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First official Antwerp pharmacopoeia

[ANTWERP - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [BOUDEWIJNS, Michiel, and others]. Pharmacia Antverpiensis galeno-chymica.
Antwerp, Joris Willemsens I, 1660 [engraved title-page 1661]. 4to. With an integral engraved title-page by Petrus van Caukercken after Abraham van Diepenbeeck, showing the figures of Galenus and Mesue. 18th-century vellum. Full description
€ 2,750
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Using the classifications of Klein, Artedi and Linnaeus

[AUBERT DE LA CHESNAYE DES BOIS, Francois-Alexandre]. Système naturel du regne animal, par classes, familles ou ordres, genres et especes. Avec une notice de tous les animaux; les noms Grecs, Latins, & vulgaires, que les naturalistes leur ont donnés; ...
Paris, C.J.B. Bauche, 1754. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. With two engraved portraits (Jacobus Theodorus Klein and Linnaeus) and 6 engraved plates. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 700
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Two dissertations on the Venus of Eryx

BALBI, Ambrogio. Dissertazioni risguardanti il culto di Venere Ericina.
-Il culto di Venere Ericina rivendicato ad erice re di Sicilia suo vero institutore.
-Dissertazione sopra una lapide inscritta da silla a Venere Ericina.
Turin, widow Pomba and sons, 1824. 8vo. Green half morocco, gold-tooled spine, with the arms of Joaquín Gómez de la Cortina (1808-1868) in gold on each board. Full description
€ 1,250
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Attractively illustrated and popular medical work

BEVERWIJCK, Johan van and Jacob CATS. Wercken der genees-konste.
Amsterdam, (widow of) Jan Jacobsz. Schipper, 1672. 3 volumes bound as 1. 4to. With engraved frontispiece, 28 engravings in volume one, 29 engravings in volume two (including one on the title-page) and 20 engravings (including one on the title-page) plus 1 woodcut in volume three. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 1,250
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Perspective drawings on irregular surfaces, with 34 well-engraved plates

BOSSE, Abraham. Moyen universel de pratiquer la perspective sur les tableaux, ou surfaces irregulieres. Ensemble quelques particularitez concernant cet art, & celuy de la graveure en taille-douce.
Paris, Abraham Bosse, 1653. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece, engraved dedication, engraved part-title to the plates, and 31 engraved perspective plates (one folding), all engraved and designed by Abraham Bosse. Contemporary sheepskin parchment, later red title label on spine Full description
€ 3,500
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Comparative anatomy with detailed plates

CAMPER, Pieter. Oeuvres de Pierre Camper, qui ont pour objet l'histoire naturelle, la physiologie et l'anatomie comparée.
Paris, Jansen and Bertrand; Bordeaux, Melon, 1803. 3 text volumes (8vo) and 1 plate volume (folio). With stipple-engraved author's portrait by B. Roger and 34 numbered engraved plates with anatomical illustrations of animals by Picquenot and Vinkeles after Camper, including an orangutan and an elephant. Text volumes bound in contemporary mottled calf with richly gold-tooled spines, and the plates volume in contemporary half calf with green marbled sides. Full description
€ 2,000
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Detailed early description of Newfoundland and Labrador

CHAPPELL, Edward. Voyage of His Majesty's ship Rosamond to Newfoundland and the southern coast of Labrador of which countries no account has been published by any British traveller since the reign of Queen Elisabeth.
London, R. Wates for J. Mawman, 1818. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece, a folding engraved map coloured in outline, 2 engraved plates and 5 engravings in the text. Contemporary diced calf; rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down. Full description
€ 1,100
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First and only German edition, with new and more extensive illustrations

