third volume rebacked with original backstrip laid down. Full description
€ 5,500
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“One of the wittiest and most learned women of her age”, with a portrait and 3 folding illustrations

CHRISTINA, former Queen of Sweden (subject). Reyse van hare doorluchtige majesteyt Christina, Koninginne van Sweden; gedaen door de Nederlanden, Duytslant, Vranckrijck, Italien, en andere gewesten des werelts, van ... 1654. tot ... 1660. Den tweeden druck vermeerdert, en van veel fouten gesuyvert.
Amsterdam, Johannes van den Bergh, 1660. 12mo. With 4 etched and engraved plates (a full-page portrait of Christina and 3 folding scenes from her journey, the folding plates 10.5 x 13.5 cm). Modern flexible beige paper binding. Full description
€ 3,950
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Clusius’s important descriptions of exotic plants and animals

CLUSIUS, Carolus (Charles de l’ÉCLUSE). Exoticorum libri decem: quibus animalium, plantarum, aromatum.
[Leiden], Franciscus Raphelengius II (Plantin printing office), 1605. 3 parts containing 6 works in 1 edition. With a letterpress general title-page in an engraved architectural scrollwork border and more than 200 botanical and zoological woodcut illustrations in the text (including 1 full-page).
With: (2) CLUSIUS, Carolus. Curae posteriores.
[Leiden], Franciscus Raphelengius II (Plantin printing office), 1611. 2 parts in 1 edition. With a letterpress general title-page in an engraved architectural scrollwork border and 34 mostly botanical woodcut illustrations in the text. 2 editions in 1 volume. Folio. Portuguese black morocco (ca. 1850?), richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled boards, board edges and turn-ins (signed at the foot of the turn-in "M. Gomes"), gilt edges. Full description
€ 15,000
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One of the earliest herbals with etched plates

COLONNA, Fabio. [In Greek: Phytobasanos] sive plantarum aliquot historia in qua describuntur diversi generis plantae veriores, ac magis facie, viribúsque respondentes antiquorum Theophrasti, Dioscoridis Plinii, Galeni, aliorúmque delineationibus, ab aliis hucusque non animadversae. ... etiam piscium aliquot, plantarúmque novarum historia eodem auctore.
Naples, Horatio Salviani, Jacobus Carlino and Antonius Pace, 1592. 4to. With Salviani's woodcut device on title-page, 37 full-page etched botanical and ichthyological illustrations on integral leaves (8 x 13 cm), 33 of plants & 4 of fish and other marine species, each in a border built up from cast fleurons and rules. Gold-tooled brown calf (ca. 1700?). Full description
€ 14,500
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A collection of articles on Spanish medical history


Curiosidades médicas precedidas de un discurso sobre el florecimiento de la medicina Española en el siglo XVI y su posterior decadencia.
Madrid, Manuel Ginés Hernández, 1886. 8vo. With 3 lithographed plates (2 folding), reproducing manuscript letters. Modern dark purple half sheepskin, with the original printed front wrapper bound in.

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€ 400
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Grimaldy’s panacea: a very treatise from the library of Henri Joliet


Le tombeau de l'envie, ou il est prouveì qu'il n'y a qu'une meìdecine, qui est la chimique; qu'il n'y a qu'un temperament & une seule maladie, & par consequent qu'il ne faut qu'un remede pour la guerir ... Traittant auparavant des eaux mineìrales de Saint-Simphorien, preìs d'Annessy en Genevois; de Cessey, preìs de Viteaux en Bourgongne; & de Sainte-Anne, aÌ demie lieue¨ de Dijon.
Dijon, J. Ressayre, 1679. 12mo. 19th-century aubergine morocco, gold-tooled spine and board edges, gilt edges.

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€ 6,500
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3 very rare pint series on garden ornament, architecture and architectural ornament

DANREITER, Franz Anton. Lust-Stück der Gärten ... | Parterres ou broderies des jardins ... [Erster-]Anderer Theil.
Augsburg, Johann Andreas Pfeffel, [ca. 1730/35]. With 2 engraved illustrated title-pages from the same plate, plus 22 and 20 numbered illustration plates showing garden plans, decorations, fountains, etc.
(2) STEINGRUBER, Johann David. Architecture civile erster Theil ... | Architecture civile premiere partie ... [all published].
Augsburg, Johann Andreas Pfeffel, [ca. 1740/48]. With an engraved plate with a German note to the reader, and 25 numbered plates of architectural plans, elevations and sections engraved by J.D. Ringlin after Steingruber.
(3) CHARMETON, Georges. Plans de divers edifices et corniches choisies ... | Abrisse unterschiedener Gebälcke und Kronwercke ...
Augsburg, Johann Andreas Pfeffel, [ca. 1740/48]. With 12 engraved plates, including the title-page, the illustrations showing the entablatures of various classical Roman buildings. 3 works (1 in 2 parts) in 1 volume. Large oblong folio (25 x 38.5 cm). Near contemporary white half vellum. Full description
€ 18,000
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First Russian edition of Darwin's "Origin of species"

