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Only known copy of a ca. 1629 Dominican print series of the life of Saint Dominic
with an engraved title-page & 12 scenes with captions, coloured and highlighted in gold
by a 17th-century hand and in a richly gold-tooled armorial binding

MECHELEN, Hans van. Perill[ust]ri. ac reverend[issimo]. d[omi]no D. Michaeli Ophovio ex. ord. praedic. Episcopo Buscoducensi S. Dominicum Gusmannum eiusdem ordinis fundatorem D.D.
[Antwerp], Hans van Mechelen, [ca. 1629]. 24mo (11 x 7 x 0.6 cm). Wholly engraved print series printed on vellum, comprising an engraved title-page and 12 engraved scenes from the life of Saint Dominic. The title-page cartouche and all 12 scenes coloured by a 17th-century hand and highlighted in gold. 17th-century richly gold-tooled armorial black morocco, each board with a Lante della Rovere coat of arms, with a marquis's crown, in an elaborate frame built up from fillets and rolls, with further decorative stamps between the frame and arms, the smooth spine with 2 crowned eagles (centred in the lower and the upper half) and various abstract decorations, gold-tooled board edges: in total hundreds of impressions of dozens of stamps, rolls and fillets. [I], [12] ll. Full description
€ 48,500
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Rare 17th-century work, explaining how heliocentrism is in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church

NIEROP, Dirck Rembrantz. van. Des aertryks beweging en de zonne stilstant, bewijsende dat dit geensins met de Christelijke religie is strijdende.
Amsterdam, Gerrit van Goedesbergh [colophon: printed by Tymon Houthaak], 1661. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece, showing how the earth revolves around the sun, 29 mathematical and astronomical woodcut illustrations in the text, 3 decorated woodcut initials, 2 woodcut tailpieces, and a woodcut printer's device of a turtle on the title-page. Contemporary marbled paper wrapppers, stitched on 3 vellum tapes. [8], 151, [5 blank] pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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Famous collection of 25 very beautiful stipple engravings with plates printed in colour

[RUBENS, Petrus Paulus]. Galerie de Rubens, dite du Luxembourg; ouvrage composé de vingt-cincq estampes, soit en couleur, soit en noir, avec l'explication historique et allégorique de chaque sujet.
Paris, Crapelet for Deterville and Roret, [1809]. Large folio (52 x 35.5 cm). With 25 partly coloured stipple engravings. Contemporary black half calf. [6], 8 pp.; 25 ll.; [8] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Contemporary manuscript describing official diplomatic meetings at the court of King Louis XIV,
in a royal binding

[SAINCTOT, Nicolas II de]. [Memoires de Mr. de Sainctot].
[Paris?, ca. 1710]. 2 works, with the first in 2 parts, in 2 volumes. Folio (44 x 30 cm). With 3 drawings of layouts and seating plans of the king's audience room, and 24 copper-engravings of ambassadors and court scenes. With: (2) [AVICE, Henry]. La pompeuse et magnifique ceremonie du sacre du roy Louis XIV.
Paris, Imprimerie d'Edme Martin, 1655.
Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, with the French royal coat-of-arms on the front and back, fleurs-de-lis in the corners and on the spine, the title lettered in gold on the spine, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, gilt and marbled edges, marbled endpapers. 450, [1 blank]; [6], "344" [= 407], [5 blank]; [1], [1 blank], [8], [7], [5 blank] pp. Full description
€ 29,500
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First edition of an important and one of the earliest works on colour, formerly attributed to Aristotle

[THEOPHRASTUS? (pseudo ARISTOTLE)] and Simone PORZIO. De coloribus libellus, à Simone Portio Neapolitano latinate donatus, & cometariis illustratus: una cum euisdem praefatione, qua coloris naturam declarat.
Florence, Lorenzo Torrentino, 1548. 4to. With 2 large woodcut historiated initials. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment, manuscript spine-title, with 4 fragments of a Latin manuscript in an upright humanistic hand on vellum used as spine lining. 197, [3] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Early 19th-century illustrated Dutch manuscript, based on a classic 18th-century work on navigation

VRIES, Klaas de and Sietse DAUWES. Konst der stierlieden[!] voor deezen beschreeven van den navigateur Klaas de Vries. Uijtgewerkt door Sietse Dauwes. Van de Lemmer. Begonnen, in den jaare 1814. Maand Januarij.
Lemmer, Friesland, The Netherlands, 1814. Folio (32 x 21 cm). With more than 350 instructive diagrams and drawings and several tables. The Dutch text is written in a clearly legible, 19th-century cursive hand in brown ink. Contemporary quarter red sheepskin and blue marbled paper sides. [1], [100], [115 blank] ll. Full description
€ 8,500
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Exceptionally rare 17th-century flower book with beautiful engravings

WIDT, Frederick de. Nieuwt[!] Bloem-Boeck.
[Amsterdam], Frederick de Widt[!], [third quarter of the 17th century]. Folio (31 x 20 cm). With 16 full-page, numbered engravings, comprising the title-page and 15 illustrations of flowers. Modern half-vellum with decorative paper sides (gold, sprinkled red, and with green leaf designs), manuscript title on the spine. [16] ll. Full description
€ 15,000
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