CHASSELOUP-LAUBAT, François, Marquis de. Versuche über einige Theile der Artillerie und der Befestigungskunst, ... Aus dem Französischen übersetzt und mit einem Nachtrage begleitet, von Ignaz Rueber, ... Mit neun Kupfertafeln.
Vienna, J.G. Heubner, 1826. 8vo. With 9 large folding engraved plates (I-IX) with 117 numbered figures (1-74 & 1-43). Near contemporary (ca. 1835?) half calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 850
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9 letters from one of the leading naval figures of the 19th century

DUPERRÉ, Admiral Guy-Victor. [9 autograph letters, signed, mostly from the writer's time as Préfet maritime in Brest].
Brest, 22 February 1819 - 18 June 1829. Folio and 4to. Autograph letters in French, written in brown ink on single and double leaves of several laid and wove paper stocks.
With: (2) GHÉMAR, Louis-Joseph. Duperré [lithographic portrait].
Brussels, Charles Hen (printed by P. Degobert), dated 1842 by the artist. Full description
€ 7,500
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Three pamphlets on peace

[DUTCH REPUBLIC - POLITICS]. Tractaet van vrede, tusschen de Heeren Staten Generael Der Vereenichde Nederlanden: Ende den heere bisschop van Munster. Gesloten ende onderteeckent tot Cleve, den 19 April 1666. Uyt het Latijn overgeset.
[Amsterdam, 1666]. 
(2) [DUTCH REPUBLIC - ENGLAND - POLITICS]. Vervolgh tweede deel van 't discours over den tegenwoordigen toestant, ende apparetien van vreede, tusschen Engelant, ende vereende Provintien. Verhandelt met een Fransman,  Engelsman, Hollander, Sweedt, ende Deen. Rotterdam, Floris Ghijssen, 1667.
(3) [DUTCH REPUBLIC - NAVIGATION - POLITICS]. Tractaet de marine, tusschen den grootmachtighsten Prince Carel de II. Koningh van Groot Brittannien, &c. ter eenre: en de Ho. Mog. Heeren Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, ter andere zyde. Geslooten inden Hage den 17 Februarij 1668. Rotterdam, Joris Redelickhuysen, 1668. 4to. 3 works in 1 volume. 19th-century boards. Full description
€ 525
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“almost the only comprehensive source of information for pirate activities in the seventeenth century”, bound by America’s finest bindery

EXQUEMELIN, Alexandre Olivier. Historie der boecaniers, of vrybuyters van America.
Amsterdam, Nicolaas ten Hoorn, 1700. 3 parts (paginated as 2) in 1 volume. 4to. With an engraved title-page, a folding engraved map of South and Central America, and 7 engraved plates (1 folding). Red (goatskin) morocco (ca. 1920), with richly gold tooled turn-ins, double fillets on board edges, gilt edges, by the French Binders of Garden City, N.Y., the fourth incarnation of Robert Hoe's famous Club Bindery, which almost single-handedly pioneered fine binding in America. Full description
€ 5,000
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Seminal masterpiece on the art of fortification, with 35 double-page plates:
rare first edition, printed by the Elzeviers

FREITAG, Adam. Architectura militaris nova et aucta, oder Newe vermehrte Fortification, ...
Leiden, Bonaventura and Abraham Elzevier, [1630-]1631. 3 parts in 1 volume. Folio (31 x 20 cm). With engraved general title-page, 35 double-page engraved plates containing 185 numbered figures and 8 double-page letterpress tables. 18th-century vellum. Full description
€ 6,500
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Textbook on architecture and perspective,
by a well-known Italian architect and stage designer

GALLI BIBIENA, Ferdinando. Direzioni a' giovani studenti nel disegno dell' architettura civile, nell' accademia clementina dell' instituto delle scienze, ...With: Direzioni della prospettiva teorica corrispondenti a quelle dell' architettura instruzione a' giovani studenti di pitture; e architettura ...
Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpa, 1731-1732. 2 volumes. 12mo. With 75 engraved plates (including several folding) in the first volume and 58 engraved plates (including several folding) in the second volume. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 1,750
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Rare complete set including the atlas, of a monumental work on Indochina

