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Bruges book of hours (ca. 1460) including the livre de raison from the important Dijon family Fyot,
extensively illuminated by the Master of Morgan 78 with miniatures and historiated initials with raised gold

[ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT - BOOK OF HOURS - BRUGES?]. [Illuminated book of hours, with the livre de raison of the Dijon families Fyot de Barain, Fyot de Vaugymois and Fyot de Mimeure, dated 1585-1775, bound after it]. [Incipit 7r:] Inicium sancti evangelii secundu[m] iohannem. Glori tibi domine.
[Bruges, ca. 1460]. Large 8vo (20.5 x 14 x 4 cm). Manuscript in Latin, written in one column in a formal gothic textura hand (20 lines/page) on vellum. The livre de raison of the Fyot family is written in French in different 16th-, 17th- and 18th-century hands on vellum. Manuscript and the leaves of the livre de raison ruled in red ink. With 14 large miniatures (ca. 10 x 7 cm) showing scenes of the life of Christ, 4 small miniatures (ca. 4 x 3.5 cm) depicting the four Evangelists with their symbols and 21 historiated initials (5-line, with the initial in blue or mauve on a raised gold ground) depicting several saints, probably all executed by the Master of Morgan 78 and sometimes decorated with gold. Each miniature appears in a thin gold frame. The pages illuminated with miniatures or historiated initials also have elaborate marginal vine borders in blue, green, mauve and red, and decorated with gold, showing acanthus leaves and flower petals and some gold leaves or scrolls. Also with decorated initials (5-line) executed in blue with flower petals in the openings and white filligree decoration, 2-line gold initials on a mauve and blue field, decorated with white filligree decoration, and many 1-line penwork initials in blue on a red penwork field or in gold on a blue penwork field. 18th-century gold-tooled dark brown morocco, each board with two double-fillet frames, a centrepiece and cornerpieces in the style of Duseuil, gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers, remnants and traces of fastenings, gilt edges. Also with a paper label with the shelf-mark(?) "F" mounted on the front board. [1]; 130; 131-139 ll. Full description
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Beautifully bound album with 45 engravings and etchings of Jacques Callot from different series,
spanning the whole career of one of the most important 17th-century printmakers

[CALLOT, Jacques]. [Album with 45 engravings and etchings].
[Paris, largely Israel Silvestre and Israel Henriet, ca. 1609-1635]. Large 4to. With 12 smaller and 33 larger engravings and etchings mounted in the album on 39 leaves. 19th-century red morocco in the style of Andrieux, house binder to the Ducs de Orléans from 1837 to circa 1870, gold-tooled spine with title in gold, gold-tooled boards, each with a large unidentified monogram ("FGO"?), marbled endpapers. [39], [1 blank] ll. Full description
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The architectural features and sculpture showing the Amsterdam City Hall in full glory.
With the magnificent engraving of the 1661 mosaic floor map of the world in 2 hemispheres,
incorporating Tasman's discoveries not otherwise published for d

[CAMPEN, Jacob van, Hubert QUELLINUS and Jacob VENNEKOOL]. Bouw schilder en beeldhouwkonst, van het stadhuis te Amsteldam, vertoont in CIX figuuren: ...
Amsterdam, Johannes Covens, Cornelis Mortier and Johannes Covens junior, [ca. 1758?, ca. 1767? or possibly 1772/83]. Large folio (49.5 x 30 cm). With the title-page printed in red and black with J. Covens & C. Mortiers engraved device by Bernard Picart ("JCCM" cypher monogram in a laurel wreath carried by 6 putti, dated 1730); 2 preliminary plates containing portraits of Jacob van Campen [by Lutma] and Arthus Quellinus by Henricus Quellinus; CIX (109) numbered engraved and etched architectural plates. All plates have French captions, some with laudatory verses below, and are described in Dutch in the letterpress text (pp. 3-15). Contemporary half red roan (sheepskin), brown sprinkled paper sides. 15 pp. Full description
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Rare complete first edition of Visentini's print series with views of Venice after Canaletto,
"crucial to forming the image of Venice in the mind of its visitors"

[CANALETTO]. VISENTINI, Antonio. Urbis Venetiarum prospectus celebriores, ex Antonii Canal tabulis XXXVIII.
Venice, Joannem Baptistam Pasquali, 1742. 3 parts in 1 volume. Oblong folio (ca. 36.5 x 52.5 cm). With 3 letterpress title-pages printed in red and black with engraved vignettes by Visentini, the original engraved title-page for the first series (Prospectus Magni Canali), a double portrait of Canaletto and Visentini by Visentini after Giovanni Battista Piazetta and and XIV, XII and XII numbered engraved prints with familiar views based upon 38 paintings by Canaletto, engraved by Visentini, showing the Grand Canal, public buildings, renowned places in Venice and regatta scenes. Contemporary half morocco, brown paper sides, manuscript title (?) and two old shelfmarks on the spine. [8]; [1]; [1] ll. plus the part-title, double portrait and XIV, XII, XII prints. Full description
€ 45,000
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Extremely rare Dutch translation of a devotional work by the Church father Johannes Chrysostomus
in an attractive contemporary Antwerp panel binding