DARWIN, Charles. [In Cyrillic type:] O proischozhdenii vidov [= On the origin of species].
St. Petersburg, Alexander Illich Glazunov (printed by Glazunov), 1864. 8vo. With 1 lithographed plate showing Darwin's famous branching tree of life, and 4 pages of Glazunov's publisher's advertisements at the end, describing 25 publications. Set entirely in Cyrillic type. Modern half brown morocco, with the original publisher's printed back wrapper bound in. Full description
€ 7,500
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14 extremely rare religious print series, some emblematic and some Jesuit

DAVID, Johannes. Duodecim specula ...
Antwerp, “Theodore Galle” [= Jan Galle], [ca. 1675? (engraved by Theodore Galle 1610)]. [1], XII ll.  World Cat (1 copy).

2) [VOS, Maerten de, artist]. Speculum vitae humanae per decem aetatis gradus distinctum.
[Antwerp], Jan Galle, [ca. 1675 (engraved by Gerard de Jode ca. 1590)]. 10 ll.  Hollstein XLIV, M. de Vos 1468-1477, 3rd ed.
3) [VIRGIN MARY & JESUS - LIFE]. Praecipua vitae Jesu et Mariae ... [with Jesuit IHS device and motto, "Acta et mysteria" at head of title-page].
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675? (engraved by Karel & Philip de Mallery ca. 1630?)]. 44 ll.  Not in Holstein; WorldCat.
4) LEEUW, Siardo de (artist?). Elogia ab excellentibus virtutibus ... B. Virgini ...
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675? (engraved by Karel de Mallery ca. 1630?)]. 40 ll. WorldCat (3 copies).
5) [VIRGIN MARY - LIFE].Virginis Mariae vita.
Antwerp, Theodor Galle, [ca. 1610?]. [18] ll.  WorldCat (1 copy).
6) [VIRGIN MARY - LIFE & CHRIST - PASSION & RESSURECTION]. Psalterii B. Mariae Virginis aut rosarii inventor, ...
[Antwerp], Jan Galle, [ca. 1675]. ll. A-Q. not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
7) [HENSBERG, Vincent L.]. Miracula et beneficia SS. rosario Virginis Matris devotis ...
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675 (engraved 1610)]. [1], 15 ll.  WorldCat (1 copy).
8) [PORTRAITS - 4 CHURCH FATHERS]. [Each print with its own title:] S. Hieronymus ... S. Ambrosius ... S. Augustinus ... S. Gregorius.
Antwerp, Jan Galle (engraved by Jan Collaert, ca. 1625?), [ca. 1675?]. 4 ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
9) [VIRGIN MARY]. S. Maria protectrix Carthusianorum.
Antwerp, Gaspar Hubert [engraver's name erased: F[?] Ila[?] del[?] et fec], [ca. 1690?]. [15] ll.  Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
10) [CHRIST - 7 SHEDDINGS OF BLOOD]. Typus 7 effusionum sanguinis Christi
[Antwerp], Jan Galle, [ca. 1675?]. [1], 7 ll. [but most numbers erased]. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
11) [CHRIST - PASSION & RESURRECTION]. Passio et resurrectio, domini nostri Jesu Christi
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675 (engraved by Theodore Galle?, 1605)]. 22 ll. WorldCat (1 copy?); not in Hollstein.
[Antwerp?, Joannes Galle?], [ca. 1675?, (engraved by Filibert Bouttats the younger, Théodore van Merlen and Gaspar Huybrechtsz.]. [17] ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
13) AVONT, Pieter van, artist. [Life of Christ].
[Antwerp?], Jan Huybrechtsz., [ca. 1675]. [8] ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
14) [RELIGIOUS LESSONS]. [incipit:] De kercke vanden levenden godt de welcke is de pilaert ...
[Antwerp], (engraved by Michiel vander Gucht), [ca. 1680?]. [14] ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
14 engraved print series. 4to. 18th-century vellum. Full description
€ 26,500
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In the wake of Napoleon: an important work on Egypt

DENON, Dominique Vivant. Reize in Opper- en Neder- Egipte, gedurende den veldtocht van Bonaparte. Uit het Fransch door Herm. Bosscha met de voornaamste platen.
Amsterdam, Johannes Allart, 1803-1805. 3 volumes. 8vo. With 2 folding engraved maps of Lower and Upper Egypt after Denon by C. van Baarsel, 41 numbered plates (39 folding, 2 full-page and including 5 bis plates), engraved by Vinkeles and Vrijdag after the original drawings by Denon, and a folding letterpress leaf with Greek writing and the Dutch translation. Contemporary half calf. Full description
€ 1,850
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First edition of Ruel's translation of a foundational work on pharmacology


De medicinali materia libri quinque. De virulentis animalibus, et venenis canerabioso, et eorum noti, ac remedijs libri quattuor.
(Colophon: Paris, Henri Estienne, 1516). Folio. With the title within a decorative metalcut( ?) panel. Set in roman types. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment; rebacked in calf, with new endpapers, but preserving the original paste-downs.

