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Very rare translation into Dutch of a French compilation of medical recipes and treatments, cookery,
pastimes, etc. in the tradition of the Secrets of Pseudo Albertus Magnus

[ALLETZ, Pons-Augustin]. De hedendaagsche Albert, of nieuwe beproefde en geoorloofde geheimen, naar de nieuwste ontdekkingen versaameld; sommigen tot voorwerp hebbende, het geneezen van eene groote menigte toevallen, die de gezondheid betreffen: Anderen, menigvuldige dingen, die nuttig zyn om te weeten ... Eindelyk nog anderen, al het geene betrekking heeft op het vermaak ... Alles verdeeld in drie deelen, en in de orde van het A.B.C. geschikt. Naar den derden druk, die met veele nieuwe geheimen vermeerderd is, uit het Fransch vertaald.
Amsterdam, Gerrit Bom, 1773. 3 parts in 1 volume. Large 8vo. Later pink paper wrappers. VII, 108, [4]; [2], 142, [4]; [2], 64, [6] pp. Full description
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Declaration of independence of The Netherlands

ASSELIERS, Jan van. [Plakkaat van Verlatinghe]. Placcaert vande Staten Generael vande Gheunieerde Nederlanden. Byden welcken, midts den redenen in 't langhe in 't selfde begrepen, men verclaert den coninck van Spaegnien vervallen vande overheyt ende heerschappije van dese voorsz. Nederlanden : ende verbiet zijnen naem ende zegel inde selve landen meer te ghebruycken &c. Nae de copye.
Leiden, Charles Sylvius, 1581 4to. With a woodcut title vignette showing the lion in the Dutch garden. Slightly later half vellum, marbled sides. [16] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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German manuscript book of secrets, including an aria with a Moorish merchant selling medicinal tobacco

[MANUSCRIPT - BOOK OF SECRETS - GERMAN]. [Medicinal recipes and incantations].
[Germany?], [ca. 1700?]. Small 8vo (16 x 10 cm). Manuscript in German with occasional Latin phrases, written on laid paper in brown and black ink in at least two German gothic cursive hands (the Latin phrases in Latin hands), a "tetragrammaton" diagram (rectangular with a St Andrews cross rather than star-shaped) with the name of (the archangel) Uriel and a "sator rotas" square. Lacking quire A and bifolium B1.8 (10 ll.?). Brown vellum(?) wrapper, sewn without supports at 3 stations. [4], 17-28, 31-78, [8] pp. Full description
€ 1,500
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Rare first and only edition of an account of a voyage to India

BORGHESI, Giovanni. Lettera scritta da Pondisceri a 10 di Febbraio 1704. Dal Dottore Giovanni Borghesi medico della missione sepedita alla China dalla Santità di N.S. Papa Clemente XI. Nella quale si contengono, oltre a un pieno racconto del Viaggio da Roma fino alle Coste dell' Indie Orientali, varie nuove osservazioni mediche, anatomiche, bottaniche, naturali, e d'altri generi.
Rome, Gaetano degli Zenobi, 1705. 12mo. With a folding engraved map, indicating the route to Pondicherry, a folding plate of a compass card, indicating the winds, and six small woodcuts in the text. Contemporary vellum, with title in ink: "Historia dela China". [XIV], 245, [17] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Botanical plates sold for a good cause

[BOTANY - COLOR PLATES]. Botanical specimens, copied from nature, and designed as simple illustrations of the twenty-four classes into which, according to the Linnaean system of arrangement, all plants are divided.
Liverpool, George Smith, 1827. 4to. With 24 hand-coloured lithographed plates depicting flowering plants, followed by an explanatory booklet. Modern cloth with the original publisher's printed paper wrappers bound in. Originally issued in a paperboard box with loose plates and a text booklet. The blue paper wrappers of the booklet are also bound in. The plates come before the text. [24] ll; [2], 21, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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First edition of this manual for the examination to become a free Master-surgeon in the country or at sea,
with a frontispiece by Jan Luyken

BOUT, Bernardus de. t Nieuwe examen der chirurgie, na de hedendaagse praktyk. t samen gestelt voor de gene, welke hare promotie moeten doen om vry messter te werden, en voor die te lande of te water in den oorlog dienen ... Vermeerderd met de Nieuw verbeeterde chirurgyns scheeps-kist [by J. Verbrugge].
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz. ten Hoorn, 1694. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece by Jan Luyken: "Examen der Chirurgie", with imprint below (cut short), woodcut title vignettes, initials and tailpieces. Mottled calf, gold-tooled spine with title in gold. [8], 390, [10], 96 pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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Early edition of the 1588 Korean translation of a classic Confucian schoolbook

