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First edition of Albertus Magnus's important Summa theologiae, presenting and defending Christian doctrine in contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf (about 84 impressions of 18 stamps) by the Trier Benedictine monastery

MAGNUS, Albertus. Prima[-secunda] pars Summe Alberthi Magni: alias dicte: De mirabili scie[n]tia Dei. [Vol. 1 continues:] Cum directorio notabili sententiaru[m] ex omni fere genere scibili studiosissime apposito. [De mirabili scientia Dei] [Summa theologiae].
[colophon 2Q5v in vol. 2:] Basel, Jakob Wolff, 31 March 1507 (note to the reader, a1v in vol. 1: Basel, 10 April 1507). 2 volumes bound as 1 Folio. Set in 2 columns with shoulder notes, with red lombardic initials added by hand in spaces left for the purpose (with printed guide letters). Contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf, sewn on 4 double chords, by the bindery of the Sankt Matthias Benedictine monastery in Trier, with the original brass catchplates and with two parchment manuscript leaves used as paste-downs, probably taken from an antiphonary, one with 14 lines of plainchant music). CCI, [3]; [6], “CCXXXVII” [= 235] ll. Full description
€ 12,000
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First and only expanded edition of a popular compilation of aphorisms on a wide variety of subjects,
including prescriptions for the poor against the greed of apothecaries

MIZAULD, Antoine. Mizaldus redivivus. Sive centuriae XII memorabilium, utilium ac iucundorum in aphorismos arcanorum omnis generis locupletes, perpulchre digestae.
Nürnberg, Andreas Knorzius for Johann Zieger, 1681. Small 8vo. With allegorical frontispiece and some woodcut headpieces. Half vellum with black 19th-century paper sides. [6], 486, [22] pp. Full description
€ 500
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Uphill! A collection of folders, brochures and books on mountaineering

[MOUNTAINEERING]. [A collection of brochures and folders on mountaineering].
[Austria and Switzerland, ca. 1920- ca. 1980]. Ca. 653 brochures (including a few duplicates and variant issues).
With: [A collection of books relating to mountaineering].
[Globally, ca. 1830- ca. 2000]. Ca. 875 books (including a few duplicates and variant issues, and several multiple-volume titles). Full description
€ 45,000
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First edition (1481) of Nigris Thomist philosophical commentaries on Aristotlethe most important work of a scholastic Hebraist and theologian

NIGRI (NIGER), Petrus (Peter SCHWARZ). Clipeus Thomistar[um] in quoscu[m]q[ue] adversos: ... [= Clypeus Thomistarum sive quaestiones super arte veteri Aristotelis]. [incipit:] Titulus libri. Clipeus ... [on a3r (part 1):] Incipit liber acutissimar[um] questio[n]u[m] super arte veteri Aristotilis: qui Thomistar[um] clipeus appellat[us]: ... [on s2v:] Explicit explanatio difficultatu[m] circa Porphyrium. [and (incipit part 2):] Circa libr[um] p[re]dicamentor[um] Aristotelis.
(colophon: Venice, Reynaldus de Novimagio, 1481). Folio (29.5 x 22 cm). With the text in 2 columns of 55 lines (after the 2 preliminary pages in 1 column of 54 lines. Blind-tooled pigskin (ca. 1725/50?) over wooden boards. [1 blank], [199] ll. Full description
€ 28,500
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Rare second edition of Nigri's Thomist philosophical commentaries on Aristotle
bound together with a work testifying the contribution of German princes to Christianity

NIGRI (NIGER), Petrus (Peter SCHWARZ). Clypeus Thomistarum. [= Clypeus Thomistarum sive Quaestiones super arte veteri Aristotelis].
[colophon:] Venice, Simon de Luere for Jordanus Ladislaen, 31 August 1504. With two woodcut decorated initials (5-line printed in black and 8-line printed in red and black) and many 4- and 3- line manuscript lombardic initials in red (with printed guide letters). Set in three sizes of rotunda gothic type.
With: (2) BAMBERGENSIS, Lupoldus (Lupold of BEBENBURG); Sebastian Brant (add.); Jacobus WIMPHELING (ed.). Germanor[um] veterum principu[m] zelus et fervor in Christianam relgionem Deiq[ue] ministros.
[colophon:] Basel, Johann Bergmann de Olpe [printed by Michael Furter?], 15 May 1497. With many 4- and 3-line red lombardic initials added in spaces left for the purpose (some with printed guide letters) and some rubrication.
2 works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary richly blind-tooled calf sewn on 4 double cords, with the original catchplates and remnants of a spine label (?), with two red fore-edge tabs (one for each work). 140; XXVIII ll. Full description
€ 19,500
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First Swedish translation of Ovid