Full description
€ 18,000
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One of the earliest accurately illustrated herbals,
with about 320 beautiful woodcuts

DORSTEN, Theodor.

Botanicon, continens herbarum, aliorumque simplicium, quorum usus in medicinis est, descriptiones, & iconas ad vivum effigiatas: ...
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolff, (colophon: March 1540). Folio. With about 320 mostly botanical woodcuts in the text (3 botanical illustrations repeated on the title-page and a few of the non-botanical illustrations including repeats in the text), about 70 woodcut decorated initials plus a few repeats (4 series, the largest pictorial and the others white on black, often with multiple blocks for the same letter), many cut by Sebald Beham. Set in roman types with Greek and Schwabacher for the Greek and German names. 16th-century sheepskin parchment (extensively reworked).

Full description
€ 25,000
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10 grotesque heads drawn in black ink with light and dark blue washes

[DRAWINGS]. [Grotesque heads].
[Germany or the Netherlands?, ca. 1665/85?]. Folio (13 x 21 cm; mounts 40 x 30 cm). 10 grotesque heads drawn in black ink on paper with blue watercolour washes, some with scrollwork decoration and each in a double circle drawn in red pencil (about 16.5 and 18 cm diameter). Each drawing in a passe-partout with a circular window. Full description
€ 7,500
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Rare Dutch edition of the account of the first circumnavigation of Australia

FLINDERS, Matthew. Ontdekkings-reis naar het groote Zuidland anders Nieuw Holland; bezigtiging van het zelve in 1801, 1802, en 1803; noodlottige schipbreuk, en gevangenschap van 6½ jaar bij de Franschen op Mauritius.
Haarlem, Loosjes, 1815-1816. 4 volumes. 8vo. Each volume with an engraved title-page with a different oval view (King George Sound, Port Jackson, Wreck Reefs and Rempart River), and a large folding engraved map of New Holland loosely inserted. Contemporary mottled half calf, with gold fillets on spine. Full description
€ 7,500
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Notorious forged binding, gold-tooled with Ottoman imagery painted red, white and green on dark brown

FLORUS, Lucius Annaeus. [Epitome rerum Romanarum].
Leiden, Adriaen Wijngaerden (colophon: printed by Philippe de Croy), 1648. 8vo (18 x 12 x 3 cm). With an engraved allegorical title-page by Cornelius van Dalen. Contemporary or near-contemporary calf. The decoration on the binding is believed to have been executed in Bologna ca. 1880/1900 by a group of forgers: each board with the same scene, showing 2 women in Ottoman costume, one kneeling to play a qanun (Turkish zither) at left and the other perhaps dancing at right, framed by drapery as though on a stage, with a crescent moon and 5-pointed star in each corner and the name "IBRAHIM" at upper left, the whole in a frame of double fillets. The figures' skin is painted white and the clothes and drapery red and green. The crescent moon and star repeat in spine compartments 1 and 3-5. Full description
€ 39,500
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Spain’s rebuttal of Grotius’s freedom of the seas:
scholarly salvos in the Dutch-Spanish trade war

FREITAS, Seraphim de. De justo imperio Lusitanorum Asiatico. ... Ad Philippum IIII. potentissimum Hispaniarum, & Indiarum monarcham.
Valladolid, Jerónimo Morillo (University Printing Office), 1625. Small 4to (20 x 14 cm). With the title-page in red and black with a woodcut crowned arms of Philip IV of Spain (the Order of the Golden Fleece in red). Early 20th-century[?] ochre sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 15,000
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6 beautiful views made on a journey to the Middle East to procure Arabian horses

FRISCH, Friedrich.

Skizzen aus dem Orient, gesammelt in den Jahren 1840 und 1841. | Esquisses de l'Orient, recueillies dans les années 1840 et 1841.
Darmstadt, Ernst Kern; Paris, H. Gache, 1843. Oblong 1mo (48 x 63.5 cm). With 6 tinted lithographed plates by Frisch, with captions in German and French below. The first three in the deluxe issue printed by B. Dondorf, Frankfurt am Main, the last three in the regular issue printed by G. Küstner. Original publisher's letterpress printed wrappers, with a list of subscribers and advertisements on the back of the front wrapper.

Full description
€ 18,000
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Treating the plague in Ottoman Turkey,
from the library of “le Régent”, Philippe d'Orléans

GAUDEREAU, Abbé Martin.

Relation des differentes especes de peste que reconnoissent les orientaux, des précautions & des remedes qu'ils prennent pour en empêcher la communication & le progrès; et de ce que nous devons faire à leur exemple pour nous en préserver, & nous en guerir.
Paris, Jacques Quillau, 1721. 12mo. Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, with the arms of Philippe d'Orléans (1674-1723) on both boards, richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, gilt edges.