GARNIER, Francis, Louis DELAPORTE, Eugene JOUBERT and Clovis THOREL. Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine effectué pendant les années 1866, 1867 et 1868 par une commission française présidée par M. le capitaine de frégate Doudart de Lagrée et publié par les ordres du ministre de la marine…
Paris, Hachette & Co (back of half-title: printed by Corbeil), 1873. 2 text volumes (4to) and 1 atlas volume (folio; 2 parts in 1 vol.). With hundreds of wood engravings in text, 17 chromoxylographed maps, 36 tinted lithographed plates and 11 chromolithographed plates. Volume 1 in modern red half morocco, gilt edges. Volume 2 in contemporary half morocco, gilt edges. Atlas volume in modern red half morocco. Full description
€ 20,000
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Important work on navigation and an early mention of playing cards

GUEVARA, Antonio de. Epistres dorées moralles & familieres.
Lyon, Macé Bonhomme, 1558-1559.
GUEVARA, Antonio de and Jean de GUTERRY (translator). Tome second des epistres dorées et discours salutaires.
GUEVARA, Antonio de. Le troisieme livre des epistres illustres.
(2) GUEVARA, Antonio de. Traité des travaux et privileges des galeres & des inventeurs de l'art de naviger.
Lyon, Macé Bonhomme, 1560.
2 works (the first in 3 parts) in 1 volume. 4to. With the titles of the first 3 books in woodcut architectural borders; 2 woodcut illustrations in the text and a number of large woodcut historiated initials. 18th-century tree calf, rebacked with the original backstrip laid down, later endpapers. Full description
€ 2,750
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Collected works of one of the founders of biochemistry

HELMONT, Johannes Baptista van. Ortus medicinae, id est initia physicae inaudita. Progressus medicinae novus, in morborum ultionem ad vitam longam ... Edente authoris filio Francisco Mercurio van Helmont, cum eius praefatione ex Belgico translata. Editio quarta.
Lyon, J.A. Huguetan and G. Barbier, 1667. Folio. With an engraved general title-page with a portrait of the author on top. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 750
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Unrecorded state of an Amsterdam fire-fighting scene, in a crisp impression

HEYDEN (HEIDEN), Jan van der. Afbeeldinghe van de nieu geinventeerde en geoctroyeerde slang-brandspuyten, … | Dessein des pompes a boyaux, …
[Amsterdam, ca. 1680?]. 1mo broadsheet (57 x 46 cm), with an engraved print (35 x 44 cm) at the head, including engraved titles in Dutch and French, keys (A-M) and four smaller scenes; with letterpress text below in Dutch and French in 4 columns. Engraved by [Bastiaan] Stoopendaal. Framed (72.5 x 61.5 cm). Full description
€ 4,250
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Famous poem with moral lessons for maidens, married women and widows

HOUWAERT, Jean Baptista. Pegasides pleyn. Ofte den lust-hof der maechden.
Volume 1: Delft, Adriaen Gerritsen, 1615 (colophon: 1614); volume 2: Leiden, Jan Paets Jacobszoon, 1611. 8vo. Volume 1 with an engraved title-page by Jan Wiericx and 8 full-page engravings by Jan Wiericx; volume 2 with the main text set in civilité type. Matching contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 3,950
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91 portraits of Popes, Emperors, Kings, noblemen, military officers, in rare early edition

JODE, Pieter de. Theatrum principum.
[Antwerp, ca. 1644/1650]. Small folio (28 x 18.5 cm). With an engraved allegorical title-page by Pieter de Jode after Erasmus Quellinus; 91 portraits (plus 1 repeat) of popes, emperors, kings, noblemen and their spouses, 89 signed by Pieter de Jode and 2 unsigned. They were engraved after Aegidius Rucholle, Titiaan, Anthony van Dyck, Pieter van Mol, Otto Vaenius, Rubens, Cornelis Galle, Cornelis de Vos, Gaspar de Crayer, Coenraerd Waumans, Charles Woutier, Franciscus Nys and T. Willebroorts Bossaerts. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 15,000
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With 36 charming hand-coloured engravings

