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Grimaldy’s panacea: a very treatise from the library of Henri Joliet


Le tombeau de l'envie, ou il est prouveì qu'il n'y a qu'une meìdecine, qui est la chimique; qu'il n'y a qu'un temperament & une seule maladie, & par consequent qu'il ne faut qu'un remede pour la guerir ... Traittant auparavant des eaux mineìrales de Saint-Simphorien, preìs d'Annessy en Genevois; de Cessey, preìs de Viteaux en Bourgongne; & de Sainte-Anne, aÌ demie lieue¨ de Dijon.
Dijon, J. Ressayre, 1679. 12mo. 19th-century aubergine morocco, gold-tooled spine and board edges, gilt edges.

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3 very rare pint series on garden ornament, architecture and architectural ornament

DANREITER, Franz Anton. Lust-Stück der Gärten ... | Parterres ou broderies des jardins ... [Erster-]Anderer Theil.
Augsburg, Johann Andreas Pfeffel, [ca. 1730/35]. With 2 engraved illustrated title-pages from the same plate, plus 22 and 20 numbered illustration plates showing garden plans, decorations, fountains, etc.
(2) STEINGRUBER, Johann David. Architecture civile erster Theil ... | Architecture civile premiere partie ... [all published].
Augsburg, Johann Andreas Pfeffel, [ca. 1740/48]. With an engraved plate with a German note to the reader, and 25 numbered plates of architectural plans, elevations and sections engraved by J.D. Ringlin after Steingruber.
(3) CHARMETON, Georges. Plans de divers edifices et corniches choisies ... | Abrisse unterschiedener Gebälcke und Kronwercke ...
Augsburg, Johann Andreas Pfeffel, [ca. 1740/48]. With 12 engraved plates, including the title-page, the illustrations showing the entablatures of various classical Roman buildings. 3 works (1 in 2 parts) in 1 volume. Large oblong folio (25 x 38.5 cm). Near contemporary white half vellum. Full description
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First Russian edition of Darwin's "Origin of species"

DARWIN, Charles. [In Cyrillic type:] O proischozhdenii vidov [= On the origin of species].
St. Petersburg, Alexander Illich Glazunov (printed by Glazunov), 1864. 8vo. With 1 lithographed plate showing Darwin's famous branching tree of life, and 4 pages of Glazunov's publisher's advertisements at the end, describing 25 publications. Set entirely in Cyrillic type. Modern half brown morocco, with the original publisher's printed back wrapper bound in. Full description
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14 extremely rare religious print series, some emblematic and some Jesuit

DAVID, Johannes. Duodecim specula ...
Antwerp, “Theodore Galle” [= Jan Galle], [ca. 1675? (engraved by Theodore Galle 1610)]. [1], XII ll.  World Cat (1 copy).

2) [VOS, Maerten de, artist]. Speculum vitae humanae per decem aetatis gradus distinctum.
[Antwerp], Jan Galle, [ca. 1675 (engraved by Gerard de Jode ca. 1590)]. 10 ll.  Hollstein XLIV, M. de Vos 1468-1477, 3rd ed.
3) [VIRGIN MARY & JESUS - LIFE]. Praecipua vitae Jesu et Mariae ... [with Jesuit IHS device and motto, "Acta et mysteria" at head of title-page].
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675? (engraved by Karel & Philip de Mallery ca. 1630?)]. 44 ll.  Not in Holstein; WorldCat.
4) LEEUW, Siardo de (artist?). Elogia ab excellentibus virtutibus ... B. Virgini ...
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675? (engraved by Karel de Mallery ca. 1630?)]. 40 ll. WorldCat (3 copies).
5) [VIRGIN MARY - LIFE].Virginis Mariae vita.
Antwerp, Theodor Galle, [ca. 1610?]. [18] ll.  WorldCat (1 copy).
6) [VIRGIN MARY - LIFE & CHRIST - PASSION & RESSURECTION]. Psalterii B. Mariae Virginis aut rosarii inventor, ...
[Antwerp], Jan Galle, [ca. 1675]. ll. A-Q. not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
7) [HENSBERG, Vincent L.]. Miracula et beneficia SS. rosario Virginis Matris devotis ...
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675 (engraved 1610)]. [1], 15 ll.  WorldCat (1 copy).
8) [PORTRAITS - 4 CHURCH FATHERS]. [Each print with its own title:] S. Hieronymus ... S. Ambrosius ... S. Augustinus ... S. Gregorius.
Antwerp, Jan Galle (engraved by Jan Collaert, ca. 1625?), [ca. 1675?]. 4 ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
9) [VIRGIN MARY]. S. Maria protectrix Carthusianorum.
Antwerp, Gaspar Hubert [engraver's name erased: F[?] Ila[?] del[?] et fec], [ca. 1690?]. [15] ll.  Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
10) [CHRIST - 7 SHEDDINGS OF BLOOD]. Typus 7 effusionum sanguinis Christi
[Antwerp], Jan Galle, [ca. 1675?]. [1], 7 ll. [but most numbers erased]. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
11) [CHRIST - PASSION & RESURRECTION]. Passio et resurrectio, domini nostri Jesu Christi
Antwerp, Jan Galle, [ca. 1675 (engraved by Theodore Galle?, 1605)]. 22 ll. WorldCat (1 copy?); not in Hollstein.
[Antwerp?, Joannes Galle?], [ca. 1675?, (engraved by Filibert Bouttats the younger, Théodore van Merlen and Gaspar Huybrechtsz.]. [17] ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
13) AVONT, Pieter van, artist. [Life of Christ].
[Antwerp?], Jan Huybrechtsz., [ca. 1675]. [8] ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
14) [RELIGIOUS LESSONS]. [incipit:] De kercke vanden levenden godt de welcke is de pilaert ...
[Antwerp], (engraved by Michiel vander Gucht), [ca. 1680?]. [14] ll. Not in Hollstein; WorldCat.
14 engraved print series. 4to. 18th-century vellum. Full description
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First edition of Ruel's translation of a foundational work on pharmacology