Full description
€ 15,000
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Seven pamphlets on the Glorious Revolution and the Nine Years' War

[GLORIOUS REVOLUTION]. De Engelsche marsch; versien met allerlei soorten van nieuwe onvergelijkelijke verrekykers, en brillen. Vertonende den tegenwoordigen staat van alle Koninkrijken en landen van Europa. Met een korte verbeeldinge van de afkomste, het leven en de daden van Pater Peters; en een dispuit tusschen hem en een Engelsch Protestant.
Amsterdam, Cornelis Maertense, 1689.
(2) Twede deel van de Engelsche marsch, version met allerlei soorten van nieuwe onvergelijkelijke verrekykers en brillen... en een cathalogus van eenige koddige boekken die hy voor den Prins van Wallis heeft gekogt.
Amsterdam, Cornelis Maertense, 1689.
(3) Nieuwe geinventeerde brillen, voor alderhande gesichten, op de mode geslepen, op verscheyde slypsteenen.
[Amsterdam?], 1688.
(4) Nieuwe geinventeerde brillen, voor alderhande gesigten. Op de mode gesleepen, op verscheyde slypsteenen. Twede deel.
[Amsterdam?], 1688.
(5) De wonderlycke verrekyker siende in alle hoecken van de Europise werelt.
[Amsterdam?], 1688.
(6) De geest van Carel de V. verschenen aen Volkert, t'samenspraak houdende over de affaire van den tijd.
[Amsterdam?], 1688.
(7) De Franse quacksalver, of de boere klap beurs. Versien met veelderley koopluyden, of liefhebbers van alle nieuwe tydingen.
Groningen, Tjerk Velsen, 1689. 7 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary red half roan (sheepskin). Full description
€ 2,250
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Massive navigational directory for the East


The India directory, or, directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China, New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, Brazil, and the interjacent ports ... third edition.
London, printed for the author and sold by Kingsbury, Parbury and Allen, booksellers to the East India Company (back of title-page: printed by Plummer & Brewis), 1826-1827. 2 volumes. 4to. Contemporary half calf, rebacked with the original backstrips laid down.

Full description
€ 15,000
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2nd known copy of the 2nd edition (ca. 1595?) of David Joris’s first spiritual handbook

JORIS, David. Handt boecxken: inholdende vele godlijcke trouhertighe vaderlijcke vermaninghen unde leeringen: ...
[Rotterdam, Dirck de Raeff van Mullem, ca. 1595?]. Small 12mo in 8s (14 x 8 cm). Set in textura gothic types with an occasional word in roman. Contemporary blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, two brass fastenings with engraved decoration (each with a clasp on a calf strap, and a catchplate). Full description
€ 12,500
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Detailed and fascinating practical manual on animals harmful to people, livestock and crops,
with 3 engravings showing more than 100 animals, especially insects

[KRAFFT, Abraham Friedrich]. Der sowohl Menschen und Viehe grausamen Thiere, schädlichen Ungeziefers und verderblichen Gewürmer gäntzliche Ausrottung.
Nürnberg, Johann Leonhard Buggel, 1709-1712. 2 volumes. 8vo. Each volume with a folding illustrated engraved title-page and a folding letterpress title-page, and a larger folding engraved plate in volume II. Contemporary but not uniform vellum. Full description
€ 4,500
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1588 edition of the most detailed and most notorious witch-hunter’s manual

KRAMER (INSTITORIS), Heinrich. Malleus maleficarum: de lamiis et strigibus, et sagis, aliisque magis & daemoniacis, eorumq[ue] arte, & potestate & poena, ...; in tomos duos ... [vol. 2 title differs:] Tomus secundus Malleorum quorundam maleficarum, ...
Frankfurt am Main, (colophon in each volume: Nikolaus Basse), 1588. 2 volumes. 8vo. With Basse's woodcut Fortuna device on the title-page of volume 1 and a larger one in the colophon on the last page. Set in italic types with extensive roman and at least one name in fraktur. Uniform vellum (dated 1596), each front board with the owner's initials "P T K" above and "1596" below. Full description
€ 14,500
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Rare early edition of a classic commentary on ancient Arabic and Greek pharmacological works

[MANLIO, Giovanni Giacomo (Johannes Jacobus MANLIUS or MANLIIS)].

Luminare maius. Cinthius ut totum radiis illuminat orbem. Illuminat latebras sic medicina tuas.
(Colophon: Venice, Gregorio de Gregori, 8 January 1513). Folio (30.5 x 21 cm). With 13 woodcut decorated initials (6 series?) plus 8 repeats, 4-line typographic "Lombarbic" initials. Set in rotunda gothic types in 2 columns, with a preliminary note in roman type. With contemporary pen decorations in brown ink added to about half of the initials and occasional similar pen decorations in the margins, an occasional manuscript paragraph mark, some rubrications in brown ink and some initials coloured with a transparent ochre wash. Early 20th-century vellum.