ZHU XI (CHU HSI). [In Korean:] Sohak eonhae [In Chinese:] Xiaoxue jizhu [= Elementary learning].
[Korea], [1744?]. Folio (32.5 x 21.5 cm). With the pages printed in pairs (each page 17 x 10 characters) from 2-page woodblocks, each in a frame of thick rules, with thin rules between the columns, the title and leaf number between the pages on the fore-edge fold, with 2 decorations (4 leaves in white on black above the title and below the leaf number). Printed on Asian (probably paper mulberry bark) paper, with clear chainlines (about 20 mm apart) and laidlines (about 2.1 mm apart), with the text in a mixture of hanja (Chinese characters) and hangul (the Korean alphabet). Contemporary Korean spineless wrappers with an embossed diaper pattern (made from interwoven diagonal triple lines) on the inside (mostly covered by the paste-down), side-stitched and oversewn through 5 holes, with manuscript title on the front wrapper and the spine edge. 66 double ll. Full description
€ 25,000
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Very important 17th-century manual for apothecaries, based on Cordus’s Dispensatorium

CORDUS, Valerius. Den leyds-man en onderwyser der medicynen, of ordentlicke uytdeylinge ende bereyding-boeck van de medicamenten. Over al dagelijkx van de medicijns ende apothekers onder de naem van Valeri Cordi Dispensatorium bekent, ontfangen ende gebruyckt. Met de verklaringen van M.P. Koudenbergh, en van Matthias de l'Obel. Nu van nieuws over-sien, ende van veel fauten verbetert. Met tweederhande registers ...
Rotterdam, Pieter van Waesberge, 1656. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece, showing an apothecary with view of a herb garden, a woodcut's printer device on the title-page and woodcut initials. Contemporary vellum. [16], 490, [16] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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Erasmus edition of Cyprianus in a magnificent blind-tooled binding with an interesting Frisian provenance

CYPRIANUS, Thascius Caecilius. Opera [vol. 2: Alter tomus Opera].
Lyon, Sebastien Gryphius, 1544. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. With 2 title-pages, each with Gryphiuss woodcut griffin device (griffin above a block and a winged orb), a different woodcut griffin device (griffin in a landscape) on the verso of the last leaf, numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series?, the largest pictorial). Set in an Aldine-style italic type with incidental roman. Contemporary blind-tooled calf over bevelled wooden boards, sewn on 4 supports with manuscript spine-title in the 2nd of 5 compartments. Further with two contemporary brass fastenings (clasps and catchplates), title in ink on the fore-edge. Carefully re-backed. [32], 395, [12], [1 blank]; 422, [10] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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Practical illustrated 19th-century animal hunting guide on animal traps, hunting with dogs and shotguns

JOURDAIN, François Xavier Félix. Traité général des chasses a courre et a tir; contenant des principes sûrs pour la propagation du gibier, et la destruction des animaux nuisibles; enfin l'histoire naturelle des animaux qui se trouvent en France, et la manière de les chasser; suivi d'un vocabulaire explicatif des termes usités par les chasseurs, et des nouvelles fanfares que l'on sonne en chasse.Paris, Audot, 1822.
With: (2) [M. KRESZ]. Traité des chasses aux pièges. Supplément au traité général de toutes les chasses. Contenant. La description de tous les pièges, et la manière de prendre les lièvres et lapins, et les diverses espèces d'oiseaux qui se trouvent en France.Paris, Audot, 1822. 2 works, each in 2 volumes. 8vo. Ad 1 with 20 engravings and 16 aquatints (1 folding) by Susemihl, showing shotguns, sporting dogs and hunting scenes with the dogs, and 12 engraved pages at the end of vol. 1 containing the music for "33" [= 32] short calls, fanfares and other tunes associated with the hunt. Ad 2 with 58 engravings and 2 aquatints by Susemihl, showing several animal traps and birds. Both works bound in contemporary half calf. [4], XIV, 311; [3]; [4], 24, 323, [3]; VII, [1], 192; [4], 24, 175, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 4,250
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