LACÉPÈDE, Bernard-Germain-Étienne, comte de. Histoire naturelle de Lacépède comprenant les cétacés, les quadrupèdes ovipares, les serpents et les poissons. Nouvelle édition précédée de l'éloge de Lacépède par Cuvier. Avec des notes et la nouvelle classification de M. A.-G. Desmarest.
Paris, Furne et Cie, 1855. 2 volumes. Royal 8vo (26 x 16.5 cm). With 36 steel engraved plates, all coloured by hand and heightened with gum arabic. Contemporary green half sheepskin, gold-tooled spines. Full description
€ 350
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The important voyage of La Pérouse, complete with the atlas (69 views, charts and maps)

LA PÉROUSE, Jean François de Galaup de. Voyage de La Pérouse autour du monde, ... rédigé par M. L.A. Milet-Mureau, ...
Paris, Plassan, 1798. 4 text volumes (8vo) & atlas (folio). The atlas with engraved portrait of La Pérouse, engraved title-page and 69 engraved plates (35 full-page views and illustrations, and 34 folding maps and charts). Text vols. contemporary gold-tooled tree-pattern tanned sheepskin; atlas in matching tree-pattern tanned half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. All volumes rebacked in calf, with the original backstrips laid down. Full description
€ 10,000
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Illustrated eye-witness accounts and tall tales: sixty years of a sailor's world travels

LE BLANC, Vincent. De vermaarde reizen van de heer Vincent Le Blanc van Marsilien, die hy sedert d'ouderdom van veertien jaren, tot aan die van zestig, in de vier delen des werrelts gedaan heeft ...
Amsterdam, Jan Hendricksz. Boom, Jan Rieuwertsz., 1654. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved title-page and 7 engraved plates. 19th-century boards. Full description
€ 4,500
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The first French pictorial encyclopedia of ornament, decorative arts and architecture

[LE PAUTRE, Jean & Pierre, and others]. L'architecture à la mode ou sont les nouveaux dessins pour la décoration des bâtimens et jardins. Par les plus habils architectes sculpteurs peintres menuisiers jardiniers serruriers &c.
Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [ca. 1675-ca. 1728? (engraved ca. 1655-ca. 1728)]. 2 volumes. Folio (31.5 x 22 cm). With 2 (identical) engraved title-pages and 497 engravings on 496 plates, including 52 double-page. Contemporary uniform brown calf, gold-tooled spines, gold-tooled board edges. Rebacked. Full description
€ 35,000
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Spectacular designs for the roof of the Amsterdam City Hall

[LISTINGH, Nicolaas]. Nette prent-verbeeldingen vande twee kloecke houte modellen, … van het schoone en kostelyke dak over de grootte saal van het stadthuys tot Amsterdam.
[Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk, 1701]. Folio. Engraved title-page and 7 double-page engraved plates (including two with letterpress text below and the last 3 numbered 4-6). Contemporary plain paper wrappers. Full description
€ 7,500
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A proposal for stationing mortars along the coast, to save shipwrecked persons

MANBY, George William.

Papers relating to Captain Manby's plan for affording relief in cases of shipwreck: viz. Copies of instructuions, given by His Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, for the purpose of carrying into effect the plan of Captain Manby, for affording relief in cases of shipwreck.
[London, House of Commons, 1816]. Folio. With several woodcuts and wood engravings of the inventions in text. Sewn.