Full description
€ 28,000
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The best Malay dictionary, with detailed definitions and noting related Hindi words

MARSDEN, William.

A dictionary of the Malayan language, in two parts, Malayan and English and English and Malayan.
London, printed for the author by Cox and Baylis, 1812. 4to. Set in roman and Arabic types with incidental Devanagari and italic. Modern blue cloth with a morocco spine label, retaining the nonpareil-marbled edges from the previous contemporary binding.

Full description
€ 1,950
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Prince Maurits gives Oldenbarnevelt temporary oversight of Den Tempel, which later gave him his title,
signed by Prince Maurits and bearing his armorial seal

MAURITS, Prince of Orange. [Declaration for Jan de Roo].
[The Hague], 4 December 1589. 1mo (41 x 31.5). Document written in brown ink on one side of a whole sheet of paper in an upright gothic cursive hand, with the autograph signature "Maurice de Nassau" and with his armorial seal (3 x 2.5 cm) stamped on a slip of paper over red sealing wax. With (separately added) Maurits's signature clipped out of another document and mounted on a paper slip. Full description
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Beautiful engraved views of Heemstede castle and gardens

MOUCHERON, Isaac de. Plusieurs belles, et plaisante veües et la cour de Heemstede, dans la Province d'Utrecht. | Verscheyde schoone en vermaakelyke gezigten van Heemstede, gelegen in de Provintie van Utrecht.
[Amsterdam], Hendrik de Leth, [ca. 1731/40]. Oblong 4to. With 26 numbered engraved plates, including the title-page. Slightly later half cloth. Full description
€ 2,750
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"One of the most frequently reprinted works of medical pharmacy",
with a small treatise on the philosopher's stone

MYNSICHT, Adrian von.

Thesaurus et armamentarium medico-chymicum.
Including: Testamentum Hadrianeum. Quo suam de aureo philosophorum lapide sententiam.
Lyon, Jean-Antoine Huguetan, 1645. 8vo. With the title-page printed in red and black with Huguetan's engraved device with the motto "Universitas rerum ut pulvis inmanu Iehovae" and a woodcut illustration on the part-title. Contemporary vellum, later manuscript title-label.

Full description
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24 Japanese colour drawings of lilies,
with their romanized Japanese names, and prices of the bulbs

[NURSERY CATALOGUE]. Yuri hana shashin [= Drawings of lily flowers, from life].
[Yokohama?, ca. 1875?]. Very large 4to (39.5 x 27.5 cm). 24 Japanese flower drawings in black and grey ink with watercolour and gouaches, on Japanese (kozo/paper mulberry?) paper, with the romanized Japanese name, and the price of the bulbs (in francs and centimes) and sometimes colours or other information in French. Contemporary brown Japanese paste-paper wrappers with a bird and flower motif, stab-sewn at the head. Full description
€ 4,950
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Ordinance by the apothecary's guild of Utrecht


Ordonnantie van de vroedtschap der stadt Utrecht, op 't apothekers-gildt binnen deselve stadt, als oock op de medicamenten, die sy-luyden in hare winckels moeten hebben; mitsgaders het praepareren, vermengen, ende uyt-leveren van dien. Gepubliceerd den xxiijen julij 1655.
Utrecht, Willem van Paddenburgh, 1679. 4to. With the woodcut arms of the city Utrecht on the title-page. Unbound.

Full description
€ 450
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1769 Hebrew Torah with Haftarot and a Hebrew & Portuguese calendar, in 5 volumes
in contemporary, richly gold-tooled mottled calf in memory of a Rotterdam(?) rabbi
probably bound in Amsterdam by a workshop that has so far escaped notice

[PENTATEUCH]. [Each engraved title-page (in Hebrew):] Zeh sefer ... Hamisah humse Torah tiqun sofrim ... [vols. 2-5 also with letterpress title-pages, each (in Hebrew):] Sefer ... Hamisah humse Torah ... | [and in Latin:] Quinque libri Mosis. Magno labore, & industria, accuratissimé correcti prae omnibus qui hucusque thypis fuere mandati.
Including: PIZA, Jeudah Ribi Haim. Calendario facil & curiozo em Hebraico & Portuguez, ...
Amsterdam, Gerhard Johan Janson for Israel Mondovy, 5527-5529 [= 1766-1769]. 5 volumes. 8vo. Each volume with the same elaborately decorated engraved title-page by Aaron Santeroos and with the editor's woodcut authenticating device at the end of volume 5. Set in sephardic meruba types with incidental rabbinical (semi-cursive). Contemporary, richly gold-tooled mottled calf, gold-tooled board edges, gilt edges, each volume with hundreds of impressions of about 20 tools, plus the lettering. Each board has at the head a pair of winged putti holding a crown above (in Hebrew) "k[eter] * t[orah]" and the front boards with a Hebrew inscription below: Yako[v] [son of Rabbi] Itzak Leverdin Segal of blessed memory. Full description
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100 plates of classical statues then surviving in Rome,
with a portrait of the dedicatee, Christian Eberhard of Ostfriesland

PERRIER, François and Petrus SCHENCK.

