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Italian florilegium, only copy known with 65 plates printed in up to 6 colours

ARENA, Filippo. La natura, e coltura de' fiori fisicamente esposta.
Palermo, Angelo Felicella, 1767-1768. 2 text volumes (4to), bound as 3, and 1 plates volume (oblong folio). With 65 engraved plates printed in colour, occasionally combining up to 6 colours on one plate. The first plate (here wholly printed in dark green) serves as an (allegorical) frontispiece and includes the name of the author and that of Mario Cammerari, the second plate depicts tools, seeds and details of flowers, the third plate contains parterre designs and the other plates depict flowers (several to each plate). Modern flexible boards, covered with decorated paper. Full description
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12 pharmaceutical plant illustrations

BILLBERG, Gustaf Johan.

Ekonomisk botanik, för landtbruk, trädgårdar och apotek.
Stockholm, Carl Delen, 1815-1816. 6mo[!] (24 x 14 cm). 2 parts. With title-page and 12 plates, engraved by Ruckman and coloured by a contemporary hand. Each part in the original publisher's printed paper wrappers.

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Boccaccio’s first important work, prepared by the editor of the first variorum Decameron

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni.

Il Filocopo … Di nuovo riveduto, corretto, & alla sua vera lettione ridotto da M. Francesco Sansovino. ...
Venice, [device of Domenico Giglio] (colophon: Francesco Rampazetto, 1554). Small 8vo (15 x 11 cm). With Giglio's woodcut device on the title-page, 6 woodcut decorated initials (3 series) plus 2 repeats. Set in Aldine-style italic types (with upright capitals) with incidental roman. Contemporary limp vellum.

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Rare and old-fashioned pharmacopoeia of Douai

[DOUAI - PHARMACOPOEIA]. BRISSEAU, Michel, and others.

Pharmacopoeia Duacena galeno-chymica nobilissima et amplissimi senatus authoritate et jussu munita & edita.
Douai, Jacques-François Willerval, 1732. Folio (30 x 19 cm). With a woodcut of the then current Douai coat-of-arms (a shield with an arrow and eight drops of blood) on the title-page. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine with title-label.

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Most beautiful and influential (but also censored) edition of 13th-century stories
including several borrowed and reworked by Boccaccio in his Decameron

GUALTERUZZI, Carlo (compiler) and [Vincenzo BORGHINI (“corrector”)].

Libro di novelle, et di bel parlar gentile. ... Cento novelle ... Di nuovo ricorrette.
Florence, Filippo & Jacopo Giunta, 1572. 4to (21.5 x 16 cm). With the Giunta's woodcut device on the title-page and a different one on the last page and about 120 woodcut decorated initials (about 7 series) including some repeats. With the main text set in roman type but the extensive preliminaries in italic. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.

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Very rare medical handbook for seamen, in particular those of the VOC,
later translated into Japanese


Zee chirurgie, of matroozen troost … laatste druk.
Including: Aanhangzel op de matroozen troost, zynde een korte verhandeling der anatomie en osteologie.
Amsterdam, Jan Morterre, 1758. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. The first part with a title-page printed in red and black and the second part with its own title-page. Modern half vellum.

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Papal bull elevating Cosimo I de’ Medici to become first Grand Duke of Tuscany

PIUS V, Pope. Freiheit und Bulla des allerheiligsten in Gott vatters und Herren, Herren Pii, des namens fünfften Bapsts, uber die Erhoehung und Schoepffung des durchleüchtigsten Fürsten und Herren, Herren Cosmi Medices, Hertzogen zu Florentz, &c. Zu einem Groszhertzoge und koenigmässigem, der provintz Ethrurien, ime underworffen. Geschehen zu Rom, den 27. Augusti. Anno M.D. LXIX.
[Germany], 1570. Small 4to (20 x 15 cm). With a woodcut figure of the Pope on the title-page. Set in Schwabacher gothic type with fraktur headings and incidental roman. Half maroon goatskin morocco (1930s?), gold-tooled spine. Full description
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Illustrious and powerful Florentine men: first edition to include all five biographies

RAZZI, Silvano. Vite di cinque huomini illustri, M. Farinata degl'Uberti, Duca d'Athene, M. Salvestro Medici, Cosimo Med. il piu vecchio, e Francesco Valori.
Florence, Bernardo Giunta the younger and heirs of his brothers, 1602. 4to. With the Giunta's woodcut device on the title-page. 17th-century(?) sheepskin parchment, later endpapers. Full description
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Rare Latin/Greek lexicon, including words relevant to physicians and surgeons

REINHARD, Johann Christoph.

Etymologia Graeco-Latina oder lexicon manuale philologicum, darin die der Latinitaet oft vorkom[m]ende griechische Wörter mit ihren Grund=Nahmen in Benennung der Kräuter/Thiere.Including: Etymologia Graeco-Latina, das ist Gründliche erklährung derer Griechschen und Lateinischen Wörter.
Frankfurt an der Oder, Johann Gottfried Conradi (part 1); Tobias Schwartzen (part 2), (1721). 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With the title-page printed in red and black. Contemporary vellum.

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The pharmacopoeia of Toulouse

[TOULOUSE - PHARMACOPOEIA]. PURPAN, Pons-François. Codex medicamentarius, seu, pharmacopoea Tolosana, amplissimi senatus autoritate munita, ex mandato noblissimorum et vigilantissimorum capitolinorum in lucem edita.
Toulouse, Arnaldus Colomerius, 1648. Small 4to (22 x 18 cm). With woodcut device on title-page, including the arms of Toulouse. Early boards, rebacked. Full description
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Introducing Dutch medicine into Japan

UDAGAWA, Genshin.

Ihan Teiko.
Edo (Tokyo), 1805. 2 volumes: 3 parts in 1 text volume., and 1 atlas volume. Text volume (8vo), atlas vol. large 8vo (30 x 21 cm). With numerous anatomical illustrations on 16 engraved plates, mounted on thick paper, by the Japanese artist Aodo Denzen. Both volumes in contemporary Japanese book-bindings; rice-paper (text) and boards (atlas).

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“The best-illustrated neurological monograph of the seventeenth century” with 30 life-sized illustrations


Neurographia universalis. Hoc est, omnium corporis humani nervorum, simul & cerebri, medullaeque spinalis descri[ptio anatomica; ... ad vivum[!] delineatis, ... Editio nova.
Lyon, Jean Certe, 1685. Large folio (35 x 23.5 cm). With 2 engraved plates with a portrait of the author and the arms of the dedicatee, Cardinal Pietro de Bonzi, and 30 engraved illustrations showing mostly life-sized images of the nervous system, engraved by Jean Beaudeau in Montpellier after drawings by the author. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum.

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€ 12,000
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