Full description
€ 850
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Important poem on the magical and medicinal qualities of precious stones

MARBODE (MARBODIUS) of Rennes. De gemmarum lapidumq[ue] pretiosorum formis, naturis, atq[ue] viribus eruditu[m] cu[m] primis opusculu[m], ... scholiis q[uo]q[ue] illustratu[m] p[er] Alardu[m] Aemstelredamu[m].
Cologne, Hero Alopecius [Fuchs], 1539. 8vo. With a woodcut illustration on the title-page, representing a Jewish priest behind a board with the names of 12 stones which represent the 12 tribes of Israel. 17th-century gold-tooled red morocco, richly gold-tooled spinel, gold-tooled fillets and small cornerpieces on both boards, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins. Full description
€ 12,500
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Tuscan cosmography in a local binding, with Augsburg gold-brocade cover papers

MARCHETTI, Angelo. Introduzione alla Cosmografia ... edizione seconda si aggiunge in fine un Succinto Trattato di Navigazione dell' istesso Autore.
Pistoia, Atto Bracali, 1738. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 3 folding half-page plates and 1 folding letterpress table, 2 full-page plates, and 17 additional woodcut diagrams in the text. Contemporary boards, covered with gold-brocade paper. Full description
€ 4,500
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Antwerp celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary,
commemorating the Battle of Lepanto (1571)


Beschryving van de konstryke verciering en voortreffelyken toestel, ... ter gelegentheyd van het twee honderd-jaerig jubilé van de ... victorie, ... over een veel talryker Turksche vloot by Lepanten in 't jaer 1571. den 7. October, gemeenelijk genaemd, den zeeslag van Don Jean, van Oostenrijk, ... van den 6. tot den 13. October, van dit ... jubeljaer [chronogram 1771].
Antwerp, Pieter Johannes Parys, (approbation: 1771). 4to. With 3 engraved illustrations in the text. Lacking the integral frontispiece. 19th-century chemical-marbled glazed paper wrappers.

Full description
€ 1,750
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Official publications concerning the British and German claim on Angra Pequena (Lüderitz), Namibia

[NAMIBIA - AFRICA]. Angra Pequena. Correspondence respecting the settlement at Angra Pequena, on the S.W. coast of Africa. ... [C.-4190].
With:(2) Copy of a despatch from the Right Honourable the Earl of Derby, K.G., Her Majesty's high commissioner in South Africa, relative to the establishment of a German protectorate at Angra Pequena and along the neighbouring coast. ... [C.-4265].(3) Further correspondence respecting the settlement at Angra Pequena on the south-west coast of Africa (in continuation of [C.-4190] ...) ... [C.-4262].
London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1884. 3 works in 1 volume. Folio. With a folding map in ad 1 and a full-page map in ad 3. Modern blue paper wrappers. Full description
€ 750
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“The Versailles of the Achterhoek”

SCHENK, Pieter. Delineatio domus recreatricis adjacentiumq[ue] prospectuum amoenissimorum extra urbem Zutphaniensem, auspicys & jussu ... Arnoldi Justi.
Amsterdam, Pieter Schenk, [ca. 1746]. Oblong small folio (20 x 27.5 cm). With engraved title-page, and 16 engraved views (15 x 19 mm), each with a caption in Dutch and Latin below the border, mostly in two lines. Later dark green paste paper wrappers. Full description
€ 3,500
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Dutch translation of Griffiths's classic manual on shipbuilding,
with 69 white on black lithographed plates

SCHOKKER, H.W. [and John W. GRIFFITHS]. Handboek voor de kennis van den scheepsbouw, voornamelijk met het oog op het Amerikaansche stelsel, naar de geschriften van John W. Griffiths en andere bronnen, ... Met eenen atlas van 60 [=69] platen.
Amsterdam, Kraay brothers, 1861. 2 volumes. Large 4to (32 x 25 cm). With a chromolithographed view of the ship Nightingale as frontispiece, 2 folding tables, and 8 white on black lithographed illustrations and numerous tables in text. Further with 69 white on black lithographed plates (numbered as 60: I-LX) in the atlas volume, lithographed by Emrik & Binger, Haarlem. Contemporary half morocco, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 850
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On the art of navigation