Signorum et statuarum symbola Perreriana; eleganti coelo denuo exsculpta, & novo nitore edita à Petro Schenck.
Amsterdam, Petrus Schenck, 1702. Folio. With a full-page mezzotint portrait (27.5×17.5 cm) of the dedicatee Christian Eberhard, Fürst of Ostfriesland, an engraved dedication plate, and 100 numbered engraved sculpture plates (98 full-page and 2 double-page). Contemporary gold-tooled vellum.

Full description
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Illustrated dictionary for civil engineering, water works and railways

PIJTAK, Gualterus Cornelis Wilhelmus. Bouwkundig woordenboek, of verklaring van de meest gebruikte technische benamingen, voorkomende bij de burgerlijke bouwkunde, waterbouwkunde en spoorwegen.
's Hertogenbosch, Muller brothers, 1848. 8vo. With a lithographed plates and 11 folding lithographed plates with 125 figures. Contemporary red half calf, gold-tooled spine, cloth sides. Full description
€ 1,250
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Important survey of ancient Egyptian and Nubian sites now submerged, with a large and detailed map:
fine copy in publisher's wrappers, partly unopened

PROKESCH, Anton, Ritter von Osten. Das Land zwischen den Katarakten des Nil. Mit einer Karte, ...
Vienna, Carl Gerold, 1831. 12mo (the book) and 17.5 x 25 cm (the folder with the folded map). With a separate large folding lithographed map (98 x 69 cm; image area 93 x 64 cm) assembled from 2 sheets, with the cultivated areas along the river hand-coloured in green as published, also showing 17 floor plans of temples and a plan of a Roman wall. The book in the publisher’s original light green paper wrappers and the map in a matching green paper folder. Full description
€ 3,750
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A nearly complete collection of the earliest Propaganda Fide exotic alphabets (1629-1776), including Arabic, Burmese, Ethiopic, Greek and Syriac

[PROPAGANDA FIDE]. (1) Alphabetum Armenum iussu S.D.N. Gregorii XV. ...
(2) Alphabetum Aethiopicum, sive Abyssinum.
(3) Alphabetum Arabicum …
(4) Alphabetum Barmanum seu Bomanum …
(5) Alphabetum Brammhanicum …
(6) Alphabetum Chaldaicum, …
(7) Alphabetum Chaldaicum …
(8) Alphabetum Cophtum sive Aegyptiacum …
(9) Alphabetum Graecum …
(10) Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum …
(11) Alphabetum Ibericum, …
(12) [Alfabeta].
(13) Alphabetum Hebraicum …
Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1629-1776. 13 works in 1 volume. 8vo and small 4to. Sheepskin parchment (ca. 1776). Full description
€ 12,500
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Rare catalogue of the plants of Java and printed there

RADERMACHER, Jacobus Cornelis Matthieu de. Naamlyst der planten, die gevonden worden op het eiland Java. Met de beschryving van eenige nieuwe geslagten en soorten, …
Batavia, Egbert Heemen (vols. 1-2) and Pieter van Geemen (vol. 3), 1780-1782. 7 parts in 3 volumes, bound as 1. 4to. Lacking pp. 85-102 in vol. 3. Contemporary stiff paper wrappers. Full description
€ 12,500
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60 splendid plates of East Indian shellfish, crustaceans and other marine specimens

RUMPHIUS, Georg Everhard. d'Amboinsche rariteitkamer, behelzende eene beschryvinge van allerhande zoo weeke als harde schaalvisschen, te weeten raare krabben, kreeften, en diergelyke zeedieren, als mede allerhande hoorntjes en schulpen, die men in d'Amboinsche Zee vindt; daar beneven zommige mineraalen, gesteenten, en soorten van aarde, die in d'Amoinsche, en zommige omleggende eilanden gevonden worden.
Amsterdam, François Halma, 1705. Folio. With engraved title-page, letterpress title-page printed in red and black, with Halma's engraved device, engraved author's portrait, 60 engraved plates, a floral woodcut tailpiece (plus a repeat), three engraved headpieces and two engraved tailpieces. With an additional 19th-century engraving added after plate XLIX. Contemporary calf, rebacked. Full description
€ 5,000
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Only known copy of an early edition of a curious book of secrets, the second to include the supplement,
printed and published by an otherwise unrecorded Amsterdam printer

[SACK DER KONSTEN]. Den sack der konsten: uyt den Italiaens, Franschoys ende Duytsch vergadert, met schoone remedien ende medecynen, die gheprobeert zijn. Seer profytelijck voor jonghelinghen, joncvrouwen, van wat state, qualiteyt oft conditie die moghen zijn: nu van nieus vermeerdert.
Amsterdam, Teunis Willemszoon, 1616. Small 4to (18.5 x 14.5 cm). With woodcut on title-page. Modern paper wrappers. Full description
€ 7,500
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A rare Brazilian botany with 70 lithographed plates, in wrappers with publisher´s lists