De medicinali materia libri quinque. De virulentis animalibus, et venenis canerabioso, et eorum noti, ac remedijs libri quattuor.
(Colophon: Paris, Henri Estienne, 1516). Folio. With the title within a decorative metalcut( ?) panel. Set in roman types. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment; rebacked in calf, with new endpapers, but preserving the original paste-downs.

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One of the earliest accurately illustrated herbals,
with about 320 beautiful woodcuts

DORSTEN, Theodor.

Botanicon, continens herbarum, aliorumque simplicium, quorum usus in medicinis est, descriptiones, & iconas ad vivum effigiatas: ...
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolff, (colophon: March 1540). Folio. With about 320 mostly botanical woodcuts in the text (3 botanical illustrations repeated on the title-page and a few of the non-botanical illustrations including repeats in the text), about 70 woodcut decorated initials plus a few repeats (4 series, the largest pictorial and the others white on black, often with multiple blocks for the same letter), many cut by Sebald Beham. Set in roman types with Greek and Schwabacher for the Greek and German names. 16th-century sheepskin parchment (extensively reworked).

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10 grotesque heads drawn in black ink with light and dark blue washes

[DRAWINGS]. [Grotesque heads].
[Germany or the Netherlands?, ca. 1665/85?]. Folio (13 x 21 cm; mounts 40 x 30 cm). 10 grotesque heads drawn in black ink on paper with blue watercolour washes, some with scrollwork decoration and each in a double circle drawn in red pencil (about 16.5 and 18 cm diameter). Each drawing in a passe-partout with a circular window. Full description
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Rare Dutch edition of the account of the first circumnavigation of Australia

FLINDERS, Matthew. Ontdekkings-reis naar het groote Zuidland anders Nieuw Holland; bezigtiging van het zelve in 1801, 1802, en 1803; noodlottige schipbreuk, en gevangenschap van 6½ jaar bij de Franschen op Mauritius.
Haarlem, Loosjes, 1815-1816. 4 volumes. 8vo. Each volume with an engraved title-page with a different oval view (King George Sound, Port Jackson, Wreck Reefs and Rempart River), and a large folding engraved map of New Holland loosely inserted. Contemporary mottled half calf, with gold fillets on spine. Full description
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Notorious forged binding, gold-tooled with Ottoman imagery painted red, white and green on dark brown

FLORUS, Lucius Annaeus. [Epitome rerum Romanarum].
Leiden, Adriaen Wijngaerden (colophon: printed by Philippe de Croy), 1648. 8vo (18 x 12 x 3 cm). With an engraved allegorical title-page by Cornelius van Dalen. Contemporary or near-contemporary calf. The decoration on the binding is believed to have been executed in Bologna ca. 1880/1900 by a group of forgers: each board with the same scene, showing 2 women in Ottoman costume, one kneeling to play a qanun (Turkish zither) at left and the other perhaps dancing at right, framed by drapery as though on a stage, with a crescent moon and 5-pointed star in each corner and the name "IBRAHIM" at upper left, the whole in a frame of double fillets. The figures' skin is painted white and the clothes and drapery red and green. The crescent moon and star repeat in spine compartments 1 and 3-5. Full description
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