CHRYSOSTOMUS, Johannes (Antonius VAN HEMERT, translator). Van die beweechnisse des herten, tot berouwe der sonde[n]. Met meer ander gulden tractaetke[n]s des alder heylichsten Joannis Chrysostomi: overgheset uut den Latine in Duytsche, doer eenen religiosen der Regulier orden Sa[n]cti Augustini.
[colophon (Q8v):] Antwerp, Symon Cock, 18 August 1546. 8vo. With the title-page in red and black in a framework of thin rules, 6 woodcut decorated initials (lombardic, roman and gothic, probably 5 series, including an O with a dragon inside) and 2 vine-leaf ornaments (Vervliet 44 & 62). Set in 3 sizes of textura gothic types. A very interesting Antwerp binding of contemporary panel-stamped calf, each board with the same panel, showing 2 medallion portraits in (busts in profile: a bearded man above, facing right, and a woman below with a lace collar, facing left), the whole surrounded by a floral decorative border, interesting fastenings with cord loops that fasten to bone buttons on leather straps. [131], [1 blank] ll. Full description
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A landmark in the history of fortification, with 17 large fortification plans and related figures

COEHOORN, Menno van. Nieuwe vestingbouw, op een natte of lage horisont; welke op driederleye manieren getoont wordt in 't fortificeren der binnengroote van de Fransche royale ses-hoek, waar in de sterkte der hedendaagsche drooge- aan de natte-grachten gevonden wordt: als mede hoe men tegenwoordig langs een zee of rivier fortificeert, en op wat manier men daar behoorde te bouwen. ...
Leeuwarden, Hendrik Rintjes, 1685. Folio (32.5 x 20 cm). With 17 engraved figures (mostly fortification plans) labelled A-R on plates of various sizes, mostly double-page or folding. Contemporary or near contemporary vellum. [16], 181, [3] pp. Full description
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Collection of 38 lithographed and hand-coloured coats of arms of Frisian noble families 1815-1845, compiled by De Haan Hettema and deriving from his Stamboek van den Frieschen adel

[HERALDRY - FRIESLAND - MANUSCRIPT WITH LITHOGRAPHED COATS OF ARMS]. DE HAAN HETTEMA, Montanus. Wapens der edelen later Ridderschap van Friesland 1815-1845.
[Leeuwarden?], 1846. 4to. With a drawn, hand-coloured and gold-painted manuscript title and 3 manuscript leaves listing the coats of arms in a neat 19th-century hand, and 38 lithographed coats of arms of Frisian noble families drawn by J. Reijnders and printed by C. Brantsma in Leeuwarden, very precisely coloured by a contemporary hand with extensive use of gold and silver. Later 19th-century boards covered with silk cloth, each board with a gold-tooled frame, and 4 gold fillets on the spine, gilt edges. [4] manuscript ll. (including title-page); [38] ll. with lithographed coat of arms. Full description
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Interesting account of an exploration journey to India and Southeast Asia

DELESSERT, Adolphe. Souvenirs dun voyage dans lInde execute de 1834 a 1839. Ouvrage enrichi de trente-cinq planches.
Paris, Fortin, Masson et Cie & Langlois et Leclercq (facing title-page: printed by Béthune et Plon), 1843. 2 parts in 1 volume. Large 8vo. With engraved title-vignette signed by A. Vien, 8 lithographed plates in the first part by V. Dolet showing Ile Bourbon, Pondichéry, Malacca, Chase au tigre, Madras, a bivouac and Chûte de la Rivière de Gutpurba; 27 numbered full-page engraved plates in the natural history part by Forget, Annedouche, Sebin, Mme. Douliot, Bourgeois, Giraud, Davesne and Dumesnil after Jean Gabriel Prêtre, Delahaye, Mme Bury and Vaillant of mammals, birds, insects and butterflies, 24 of which are exquisitely coloured by hand by "Gérard". Also with one folded map (43 x 44 cm) of the world (except for the Americas) with Delessets journey marked, coloured in outline and printed by Kaeppelin, Paris. Half calf, decorated paper sides. [6], III, 134; [4], 107 pp. Full description
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Important source on mediaeval pharmacology: the fundamental Renaissance work for the study of medicinal plants

DIOSCORIDES, Pedanius. In hoc volumine haec continentu.r [!] Ioannis Baptistae Egnatii Veneti in Dioscoridem ab Hermolao Barbaro tralatum annotamenta. Quibus morborum et remediorum vocabula obscuriora in usum etiam mediocriter eruditorum explicantur ...
Venice, Francesco Barbaro & Giovanni Bartolomeo Gabiano for Giovanni & Gregorio De Gregori, 1 February 1516. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio (22.5 x 32 cm). Later vellum with old gold-tooled red spine label. [36], “CXXXIII” [= CXXXIV], 106 ll. Full description
€ 8,500
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