OVID. (Jacob REENSTIERNA, translator). Nägre fabler af Ovidii Metamorphoses, förswanskade (af Jacob Reenstierna).
Stockholm, Julius G. Matthiae, 1708. 8vo in 4s. With woodcut device on the title-page, engraved armorial headpiece to the dedication, 19 small engraved illustrations in the text by N. Guerard (ca. 5 x 6 cm), and woodcut headpieces, tailpieces and initials. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine with title in gold. [xvi], [138] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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First(?) edition (ca. 1497/99) of a popular aid for pious readers and preachers, written after recovering from plague in contemporary richly blind-tooled calf by the Trier Benedictine monastery

PELBÁRT TEMESVÁRI (PELBARTUS DE THEMESWAR). Stellariu[m] corone benedicte Marie Virginis: in laudem eius p[ro] singulis predicatio[n]ibus elegantissime coaptatum. [Stellarium coronae beatae Mariae Virginis].
[Basel, Jacobus Wolff de Pforzheim, 1497/99]. 4to. Printed in two columns; red lombardic initials added by hand in 3 to 7-line spaces left for the purpose (with printed guide-letters). Contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf over wooden boards (square-edged), from the bindery of the Benediktinerkloster Sankt Matthias in Trier (in the province of Cologne); with a single brass fastening (catchplate and clasp) at the centre of the fore-edge. Later spine label. With a leaf from a 14th- or early 15th-century manuscript antiphonary used as front and back paste-down (in 2 columns, written in a textura hand in 2 sizes). [228] ll. Full description
€ 17,500
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1499 Venice edition of Pliny's celebrated encyclopaedic Natural History: a "purveyor" of ancient natural history

PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Gaius (PLINY the Elder) (Hermolaus BARBARUS & Johannes Baptista PALMARIUS, eds.). C. Plinii secundi Naturae historiarum [= Historia naturalis] libri. xxxviii. e castigationibus hermolai barbari quam emendatissime editi.
[colophon:] Venice, Johannes Alvisius, 18 May 1499. Small folio. With lombardic initials and rubricated throughout. Set in roman types with the title and running heads in a larger rotunda gothic. Late 18th-century brown sheepskin over wooden boards, with traces of former clasps. [268] ll. Full description
€ 65,000
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The comet of 1664

RICHTERN, Christophorus. Berichtendes Send-Schreiben vom Cometen, so in Christmonat des 1664. Christen-Jahres ist erschienen: darinnen derselbige Astronomicè, Physicè, Astrologicè, Theologicè, betrachtet und erkläret wirt.
Leipzig, Ritzsch, 1665. 4to. With a woodcut of a comet on the title-page. Modern boards. (12) ll. Full description
€ 1,500
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The frogs and toads of Germany in the manner of Maria Sybilla Merian

RÖSEL VON ROSENHOF, August Johann. Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium in qua omnes earum proprietates, praesertim quae ad generationem ipsarum pertinent, fusius enarrantur. | Die natürliche Historie der Frösche hiesigen Landes worinnen alle Eigenschaften derselben, sonderlich aber ihre Fortpflanzung, umständlich beschrieben werden.
Nuremberg, Johann Joseph Fleischmann, [1753]-1758. 2 parts in 1 volume. Royal folio (48 x 33 cm). With hand-coloured engraved frontispiece and 2 sets of the 24 engraved plates. Each of the 24 plates is present twice: beautifully hand-coloured with the figures still unnumbered, and in black and white with the figures numbered (and key letters added) but with Rösel's name erased. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. [2], VIII, [6], 116 pp. Full description
€ 22,500
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