STEENSTRA, Pybo and Jacob FLORYN. Grond-beginzels der stuurmans-kunst. Bevattende in zes boeken, met een aanhangzel, de voornaamste zaaken, die elk stuurman noodzaakelyk weeten moet... Derde druk.Amsterdam, Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1791. With a folding engraved plate and many woodcut figures in text.
With: (2) [DOUWES, Bernardus Johannes]. Tafelen bevattende de sinussen, tangenten en secanten, van minuut tot minuut voor ieder boog van het quadrant, ... benevens derzelver logarithmen; als mede de logarithmen der gewoone getallen, ...Amsterdam, Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1800. With numerous letterpress tables. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine (with a charming stamp of a bird on a vase surrounded by floral stamps, repeated five times). Full description
€ 2,500
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"A large and highly important treatise on gemstones", from the library of the Earl of Derby

STREETER, Edwin William. Precious stones and gems, their history and distinguishing characteristics.
London, Chapman & Hall, 1877. 8vo. With 5 chromolithographed plates (including frontispiece), a title-page printed in red and black, 2 lithographed plates, 2 photographs mounted on plates, and 2 illustrations in text. Contemporary red morocco, gold-tooled spine with 2 title-labels, and with the arms of the Earl of Derby in gold on front board (bound by Stooker, London). Full description
€ 750
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One of the most voluminous herbals ever printed,
with over 2400 woodcut illustrations

TABERNAEMONTANUS, Jacobus Theodorus. [Engraved general title-page:] New vollkommen Kräuter-Buch, darinnen uber 3000. Kräuter, mit schönen und kunstlichen Figuren, … [Letterpress title-page:] New vollkommenlich Kräuter-Buch, …
Basel, Jacob Werenfels for Johann Königs, 1664. 3 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With a general engraved title-page (a letterpress title in richly engraved borders), 3 letterpress part-titles, and more than 2400 woodcut illustrations in text. Contemporary richly blind-tooled pigskin. Full description
€ 4,500
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Manual on field fortification for young officers

TIELKE, Johann Gottlieb. Unterricht für die Officiers, die sich zu Feld-Ingenieurs bilden, oder doch den Feldzügen mit nutzen beywohnen wollen, durch Beyspiele aus dem letzten Kriege erläutert, und mit nöthigen Plans versehen ... Vierte rechtmässige und vermehrte Auflage.
Dresden and Leipzig, Johann Samuel Gerlach, 1787. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece, engraved armorial headpiece on leaf A3, 32 (folding) engraved plates and 5 letterpress folding tables. Later paper-covered boards. Full description
€ 500
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150 attractive engravings of flowers, tree leaves, and other plants

TRATTINNICK, Leopold. Botanisches Album, oder Sammlung ausgewählter, naturgetreuer Abbildungen, der merkwürdigsten Pflanzen, Blumen, Früchte, Sträucher u.s.w. nebst deren Benennung. Zusammengetragen aus Leop. Trattinnick's ... sämmtlichen botanischen Werken.
Vienna, R. Sammer, [ca. 1850]. 4to. With 150 engraved plates, a few printed in light-green. Contemporary blue/green stiff paper wrappers. Full description
€ 2,750
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Admiral Tromp sends 10 captured ships and their captains to the Admiralty

TROMP, Maarten Harpertsz. [Autograph letter in Dutch, signed, addressed to the Admiralty at Middelburg or Rotterdam].
On board the ship The Maid of Dordrecht, before Mardijk, 31 July 1642. Folio (31 x 20 cm). Letter written in brown ink on a folio bifolium, with the text on p. 1 (pp. 2-3 blank), originally folded 3 more times for sending (to 8 x 10 cm) with the address on one side and Tromp's red wax armorial seal (helmed and mantled, only the upper part surviving) on the other (now both p. 4), perforated below the seal through all 16 layers, for a ribbon or cord that does not survive. Full description
€ 4,000
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