SAINT-HILAIRE, Auguste de, Adrien de JUSSIEU and Jacques CAMBESSEDES. Plantes usuelles des Brasiliens.
Paris, Grimbert (printed by Casimir), 1824-1828. In 14 instalments. Large 4to (29.5 x 22.5 cm). With 70 lithographed botanical plates, all by Langlumé. Original publisher´s blue printed wrappers, the back wrapper with lists of Gimbert´s publications (4 versions). Preserved in a modern green morocco box, with transparent acrylic windows for sides. Full description
€ 16,500
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Contemporary Dutch manuscript translation of lost 1607 letter from King of Siam to Prince of Orange

SANPHET III, King of Ayutthaya (Siam/Thailand). Translaet van eenen brieff geschreven in gout ende bij den Coninck van Syam gesonden aen Sijn Excellentie Mauritio de Nassau.
[The Hague?], [ca. 1608]. Folio (34 x 21 cm). Dutch manuscript, written in brown ink on paper in a slightly sloped Dutch gothic cursive hand (35 lines with text area 21 x 17.5 cm, plus 2-line drop-title), very neatly written. Full description
€ 28,000
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Silver medallion commemorating the death of a military mathematician

[SCHOOTEN, Petrus (Pieter) van]. [Medallion commemorating the death of Petrus van Schooten].
[Netherlands], 1679. Silver medallion (63 mm diameter, 3 mm thick), with on one side Petrus van Schooten sitting in his study with a globe before him, further with a larger globe and a bookcase in the background, the whole in a circle surrounded with the Latin motto: “ACCIDIT IN PUNCTO QUOD NON SPERATUR IN ANNO”. With on the other side the coats of arms of Van Schooten encircled with the text: “PETRUS A SCHOOTEN PROFESSOR MATHESEOS LEYDAE OBYT 30 NOV 1679”. Full description
€ 2,500
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Hebrew for beginners, including alphabets of meruba, rabbinical, Yiddish and script Hebrew types

SOMMERHAUSSEN, Hartog. Hebreeuwsch spel- en lees-boekje voor eerstbeginnenden.
Amsterdam, Belinfante & Comp., J. van Embden & son, S.A. Proops, 5570 [=] 1810. 2 parts in 1 volume. Small 8vo (15.5 x 9.5 cm). With the authenticating oval stamp at the foot of the last page of the main text in part 2. Set in roman and italic type with 3 sizes of (sephardic) meruba Hebrew plus alphabets of rabbinical (semi-cursive), Yiddisch and script Hebrew types, and printed on Dutch wove paper. Publisher's original yellow, printed paper wrappers over thin boards. Full description
€ 3,950
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Della Valle's travels in Persia and the Near East, "one of the finest works of travel literature" (Howgego)

VALLE, Pietro della. De volkome beschryving der voortreffelijke reizen van de deurluchtige reisiger Pietro della Valle, edelman van Romen, in veel voorname gewesten des werrelts, sedert het jaer 1615, tot in 't jaar 1626 gedaan …
Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang, 1666 (each volume title: Abraham Wolfgang, widow of Jan Hendriks Boom, Jan Rieuwertsz., 1664-1665). 6 volumes bound as 1. 4to. With 25 engraved plates. 19th-century vellum. Full description
€ 12,500
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Vernay's poetry in French, Turkish, Persian and other languages: unrecorded Royal folio issues
planned for presentation to the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmejid I and with extensive additions

VERNAY, Charles. Poésies nationales et religieuses Françaises, Italiennes, Turques et Persanes, 195 pièces orientales, leur traductions, et le texte Turc et Persan de 57 pièces ...
Paris, Albert Franck (on back of half-title: printed by Firmin Didot frères), 1860[-1861]. With a lithographed portrait of the author, 5 lithographed facsimiles of the author's autograph manuscripts and 4 of the letterpress pages printed in gold. Extra-illustrated with 3 lithographed and 4 engraved Royal folio illustration plates (including 2 portraits of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmejid I).
(2) VERNAY, Charles. Poésies Turques et Persanes (cent quarante et une pièces) ...
Paris, Albert Franck (below frame: lithographed by [Mathieu] Masson), "1858-1859" [= AH 1275]. With a letterpress wrapper-title in French, printed in gold, a lithographed Turkish and Persian wrapper-title (dated "1275" and "1858") and text in Turkish and Persian, lithographed from the autograph manuscript in Arabic script, all printed in gold, and a lithographed portrait of the author (the same as in ad 1).
(3) VERNAY, Charles. Nouvelles poésies Persanes et Turques ...
Paris, Albert Frank, July 1860 (colophon: lithographed by [Mathieu] Masson, r. de Valois 48, Paris). A large 4to bifolium, with a lithographic facsimile of a 4-page autograph manuscript in Arabic script, printed on blue paper.
(4-18) VERNAY, Charles. [Miscellaneous publications in various formats, some letterpress, others lithographed facsimiles of the author's autograph manuscripts in French, Turkish and Persian, and including a 1-leaf autograph manuscript in Persian].
Paris, Firmin Didot frères and others, 1851-1858.
18 publications in 1 volume. Royal folio (49.5 x 34.5 cm) with a few items in smaller formats. Contemporary diced, richly gold-tooled calf, each board with a double frame of rolls and stamps, a crescent moon and star inside each corner of the inner frame, blind-tooled turn-ins, green silk brocade endleaves. Full description
€ 28,000
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Rare mystic work, with 22 woodcuts by the gifted Pieter van der Borcht

[VERVOORT, Frans]. Dat vyants net, der booser wercken raet, visioenen, ende met alder sijnder verholender stricken, leerende hoe wi de werelt, den vyant, ende ons selven sullen sterven, kennen, ende leerende hoe wi die werelt, den vyant, ende ons selven sullen sterven, kennen, ende overwinnen.
Antwerp, Jan van Ghelen, (colophon: 1561). 8vo. With the title in a four-piece woodcut border by Pieter van den Borcht (with his initials at the foot), Jan van Ghelen's woodcut device on verso of last leaf, a full-page armorial view (dated 1552) on the last leaf, and 20 mostly full-page woodcut illustrations by Pieter van der Borcht in text. Modern half vellum. Full description
€ 6,000
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Magnificent coloured city atlas of Rotterdam, with map, views and 185 coats of arms

[VOU, Johannes de and Romeyn de HOOGHE]. Caart van de stad Rotterdam, en gezigt langs de Maas, benevens de afbeeldingen van de voornaamste publique gebouwen.
[Rotterdam, ca. 1791]. With letterpress title-page printed in red, engraved strips to be mounted above the map (together 25 x 164 cm), with the Rotterdam coat of arms flanked by six coats of arms of Burgomasters and other city officials and 10 smaller coats of arms of the "Stadsheerlijkheden"; a large engraved map of Rotterdam (108 x 120 cm); a large engraved panoramic view of Rotterdam (24.5 x 226.5 cm); and 13 engraved views of major buildings in the city (each 17.5 x 24 cm).
(2) Namen en wapens der edelen groot achtbaren heeren raden in de vroedschap der stad Rotterdam, nevens het jaar waar in hun edelen groot achtbaren zyn aangesteld.
With letterpress title-page printed in red and 130 engraved coats of arms of members of the Rotterdam vroedschap from 1694 to 1791 (each ca. 11.5 x 8.5 cm).
(3) Pensionarissen der stadt Rotterdam. ... Secretarissen der stadt Rotterdam.
With 38 original paintings in coloured gouaches of coats of arms of 13 pensionaries (appointed 1672-1788) and 25 Secretaries (appointed 1669-1788) of Rotterdam.
[Rotterdam, 1791? (most plates engraved 1694)]. 3 parts in 1 volume. Royal double folio (1mo) (57 x 43.5 cm). All engravings hand-coloured by the publisher with gouaches and gold. Contemporary gold-tooled vellum, with the Rotterdam coat of arms on both boards. Full description
€ 75,000
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71 excellent large prints (1561-ca. 1600) on architecture and decoration

VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Jan (Hans), Antonio LABACCO, Giacomo Barozzio da VIGNOLA and others. [Collection of architectural and decoration prints including fortification plans, garden plans and architectural decoration].
Antwerp, Venice, Rome, various publishers, [engraved] 1561-1585, [printed 1580-ca. 1600]. Large folio & small 1mo (38.5 x 27 cm). Collection of 4 separately published prints (3 large full-sheet & 1 small full-sheet), plus 67 prints from 9 series (including 3 double-page prints and a 1½-sheet plan of classical Roman ports printed from 2 copperplates). Contemporary or near contemporary limp sheepskin parchment (ca. 1600?). Full description
€ 15,000
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Armorial of the Low Countries, with 1189 hand-coloured coats of arms,
with the prospectus, 2 circular letters about the publication, the 1830 and 1836 title-pages
and a large colour drawing of the Stratenus arms on vellum with extensive gold

WELEVELD, Louis Alexander van and P. O’KELLY jr. Algemeen wapenboek van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden.
[The Hague], L.A. van Weleveld & P. O’Kelly jr., 1830-1836. Super Royal 4to (35 x 25.5 cm). With 2 engraved title-pages (dated 1830 and 1836) and 204 engraved plates showing 7 sorts of crowns and 1189 coats of arms with supporters, helms, crests, mantling, flags, etc. The 1830 title-page and all 204 plates coloured for the publishers and highlighted with varnish. With the 1828 prospectus and circulars dated 1828 and 1830 bound in, an extra copy of plate 122, and a vellum leaf with a large (13.5 x 15.5 cm) colour drawing of Stratenus coat of arms, with extensive use of gold. Contemporary half calf; rebacked, preserving the original gold-tooled spine but with 20th-century corners. Full description
€ 4,500
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